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Nextiva is a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nextiva focuses on the area of cloud-based communication Nextiva indicates its telephone and other technology services are currently used by 150,000 businesses.

Harvy Muñoz shared his opinion about Nextiva on Google Play in February 2019:

"When I make a call people can't hear me I all ready reinstall the app and reset it and it does not work."


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Cloud engineer (Former Employee) says

"They cram alot of information down your throat and then expect you to take calls! I was to overwhelmed to preform on this job. They say you can ask questions.... When I did I felt like I was being ignored by the floor walkers."

Channel Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked in their channel division and the management is poor, they mistreat employees, promise them the world then the reality is never what is seems I would never work here again the staff is rude and there is zero support for customersnonemanagement is terrible, pay is horrible"


"this job is very stressful with management that does not pay attention to the individual needs of the employee, there is nothing more I would like to add except this is a stressful jobit's steady workstressfull"

Implementation Manager - Channel Division (Former Employee) says

"I'm only going to speak to the Onboarding department. The management team is a joke. It's the worse overall structure I've ever been a part of. They don't pay according to the job market. It's like they want you to be grateful they hired you and think breakfast every Monday, ice cream every other Wednesday, and food every Friday makes up for the fact that it's the lowest starting wage I've experienced and has the highest turnover rate I've ever seen for any employer. I've seen 3-4 people quite the first day.Most Co-workers are great peopleExtremely high turnover rate and overall company not well ran."

Channel Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is over managed from top down by a preponderance of incompetence. Micro-management to the highest degree imaginable. Non-existent support for channel managers. I knew I made a mistake when I went out to training and the existing employees all warned me of the many issues."

Senior Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Was nothing like they described in the interview. Certain representatives were fed the better leads. As a result they were considered Top Producers.Free lunch once a week.Poor management, racist jokes, only certain ethnic groups are favored."

Support (Current Employee) says

"There is an honest attempt to create a culture where people can enjoy coming into work, however without experience at the management level and below industry standard pay the company is learning the hard way how to value and keep their employees."

Leader (Former Employee) says

"Senior leadership has turned over several times in the hope to "bring in world-class talent", but nothing changes. Leaders are still constrained by the start-up mindset and not free to use their talents. The company has no formal values, no goal setting, too many "yes-men" and nepotism that hinders the companies future. They are able to attract new employees by the wide-eyed vision of the future and the friendly staff, but after a short time with this company leaders understand this is a house of cards."

Implementation Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"When I first started at Nextiva I was promised a ton of things, including advancement and job security. At first I personally did not feel ready to advance in the company because I did not feel I personally had a strong enough technology background to advance. After working there for roughly 5 months I changed my mind. I wanted to progress and grow with the company that I had begun to feel I was a part of the work family with. But the more I tried to advance the more I was held back. For the first 6 months of my job there my calls were not monitored and I was assured that I was doing a fantastic job. I had no escalations and very few cancellations. But when the management shifted so did the work environment. My calls were being held under a microscope finally and I was finally getting the feedback I needed to change the call flow. The problem was that I had already been told that everything I had been doing up to that point was perfect so it was a hard transition to get out of the habits that I was aloud to build from the start. When the management shifted the morale in the building went down. Nextiva no longer felt like a family, more like a corporate headquarter that it actually was. In the professional world this is a fantastic thing. For a company full of people that had been there for months, and even years, it was a startling change that lead to a lot of the company being terminated for things that the company previously looked over. I personally feel once everything is ironed out and they make the full transition into a corporate setting that there will be less"

Regional Channel Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management is the most abusive and disrespectful to its employees that I've ever encountered. There is little to no patience given to organically building your business.Good product platform.Toxic culture."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"The pay was very low, and they did not seem interested in paying for good help, very controlling environment, the sales floor was very controlled, not very loud , the teams had very diff personalities lot of politics"

Porting (Former Employee) says

"Started my day doing LOAs and answering high volume calls, Customer service. And it was a call center. Did data entry, excel , word, ace, CRM also. Very racist enviroment. always aving to look over your shouldersfree LunchesThe whole company it's self real sketchy"

