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Nexon Co., Ltd. (Korean: 넥슨; RR: Nekseun) is a South Korean–Japanese video game publisher that specializes in online games for PC and mobile. It maintains over 80 titles. Nexon was founded in Seoul, South Korea in 1994 by Kim Jung Ju (김정주) and Jake Song. In 2005, the company moved its headquarters to Tokyo, Japan.

A former employee said this in a review “ Nexon has a terrible environment Management argues with each other and doesn’t support employees. This company does not have good leadership They don’t tell you clear expectations."


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Former Employee - QA Tester says

"Management that doesn't care to listen or learn. Korean mindset that doesn't work as well in the west. Promote 1-2 westerners to make it seem like they are evolving, but keep replacing the same 7-8 korean robot manager clones again and again... so nothing changes."

Former Employee - Designer says

"Couldn't keep equipment running; company is extremely cheap and inflexible when it comes to necessary hardware and software. Was hired to be a part of a team that never came to be - I did not know it, but apparently no one wants to work for this company. Was hired to work on a project that changed direction massively, weeks after my first day (it went from an original idea, to a boring 'we can make that too' project which was aping existing successful titles). Toxic alt-right people in leadership positions. Company has no interest in developing employees; even if they moved you across the country to work for them, they are willing to throw thousands of dollars and months of time invested away if they think you are not putting out %150 every day. Non U.S.-born Koreans make up a significant part of the employees. Most do not speak English, and they are complete ciphers. No effort to integrate teams means no sense of being a part of a team."

Former Employee - Designer says

"Classic hierarchical culture. They don't care about proper processes or doing thing the right way. The few leaders only listen among themselves in an echo chamber. Product management doesn't exist and they actually refuse to hire product managers because they think they don't need it. Employees are moved laterally to fill positions they are not qualified for. I worked with someone who didn't know what they were doing, but no one cared because that person produced. As long as you produce something, even if it is poor quality, they will support it. Leaders will take your feedback and do nothing about it. Good luck trying to leave because the experience gained here is not valuable to future employers. They also like to fire and layoff employees on a whim without warning. PIPs don't exist. Hire and fire seems like a fun activity to them. If you don't believe any of this, I encourage anyone potential or current employees to talk to people who work there or message any former employee and ask about their experience."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company is trying to make it seem like it is improving, but it unfortunately isn't. Culturally, we just aren't going to get there. That's why I'm writing now. Because I thought it was going to get better. And it's gotten worse recently. Large volumes of negativity, very little positivity. Below low compensation. And that tends to be after asking for more. Executives are extremely controlling and do not have your interests in mind whatsoever. You are basically work mules in their eyes. Very little mutual respect. As said before, you are overworked. Heavily. The company is set in its ways yet you see all of their employees desperately trying to bring new life to the titles, and are almost always shut down."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"• Nexon America is governed entirely by nonsensical edicts from across the Pacific. Values and dynamics that work in Asia (egregious sexualization, pay-to-win mechanics, bottomless gacha pits) enrage Americans, and yet, despite constant financial face-plants, some inexplicable arrogance subordinates this whole office to that formula. • Correspondingly, Nexon's hierarchy resents vertical feedback. The only people with agency wear suits on another continent, and apparently these executives would rather jam their hubris forever than listen to the westerners on their payroll trying to raise flags. The experience of this, as boots on the ground, means toiling on projects you know will fail from absolute first glance. No superior wants to hear your concern, whether you voice it one-on-one to your supervisor or in front of the whole office to the president at a Q&A, because what do you know? This game was huge in China—have you seen the books? • The company’s culture prioritizes decorum and relationships over product, allowing inexperienced and artless developers to dictate the publishing process. To be fair, however, why would people who can't identify quality sacrifice for it? • HR hates everyone, and everyone hates HR. The adversarial vibe is clear, likely because leadership has no connection to games or industry culture, constantly prioritizes their own idea of fun over the office's, and seems to resent providing things employees want. One time, to boost morale after a massive layoff wave, a well-meaning admin dude set up a snack station, and his boss griped audibly about how much people ate. • Wages/salaries are well below industry standards. I know this is corporate practice du jour, but excluding employees from benefits as contractors engenders—especially when your products suck—the opposite of loyalty. The only reason to work at Nexon is to then work somewhere else."

Former Employee - Customer Service Specialist says

"-long working hours despite being able to start later -the projects just keep piling up even when previous projects are still pending -not much room for growth, you do the same thing day in day out -our customer service is one of the worst -the only goal of this company is money and more money -very low pay -we have to get approval from nexon korea which is enefficient as nexon korea loves to take their own sweet time -Did I mention that the customer service is bad and all they want is the customer's money? And by bad I mean they don't even bother reading the reports from customers and just send a copy-paste message and mark the report issue as resolved. - If you weren't in the inner circle, you weren't moving up -Unprofessional"

Current Employee - Manager says

"Micro-management is the preferred style Retrograde treatment of employees Bed bug infestations several times per year Korean language skills necessary to stay informed History of very weak products"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Managers are selected because of tenure or because they don't really want to pay a real manager."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Don't get brainwashed by their constant speeches about promoting from within or diversity that they're struggling to foster. Many teams are broken up into a dysfunctional pod structure that was mandated in order to IMPROVE the many communication failures that plagues the marketing teams. This structure has hindered cultural growth and collaboration between teams has all but vanished. Management, and more importantly, the HR team (which is dominated by nothing but Gree hires...can we say nepotism much?) routinely excludes others from company events, sponsored happy hours or when someone leaves and the company covers the farewell party. Due to this, some teams have no problem flaunting their egos and exclaiming how important they are despite little in the way of contribution coming from them. Turnover is horrendous here and I've never seen a company lose soo many people in just a few months. Do yourself a favor, work for any one of the multitude of bay area gaming companies and give Nexon M a pass."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"constant revolving door of management and so changes point of view - each person reinvents wheel, changes what last person did and staff pay the price. Corporate High Management don't really care and blames games. Chaos."

