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The National Film Board of Canada (NFB; French: Office national du film du Canada (ONF)) is Canada's public film and digital media producer and distributor. An agency of the Government of Canada, the NFB produces and distributes documentary films, animation, web documentaries, and alternative dramas.

A former employee said this in a review: "I absolutely hated working for the NFB. Not a friendly workplace culture, very closed to ideas and collaboration. Ugly office space with no private rooms to take phone calls if needed".


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Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible upper management not really sure what they are doing with the company anymore. It's a very old company and they clearly dont know how to modernise"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at NFB full-time for more than 3 years Cons: There is not enough autonomy within the organization. Many of the policies and practices are outdated and backward. Employees are often asked to take on extra tasks with no reward. Asked to work long hours with no additional time off granted. Salaries are mediocre, which means there is a lot of turnover. This is also due to a severe tendency to micromange - from the top down. While it is true that this is a member organization, with the President being the only elected member of staff at the National Office, and therefore responsible to teh membership for all decision made at the National office, it's not necessary that every single decision be on his plate. The staff needs to be trusted and allowed to show initiative."

Kimberly Mitchell says

"Capital one is the worst company to take out a credit card with the worse thing I could had done was to get them to bill my credit score up my credit score did go up but not by them it was a wasted of my time I don't have nothing to say good about capital one I was with capital one a few year ago why come after all those year now they decided to put me in a collection didn't have no idea until I checked my credit report is something I don't do that much so I did pay the collection agency off and now is off my report what I do not like about companys things can happen way back so many years and stupid company's decided to come after you now make no sense to me"

JoAnne says

"This company is unethical and irresponsible. I intend to cancel my Visa card with this company as soon as I am able to reach them on the phone. Their hold time has increased with each call, disallowing a quick resolution. I have told them repeatedly that I want to cancel my card, and they've done nothing other than create barriers to prevent me from doing so. A report to the FTC is in order."

Emmanuel Niyibizi says

"I have been a long time customer with Capital one. Today, for the third time the bank declined my request for an increase on limit. I have an excellent credit score of 810! I actually have a balance of $38 on their account and I have no debts. I am starting to think that they don't even look at my file, they just diclaine with the same message. Terrible!"

Laleh Far says

"I have credit cards with USbank, BARCLAYS, GE, Synchrony, Chase,CapitalOne,.....The only reason for having credit cards to me is paying bills with different pace but I always pay in full and on time because the concept of interest and late fees never made sense to me. Important fact that I just recognized is that Capital One is the only creditor (Walmart credit card) which does not forgive you even once for paying after 8 pm Eastern time on the due date (Even for a 6-years customer who always pays the whole balance and on time) . Let's say when you just changed your address and did not receive your bill in the mail and you forgot about or did not know about the 8 pm ET, no courtesy for you or even their long term clients. Not just that, they also charge you interest for two executive bills meaning they charge you interest twice (two bills in a row) for only one time of missing the cut off time ( remember just the cut off time not the day of your payment, for most credit cards you have all the way to 11:59 pm on the due date to pay in case you got busy during the day). With all that abundance of options we have as customers to choose a credit card, CapitalOne is NOT a smart and affordable choice to go with unless you want to pay fees and interest charges two times for only one time of missing cut off time!"

Florida Mom says

"Horrible customer service all around. There is no accountability for their mistakes. Nonchalant and incompetent reps who have no desire to assist you with any issue. I had issues with my alerts and it took over a month to get it resolved. Numerous calls and emails to address a technical issue. Their server was actually blocking my alerts. No apology only a impersonal reply from their advocacy office. Trust me. They don’t value your business."

Chris Saxon says

"If you're looking for a decent respectable credit card company, support your local bank or credit union. Capital One has no ones interest at heart except their own. Their charities and donations are made for only one reason and that is public relations. It is not because they care and and contributions they make is merely a tax write off for them. I paid my credit card off with an overpayment which gave me a credit. This payment had already cleared my bank for several days and was in Capital One's account, but they put a freeze on my account. These people are crooks and do not have your best interests at heart. Bank local with people you actually know and can speak with. Support small local financial institutions and avoid these large, corrupt, thieving, heartless, corporate giants who could care less about anyone other than what they can gain."

Justine says

"I paid my entire balance off,not the statement balance. The balance was zero. The next month I get a bill for additional interest charges and was charged interest on that. The company says I have to have 2 months of no interest before I no longer have a bill with them. I closed my account and reported them. Its fraudulent charges."

