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NFL Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster (the "Exchange") is a safe and secure online ticket resale marketplace for buyers and sellers. The Exchange provides fans with access to hard-to-get tickets to NFL games that may otherwise be unavailable through primary distribution channels.

A member of REDDIT under the name of ¨u/jadamo¨ shared some thoughts about NFL Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster: "I'd like to pause to admit that this is a separate, but valid concern. The NFL Ticket Exchange assures that, upon completion of a transaction, the seller's ticket barcodes will be voided and new ones issued to the buyers. However, it appears that all four of us were granted access to the stadium with four unique barcodes, for the same two seats. After investigating further, I have confirmed that this was not an isolated incident at MetLife; there is evidence of sellers being granted access to the stadium, after relinquishing their tickets, at both JETS and GIANTS events. There appears to be a technological error that allows season ticket holders to enter the stadium with their newly issued "cards", even after the NFL Ticket Exchange has sold their tickets and reissued the barcodes. Now, a conspiracy theorist might wonder if this is really erroneous, or a "profitable mistake" that yields higher revenue with little to no risk. I wonder how many beers and burgers the seller and his guest consumed whilst bouncing between vacant seats.."


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