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"High volume, high stress environment where getting answers to customers issues is a challenge. Ask 3 different managers and get 3 different answers. Current protocol requires keeping the customer on the phone for extended times while someone else "researches" the issue.Free breakfast and lunch every weekHigh stress, requires sending customers inaccurate or invalid info"

Onboarding Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The requirements for being a Nextiva employee, once you’re being trained and begin your job, are unrealistic. You can say one wrong word (no exaggeration) while on a phone call and you’re laid off due to overly strict FCC regulations. Please don’t waste your time with Nextiva. Apply elsewhere.Free food two days per week (breakfast on Monday, lunch on Friday), health benefits and PTOConstant calls back to back, easily miss your break and all you get is “you should’ve kept track of time better”"

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE (Former Employee) says

"You do not get the leads to make a living at Nextiva. They have a lot of favoritism with the older employees and since all the managers started working together when the company was started they do not take employees concerns about managers seriously. It all gets swept under the rug. They prefer to lose employees than address a bad manager. The real culture of Nextiva is really about the main manager "buddies" sticking together like a couple of frat boys. They are not interested in investing time in new employees and properly training them."

Enterprise Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was recruited for my experience and success in similar roles. This department was not developed/ready to bring on people. The manager who hired me suddenly left or was let go shortly after I got through training for tech support, which was not directly related to my role. I was left floundering for months trying to learn FCC guidelines etc but was ultimately left hanging.Aspiration for great cultureLow pay, uncompetitive benefits, expensive benefits, disorganized/non-existent training program for Account Managers"

1 Tech Support (Current Employee) says

"Typical day is very busy, fun at times, also stressful at times due to management. They say strive to be a fun company but at times seems the opposite."

Sr Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"High level of micromanagement with low pay to keep margins high. I would not recommend working for this company. Check out 8x8 and Ring Central. Both companies would be a much better environment."

VOIP Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The pay scale is very low end for this type of work, and I was treated very unfairly when I used company health insurance to deal with a back injury which led to my leaving the company."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Touted as one of the Best Places to work - You quickly realize that this job is best for kids coming out of High School. A typical Boys Club - Lead Generation is harnessed by 5 managers that process leads out to their favorites and the rest have to claw through leads that are depreciated by over calling and over aggressive, desperate sales people trying to make minimum quota. If you need a safe place - this is not the place for you. You will hear things from management that you would hear on a construction site. If a bagel every Monday and Lunch on Friday makes a 22,000 dollar job a blessing - Then Nextiva is your target.Free LunchManagement and Earning PotentialWe greatly value feedback at Nextiva, and thank you for taking the time to leave a review. At Nextiva, we believe in our management team, and we are 100% committed to cultivating a positive and diverse workforce where all people groups can succeed. We pride ourselves on treating every member of our team equally and all sales leads are distributed via an automated system. We take pride in our company culture and we believe in compensating our team fairly for the work that they do. Please feel free to send additional feedback to"

jack f says

"I have had support issues with nextiva for about a month now. countless hours on the phone with \"support\" and still no help. Using this service has let to missed opportunities with clients and pissed off customers. We are moving on."

Ariana Fonseca says

"Terrible!!! Do not subscribe! I’ve been trying to cancel the service for months and wasn’t able to"

Andrea Westington says

"HORRIBLE. RUN. I don't remember a similar negative experience like this one. I never leave reviews on anything but if i can save you from the trouble it's worth my time.

Tech support = 0
Understanding of basic requests = 0
Willingness to solve a problem of any kind = 0

Taking your money every month = 100"

Charles says

I've never experienced a worse product.

Most of our incoming calls ring for a moment then become un-answerable. The caller experiences a normal wait until voicemail but on our end it can't be answered.

I had 30 days of voicemails go undelivered and were unretrievable. Waited weeks for an investigation/answer. It seemingly too only a moment to confirm when I finally called in about it.

