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NextEra Energy, Inc. is an energy company with about 45,900 megawatts of generating capacity, revenues of over $17 billion in 2017, and about 14,000 employees throughout the US and Canada. It is the largest electric utility holding company by market capitalization. Its subsidiaries include Florida Power & Light, NextEra Energy Resources, NextEra Energy Partners, Gulf Power Company, and NextEra Energy Services.

According to WIKIPEDIA In August 2018, NextEra Energy received a cease and desist order by Oklahoma state officials concerning the construction of wind turbines violating state law. The Oklahoma state law, which took effect in May 2018 to protect open air space, states that developers obtain either a "no hazard" determination for each turbine from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or work out a mitigation plan with the United States Department of Defense (DoD), and then submit a notification of such with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission before construction may begin. NextEra Energy had filed obstruction evaluation cases for the construction of wind turbines in Oklahoma with the FAA in March 2018, but the FAA had yet to issue determinations at the time that the cease and desist order was issued.


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Former Employee - Financial Analyst says

"The attitudes and overall culture of the department my job was in was awful. People were always crabby and RUDE. I have never seen so many narcissistic people in one department. I left because I couldn't take it anymore and very happy with my decision."

SELLING TECH (Former Employee) says

"In my opinion, a cancer has developed at jupiter-tequsta ac, now known as FPL Home Services since acquisition. A person, N.V. Whom was fired from ecm, now runs the show. Systematically he has turned a great company into a toxic environment. If you worked with him at ecm you know what I mean, and the reason you left probably. He has already taken the lead in firing staff who he doesn't like & bringing in people from his previous employment, instead of hiring from within . They also enjoy writing people up for the silliest infractions, just so they have a paper trail to fire you later. Sad thing is you are unaware you are doing something wrong in their eyes because of poor leadership and communication. Ecm man also has taken the liberty of reducing task codes for employees pay, raise prices to customers, and cut commissions to employees. Isn't that special !!! Upper management is either shielded from this or naive. In closing, stay away unless you are one of ecm mans favorites or it will be the worst job you ventured into. Beware of FPL Surge Shield Scam, sales techs get approx. $60 per sign-up. They just want additional residual income from all their fpl accounts. You do the math, $14.95 (X) millions of fpl customers per month. Another scam is their, air quality products,they are over priced so salesmen/ techs get minimum of $200 per sale. They are self serving and laughing all the way to the bank with your money. Culture? All self-serving just to make themselves feel better. All the posters hanging in jupiter office are all lies. Pseudo culture in reality."

Current Employee - PGD Engineering says

"We got email that they will install motion detector under our desks. This is only for engineering floor. If you are not engineer you are safe."

Renewable Resource Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Get blamed for everything and expected to kow tow to the culture there. Get immediately scrutinized to the point that you feel uncomfortable to do the work."

Current Employee - Executive Team Leader says

"Not a great place To work"

Construction Manager/Superintendent (Former Employee) says

"As a subcontractor through Bartech over 2-1/2 years, I managed millions of dollars worth of electrical construction in the field. I have never experienced a more toxic work environment. There was no mechanism to fund items needed in the field-we were expected to fund things out of pocket. The Juneau Beach staff reviewing expense reports would then deny entirely legitimate expense claims, even with receipts. I later learned this staff would high-five each other when they rejected one of our expense claims. I was told by my manager that I could not enter more than forty hours per week, even though we were behind schedule and working sixty hours. NextEra owes me at least 200 hours of unpaid overtime. One of my coworkers was told I was let go because "they're getting rid of all the old guys." After I was terminated, they sent me an invoice for $3,600 in repairs to a leased light-duty truck with bald tires that was simply not up to the off-road driving required to do my job. But the most frustrating thing was watching this company squander literally millions of dollars monthly through sheer managerial incompetence, while trying to claw back pennies from the same field people responsible for their success. Avoid this company like the bubonic plague."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No work life balance. Do your job and keep your head down. Aging, constantly failing equipment with no compensatory measures in place. Workers forced to sit in unsanitary 90+ degree environments for over 6 hours at a time. Instead of actually fixing the fire alarm system they have security doing fire patrols when they should be protecting vital assets at the plant."


"Unfortunately, I have spent the last year and half working for major companies that seem to have no structure and lack of leadership. There is barely any training provided for the new hires by Manager. New Hires are left alone for weeks at a time to figure out their role and no real outline on job details at hand or guidance by Management. I understand that most companies expect for you to take of running but this like many others felt more like a shark tank. Very minimum training on companies processes and procedure and high expectations from the candidates with no clear vision."