Na (Former Employee) says

"Terrible environment Management argues with each other and doesn’t support employees This company does not have good leadership They don’t tell you clear expectations"

Live Game Operations (Former Employee) says

"Nexon has gone through it's ups and downs over the year, but recently the company has had a rough patch. Current management is oblivious of employee morale, and does not invest in many of their dedicated and highly experienced employees. Although this has been worse recently, it has been a common issue throughout the years.Monthly Free Lunch, Free BeerManagement"

Customer Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Not for me. Management know nothing they're trying to fly under the radar. Ask them a question and they are just as confused as you are. Just was not the place for me."

Quality Assurance Tester (Current Employee) says

"Day-to-day is fine. Always content to test and issues to investigate. As far as career advancement goes, there's not a lot of opportunity for that at Nexon but it's a decent enough place to pad out a resume if you work there for several months.Snack bar, easy work once you're use to the flow of thingsNo opportunity for advancement, underpaid for the amount of work done."

Anonymous Worker (Former Employee) says

"A lot of the people that work there on the ground level are great. They know their job and get the work done. But the management staff is completely out of touch for the industry. And the Management and HR staff don't care about the people there. Perks and fun activities that used to be the norm are cut regularly now.The peopleManagment and HR"

QA Tester (Former Employee) says

"A lot of the techniques and processes used felt straight out of 2007. They seem to have good plans but terrible execution and weak follow through. Nexon seems bent on following this execution and less concerned on growing great employees.Great people, social atmosphereTerrible career path, weak willed management, old school development mentality, low pay"

Sr. Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Work / life balance is getting better. Benefits HR shows off are just better than nothings. They still say they are providing us the best values. Lots of foreign coworkers. I don't mind them as long as they do what they are hired to do, but when it was time to shrink the size of the company, HR didn't hesitate to let them go, not by firing them, but just stopping their VISA sponsorship or not promoting them. Dirty play.. Some people just don't get any chances to learn professional skills to advance in their careers.Lots to learn if you need experiencesNot competitive salary and benefits, lack of job security"

Senior Web Designer (contractor) says

"I had a nice boss and the VP is really cool. Overall the team I worked on was of nice people. Outside of that, It's a very high school environment. People stick to their own kind and you really see it at lunch time in the eating area. The location is boring, only handy thing is the Wholefoods closeby. It's a video game company but the environment is very corporate. Unprofessional H&R who gossips about other employees.Nice office spaceUnprofessional H&R lady"

Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"I loved my team and my boss. The company was a mess, we lost employees faster that we could fill the open jobs. No one knew how to run the studio! I moved on as soon as I could!BossCompany"

Queen Bb says

"I had NEVER heard of this Company before, well until yesterday (09/01/2020) morning when 7 unauthorised transactions were made to my debit card within 10:07am-10:17am. 4 were for $107.25, 3 were for $53.63 totaling $589.89! Those transactions were not authorized, I was hoping it was some type of error.. But the transactions went from 'Pending' to 'Cash Purchases' by 11pm.. Nexon doesn't have any customer service options at all, I've tried anything & everything possible to reach someone ALL DAY.. Every email address & phone number I could find.. Not a single answer, Nothing! $589.89 may not be much to them but chump change but to me & mine that $589.89 is what keeps a roof over our heads!!"

Zero says

"Anything I already mentioned in my review from more than a year ago is just the tip of the iceberg! Whenever you purchase say a $25 Karma Koin in USD, you will not charged an activation fee nor a retail price to make up for a hidden tax deductible that not disclosed anywhere on the card except during activation. On the other hand, if you purchase a Visa gift card or even a reloadable prepaid card, you have all your deductibles upfront without making you read long legal documentation just for said information. As for the overmonetization, I personally call it a scam yet this technically falls more into scummy moves from an otherwise legitimate company. The biggest eye opener before these deductibles from these prepaid cards is just the absurd amount of money whales claim to have spent to achieve what they regard as true endgame in MapleStory... around their entire college tuition savings, meaning that it could take around $40k to accomplish that much but just on a mere game. I spent $3,200 to achieve what I call something decent yet I progressed nowhere as far as those whales already did."

Alex Wang says

"Doesn't listen to their player base and doesn't understand simple logic. Makes the same mistakes repeatedly."

Evan R says

"Absolute worst customer service in the history of anything. You ask them any question, anything at all pertaining to account recovery and they just slap you with the same copy paste responses over and over. They don't even read what you ask, just slap that CTRL+V right in your face. IF, and IF you get lucky and one person actually reads it, you'll quickly have your ticket handed off to another person waiting in the shadows to slap that CTRL+V in your face completely disregarding any progress. I mean seriously, I just want to inquire about recovering my original account, and they literally ignore what I ask of them and immediately ask me to provide information that I could provide if I could just narrow down which account I need to provide information for. But no, they clearly don't have time nor concern for their playerbase."

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