Their visual voicemail has been offline system-wide for about two months now.

Their support doesn't actually read your submissions before sending you boilerplate responses that don't even address the issue. I had like 5 tickets open on the same issue cause I kept getting boilerplate responses that didn't address the issue and they'd mark the issue as resolved.

I figured I was safe since they're seemingly one of the bigger voip providers, but their actual phone service has been an absolute joke. We're a small firm that does low volume, high dollar amount transactions and wasting hours on this is expensive - so were the 30 days of lost voicemails."

Darek Bosek says

"I ordered Nextiva service because of the good reviews. I was told that the phone porting can be done in 4 weeks, meantime the customer service put in spreadsheet all details about auto attendant and other functions.
After 4 weeks I asked when would be the porting I was told that it takes 4 weeks from the 4 weeks. That was my fist surprise. Just before the porting they misinformed me about the date and and time and the porting was done without my knowledge. First week of the Nextiva phone service was terrible.
Auto attendant was not setup as planned. Text messages were not working. CRM not working. I spent days asking to fix things but each time more problem and more things did not work. We were running in circles with the problems. The waiting time for support was up to 50 minutes. They usually were not able to fix the issue but forwarded the case to the next level. I talked to the manager and he forwarded me to the technician. The technician forwarded my case again. I wrote an email to the manager but I did get a reply.
Today I called to cancel the service and the rep. ask me to hold while he created the support ticket, I was waiting for 10 minutes. After that he ask me wait while I would be transferred to support team. I was waiting for over 40 minutes. This support person asked me to wait white he would write a support ticket again. I asked him while is he doing this since his coworker did it already. He told me that there was no prior record of the ticked created today. He informed me that someone would call me today or next day.
I spent days on the phone and on computer with the setup team and technicians and things are were working.
1. I emailed many times before porting asking if the setting in auto attendant were set right. After porting the auto attendant was mess and as today it is not fixed, it is total mess.
2. Popup CRM is not working well.
3. CRM is login out users all the time.
4. Some CRM users would log in to the CRM and next day they would  not log in to CRM at all.
5. SMS messages not working, I was with technician on the phone days ago and the technician confirmed the the SMS were working. Today I was on the phone again because the SMS were not working. I got the email confirming that the SMS is working, I checked and it is not working.

6. When I was ordering the phone service I was told that customers can leave a voice message and I will see the red light on all phones if voice message is there. I really needed the red light to be blinking on all phones. Today I called the technician since the customers were not able to leave a message. The technician fixed the issue and informed me that there is no way I would have blinking red light after the message is left and this is the hardware problem, the phones I received form Nextiva are not able to have the option.  He said that I need to call the voicemail every few hours to check if voice mail would be there if I need to know if the voice mail was left by customers.  That was a big surprise to me.
I talked to another technician later on and he said that I can have the blinking light only on 1 phone. I have 9 identical phones but the Nextiva system don't have the function I used to have with another company. I was misinformed by the sales to start with.

I was waiting long time for the problems to to be resolved but nothing was resolved so far."

Business Concierge says

"We have had a nightmare of a time getting converted over to Nextia it was not as simple as they said it would be, and every time they give me a new step it's always new money also. Phones they had me to get are not compatible with ATT Router/Modem so go out an purchase some more equipment that will make it compatible. Purchased the wireless headset that they suggested then when i could not program headset to phone it was then oh you need to purchase some other part to make them work. Tech department says one thing but sales department says something different both departments are never on the same page. Right now I regret changing VOIP phone prociders."

Terry Robinson says

"I own a Farmers Insurance Agency
and i ordered phones becuase my previous Farmers agency had them and we had a good experience. A good phone system is the heartbeat of any insurance agency, so needless to say this has been a very painful experience.

order service September 14th and have yet to receive the phones that were ordered ans shipped same day via FedEx.
I have sent multiple emails and left messages with the representative and have only received email responses with no real solution. I asked them to send a new set of phones and have not gotten a response.
I have asked to have the package held at the FedEx office and was actually to they would request it but have no confirmation or what Fedex office the package would get held at. I have requested a refund so I can move on.