Silver eel says

"In just 1 month with crapital 1, I had such a disgusting experience with this group of parasites that I had to cancel the card. On Jan 12th my crapital 1 CC was charged over 200$ from iTunes which no credit was given to me, the card was just billed 200$ for nothing. Capital 1 and refuses to do anything about it (because they're thieves) just say call and ask merchant about it. And apple seems to be glad to get a free 200$ so they're not being very helpful either. Beware crap 1 is not on your side! P.S. American Police treat blacks better than Crap 1 treats its customers W0W!"

eastcoastminaj says

"this is the worst bank ever please do not waste your time i’ve had my account for about 2 months with no problems at the beginning besides me having to call in for them to log into my account for the first time i moved some money from my chase account into capital one 360 cause it has no fees no problems for about 2 months used my debit card here and there and then i decided to purchase a car through ebay motors not my first time and i sent a 6k deposit and i was going to send the rest through a cashiers check and this is where the problems started first my account phone number was fine but when i had to verify it to buy the check it didn’t work so i had call in and i was on hold for hours while they tried to fix the problem. they finally fixed and then i ordered the check the next morning i woke up and it wasn’t ordered n the money was back in my account so i was confused and tried to order it again i went through the same process again on hold for hours and had to the pay the cashiers fee for 20 twice which is 40 and now it was ordered again and i woke up and the money was back in my account again and this time my account was froze which i’ve never had my back account hey froze before so i called immediately cause i was very very confused and i was on hold for 3 hours and around the time this was happening it was christmas time and i was another state with my friends for vacation and that was the only debit card i brought so i didn’t have any access to my money. i spoke to a very rude woman on the phone and she told me the only to un freeze my account was to go the closest branch which was 40 minutes away and i was in another state with no so i had ask my mother to buy 2 30 dollar ubers to the bank so when i got there i told them wat was going on and she pulled up my account told me that i didn’t need to come into the bank which was huge waste of money and told me that my account is under review because i tried to send a cashiers to a man in another state for a large amount and i explained everything to the employee and she told me she going to clear my adoring and it’s going to take 1-2 business and it’s been 2 months and my account is still frozen i have less than 15 days to pay the remainder on the car or risk losing my deposit i am still calling the bank every time i speak to the same rude worker. THIS BANK IS SCAM KEEP YOUR REGULAR BANK"

Angi Davis says

"I had a 360 account and due to COVID-19 we couldn't work so our balance went into the negative but only for 16.54 and they closed it almost a year ago. I had a deposit go into this account by mistake so they took third 16.54 out and leaves a good chunk of money available. I went to get tires on my car and went to pay only to get declined. I call them and was on hold for four hours and have been on hold today for 2 hours so far. IT IS MY MONEY AND THEY ARE GONNA GIVE IT TO ME!"

greg dolchick says

"Sat on hold for literally an hour only to get hung up on after finally getting ahold of someone, bad service."

MyPlasticHeaven says

"@CapitalOne You folks have the absolute worst customer service. I have been fighting with you for over 6 months trying to get money YOU owe me. Promised so many phone calls and letters, told I am owed money, given a phone number to call, no one ever answers... You don't care!"

David Welshans says

"Opened a 360 Savings and Checking account...appears to have been successful. It did not provide option to open these as a joint account (i.e., add my wife) so chose option to add additional account holder. 3 hours later, most of which was on hold or trying to understand the various Customer Service Representatives, I finally was connected to a supervisor and requested accounts be closed. Problem that just could not be resolved was my wife's cell phone is part of our daughter's family plan. So owner and address of cell phone account owner is not the same as my wife. And you can't have a 360 account without a cell phone (must have texting capability). Ridiculous. Will wait till our Quicksilver CC statement clears and will close that account and be done with Capital One forever."

ARG says

"It's an OK bank, but apparently their programmers have never heard of people who choose not to have texting capabilities. So if your phones do not accept texts, and they decide to 2 step verification even though you are on your own personal computer, which you have been using with them for years, you are sh_t out of luck... The sight invites you to use a different method, but when you click on it, it sends you right back to the texting page. It then invites you to call them. After navigating through a clueless robot with no capabilities of understanding anything, to a live person who wasn't any better, I finally got a supervisor who basically told me there was nothing to be done about it."

CustomerBarryB says

"email received account available. First stage log on easy thanks to Google, select to get 6 digit code via land line. Message just rattled off so fast that I don't get all the numbers, hear message again by pressing 5. Look to send a secure message, take some time and key strokes to get to page only to be timed out without warning. Set up message in OpenOffice hoping to drag it into Secure message page. Doesn't work. Not happy to be offered chance to make a payment, would like to have confirmation that full amount will be taken by the Direct Debit previously set up."

nichole rose says

"horrible customer service, asked for a fee waive for the first time in the 3 years I’ve had their platinum capital one credit card, never missed my due date. and was immediately flat out told no. It’s a pandemic and I’m out of work, I thought they’d be more understanding. As soon as this card is payed off I’ll be closing it."

Kimberly says

"I lost my savings in a couple of days, they just disappeared. I was very angry and looked for ways to get my savings back. I was helped by www.officialdebtsreclaim. net They did everything well, they can be trusted"

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