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News Corporation (abbreviated News Corp.) was an American multinational mass media corporation operated and owned by media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, headquartered in New York City. Prior to its split in 2013, it was the world's fourth-largest media group in terms of revenue, and News Corporation had become a media powerhouse since its inception, almost dominating the news, television, film and print industries.

An un happy employee shared this review: "The News Corp company is making a minor effort to improve its culture, but the changes it is making are ultimately cosmetic. The management is apathetic (at best), the work is underpaid and un-appreciated (under-appreciated is too generous a term), and generally speaking, the environment is like a news factory where one is expected to be robotic. It is not a fun place for anyone with an ounce of creativity or imagination."

I have a friend who worked at The New York Post, a company owned by News Corp. Listen, the holiday party was da bomb! BUT the office culture was incredibly RACIST and SEXIST on a daily basis. Never would I ever recommend anyone read this paper, support this company, or be a part of their employment force. The Murdoch family is evil.


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Joe Vandayar says

"I was interviewed by Theo Vaa on the phone. He sounded very interested in my resume and experience and said that he wanted to move ahead quite quickly. After that his communication died. I had to follow up regarding whether my application will be progressing to the next stage. He was blase when I called and casually said that the company took on someone from the opposition company."

Amy says

"Horrible to deal with!! Never again!!!!!!! I have been called for an face to face interview after a phone interview with them. It all seems smooth. On the interview day I called them up prior to inform that there were a disturbance on the road n train was cancelled will be there within 20 mins. The agent on the line told me it's ok. Will let the team know and see me soon. After I arrived within time, I can't believe that they told me the interview is almost over and they are not taking or seeing anyone anymore. Then one in the room look out like I m a fcuking fool!! And They don't even bother listening to me but only asked me to leave!!! My god I feel like I have been just playing like a game or even a pest?? What a joke?! These people are the worst agents I have never dealt with in my whole life!! I have never been treated like this before! Please save yourself by going to a descent agency!! I can't even explain how upset I was!"

G Patrick says

"Heard nothing, not even an auto confirmation email"

Dianna says

"You're all pathetic"

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