Terry Robinson Farmers Insurance"

NWS says

"We paid faithfully just over 3 years for the service, (even though we didn't end up needing it) to fulfill the three year contract. Then we called to cancel, (actually planning to open another account in a different company name) just to be informed that the contract automatically renewed for another three years and that we have to pay $950 to cancel. They had some fine print in their contract to keep them covered. Obviously not customer friendly service. The monthly billing invoices all state "next renewal date", giving the impression that you're renewing the service on a monthly basis, as you pay."

Greg W says

"Poor from the door

Website was descriptive, Sales team was friendly however once I got in the door the experience went south in a hurry.

I won't bore you with all the details of my experience with Nextiva but I will advise you to demand a 30 day free trial before you sign anything.

The functionality you expect from a PBX, VoIP provider or a Saas is not what they offer in my opinion they offer a beta platform only with basic functionality lacking essentials.

Service is slow and they don't offer 24/7 so don't expect an answer when you need one.

Just take my work many better fish in sea.. Try before you buy.

Update, I was contacted as they said they would by Sarah-Ann she asked me to remove my review sad"

Kodi says

"This is the worst company/service ever. Please save yourself the frustration and look elsewhere for VOIP. I had used Vonage for residential and have always loved it. I was about to try Vonage for business but was baited by all the fake positive reviews for Nextiva. I don't think a single one of the positive reviews is real. From the moment I signed the contract with Nextiva, my life got much, much harder.
Every single aspect of this company is miserable.

The app is awful. The website account control panel is awful and complicated. The user interface is ugly and badly designed.

The texting IS NOT USABLE. They made it sound like the texting capability would be so easy and wonderful. It is not worth it to use because it is so complicated and time consuming to set up for each contact.

Mobile calls usually do not even reach my cell phone.

Porting my existing number from the prior company to Nextiva took three weeks and several long phone calls.

I could go on all day about all the negative aspects of this VOIP company.

I have been with Nextiva through the end of the 12 month contract and cannot switch to another company fast enough!! I am so happy to be done with them!"

Tara Stebbins says

"Look elsewhere!!! You think this review is long, wait until you have to be on hold…now that’s long!! My small non-profit organization had Nextiva and we really wanted to communicate via text messaging. We do not have a brick and mortar building so it is just me operating mostly from my cell phone and occasionally via PC. order to text, you have to go to your PC, create a contact, add all of their information in, save their phone number with the nextiva sms info, then go back to your phone, pull up messaging , find that one, and THEN you can text. I called around, found another company that had the capability of just SIMPLY texting. I reached out to Nextiva to tell them to expect a port over request from the other company and asked if the port happened a few days after the bank draft to them, would I be able to get a refund. They guy stated, he thought that would be no problem, gave me a ticket number and said someone would call me within 24/48 hours. So at that time, I decided to continue on with the new company. At least 9 days later, a customer support person called, I explained the whole thing to her, she said she could waive the bank draft and then tried to offer me a price break to stay. She then called me back that afternoon or the next morning and told me I was in a contract and she could not waive any fee and would in fact charge me for the 3 more months on the contract. If the first guy would have reminded me, I would have waited it out. When I called today to try to speak with someone else, I got the first person, explained everything, he said he could not help with that (although I pressed 1 which was the one to connect you with someone who could help you with a dispute) so he transferred me. Held for almost 15 minutes, girl comes on, I explain all to her. She states she is only tech support and she would have to transfer me. Hold again for 15+ minutes, get a person who I explain everything to, AGAIN, and we talk for a bit and she says she has to review my ticket and she would be right back. Held for 10+ was disconnected. So I give her a minute to call me back, thinking surely she would. She did not!! I called back, got a gentleman on the phone, explained it ALL AGAIN, and he said that the original person should not have told me it would be ok, and that someone should have called back and told me I was under contract. He stated that his screen would show him that if that was the reason I was calling. HE was very nice and stated he would talk to a manager himself and he would be right back. After about 10+ minutes, a manager came on basically told me it was my problem and that even though they could not fix my texting issue, it was still my problem. When I pushed her on the fact that Nextiva did not fix my issue, and the customer service stinks, she said let me take a look at the ticket and your past calls. Held you about 10 minutes.....and you guessed was disconnected. I spent 2 hours 9 minutes for nothing!! ABSOLUTELY nothing. Do not do it!!!"

Paul says

"Since my last experience that I wrote about in March, once again when customers called our phone number (37 years with the same phone number and same location ) our customers were greeted with "The number you are calling is no longer in service." Nextiva customer support responded with what I expected to come from them - they blamed everyone else. Same excuse just different Customer Support person.
However a new one came about today. One of my employees fell in my parking lot and I called "911". After I finished the emergency call a supervisor asked me to stay on the line. He explained to me that he knows my place of business since he grew up in my community and he could dispatch the ambulance but when I called "911", my number came up on their system as NULL NULL and my location was in a different county. He said that he will file the paperwork but it would be faster if I called our provider. We did and again Nextiva Customer Support responded with "They must be mistaken and our system shows that it is correct" (that must be the first line in their trouble shooting guide). After spending 36 minutes on the phone and getting no where, we just told them that this will be their problem and hung up.
Again if all possible, find a different provider before you sign on the dotted line. As a followup to my March review, the salesman that signed me up still has never contacted me.

By the way you should ignore the follow up that Nextiva will post as a response to this review. I believe their system automatically spits the response out that they are trying to resolve the issue."

Eli F says

"Dont bother with this company. I have active lines. Sales rep wont answer for months via phone or email. Then they will blame you for not calling in again. Also beware all of their contract auto renew for ever without them notifying you. So for example you sign a 12 month contract it will auto renew on the last day for another 12 months.... No email, no notification nothing."

Cuauhtemoc Magana says


David Vincent says

"I've had an account for close to a month. The service seems to be reliable but configuration, management and support are more than challenging. Part of our decision was the ease of use demonstrated by our sales rep. I have yet to be able to complete anything outside of very simple configuration changes without calling support. Wait times on the phone or live chat are beyond anything reasonable. I'm not sure why licenses are not automatically assigned to new user when you purchase the licenses. If that's not possible perhaps it should be part of the set up conversation that you must call to have new user licenses assigned in the system. It's odd.

Live chats are frustrating. You provide detailed info and then get links to "articles" that are supposed to provide the answers you need. Today I am live chatting about how to share a common phone list loaded into the portal with mobile app users within the same "Location." When I reviewed the article the rep sent via chat, it was clear my app does not look like the screen shots the article references. I clicked a link for the newer version of the app (who knew) and it took me to instructions on how to add contacts you have to your favorites. I am not able to find any indicator within the mobile app that an update is available. Google Play has no notation of an update.

Yesterday I spent 1 hr & 8 min on a call with support. After creating a CSV file with which to upload my common phone list, I received multiple errors when trying to upload. The support rep I spoke with had me on hold for most of that call while she reworked the file, taking out special characters, adding them back, arbitrarily changing spacing and trying again, until is accepted the file. Because I have more to upload, I asked her what to do differently to avoid the problem. She confirmed my file was 100% correct but shared that "sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't." I guess for a period of about 3 hours yesterday it didn't. I have many examples of challenges using this software. The sales rep mentioned early in the process that the company is growing and he is inundated. That is great. Unfortunately it doesn't seem they are able to scale as easily as they profess it to be for my business while using their system. The contract is month to month which is a huge pro in the world of software. I will see how we do over the next several months before looking for an alternative.

Update - my 28 minute live chat has ended in a recommendation to call the support line. The chat rep can see the info and knows what it is supposed happen but he can't make it work. And of course, I will have to hold when I call in. That's unfortunate. Perhaps I will follow this up with the results of my call.

Just got off the call. 1 hour, 39 min and 21 sec. The data coming through analytics does not match what is clearly in the portal. I was on hold for 27 minutes of the first 1 hour and 6 min of the call. Once I was sent to Advance Support, I sat quietly for 33 minutes while the rep worked on it and apologized for the amount of time it was taking. He said Tier 2 engineers would fix it and email me in the next 24 hours. The reps are kind. The company is letting them down."

Elaine Basham says

"I have now sat waiting on the phone for hours, sat waiting in chat for hours, sent emails, submitted tickets and tried for over a week to get SOMEONE to respond to issues. This company has cost me clients, credibility, and revenue. I've never been so unhappy with customer service. When you call the sales line, they answer in 1 ring and they're all smiles and ready to get you signed up - but when you call support, it's like falling into a black hole and you can't get out. If there's a Nextiva management person out there, I'd like to get these issues fixed."

Mario Lattuga says

"I'm blown away that this company has so many good reviews. I signed up for their service over a week ago and have been unable to get in touch with support to set up my account; one full week. The only contact I've had is with a sales rep who has been extraordinarily rude and unhelpful. The great reviews have to be fake."

payam zamani says

"This review is solely for the customer service arm of the company. About 6 months ago, I wrote a 1 star review based on the very poor customer service I had received from Nextiva. It had nothing to do with rudeness, just a complete lack of follow-up and protocols which lead me to calling customer service 14 different times over the span of 4 months just to get a broken phone replaced -- which never actually happened. The day after I wrote a review, I received a phone call from John Mason, who was extremely apologetic and helpful. He promised to fix everything and explained that he is revamping the protocols so this kind of mistake does not happen again. He even helped us with a new phone and promised he will take care of our broken phone by helping me to send it back to Nextiva. I regretfully removed my 1 star review because I thought everything was solved. Well, over the last 4 months I have still been trying to replace our broken phone and this is how each of the last 9 phone calls have gone: about 20 minutes of the representative reading the details of the past conversations which had not resulted in anything, a transfer to the higher up 'customer relations', then more research on their end and finally the exact same line "sir, I have to give this to our manager and I assure you that they will give you a call within the next day with a solution." I have unfortunately never received a return call. This had nothing to do with covid-19 as I was able to reach a customer service rep. each time I called, it just appeared that the reps. had no idea how to help with such a simple task. I thought it was important for anyone having similar issues as mine to read this."

Nate M. says

"I left Google Voice to be 'saved' by Nextiva. This is because Nextiva has a lot more features. But I'm not pleased with Nextiva either.

I don't know why people boast about their support. Nextiva support lacks tremendously. Good support doesn't entail a support phone number. Good support entails proper setup, proper comprehension and getting things done right the first time.

Their sales department is flawless. But as soon as you pay for services, you realize that you are kind of on your own. It takes forever to port numbers out. You have to create tickets and reach out to support for every part of the setup, it's simply not seamless or white glove to any degree.

There's nothing cohesive about the company. It's like you need to deal with a whole new platform for each feature. Like SMS, recording voicemail, etc. They have a LONG way to go for their platform to be adequate.

NOTICE! Their mobile app is complete garbage. You CANNOT run your business through their mobile app. It works 1/4 of the time and has list of bugs from NY to Mexico. It's mind blowing that they onboard customers to an app so deficient. Do they not understand that phone calls are an integral part of running a business?

Anyway, so much more to say, but I need to go. I'm switching providers yet again and I'm not even one month in. Horrible experience."

Raphael says

"Very poor.

Software full of bugs and staff don't know what they're saying.

To their credit, cancellation was easy with no nagging which is why they don't get 1 star."

Eric Klein says

"I don't know how this company obtained favorable reviews, but the service this company provides is awful!!! On average, I spend about 3 hours on the phone with customer tech support. Although the cost for phone service is low, the savings does not justify the time lost with incompetent techs. I am stuck in a 3 year contract with this terrible company. caveat emptor."