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New Order are an English rock band formed in 1980 by vocalist and guitarist Bernard Sumner, bassist Peter Hook, and drummer Stephen Morris. The band formed after the demise of Joy Division, following the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis; they were joined by Gillian Gilbert on keyboards later that year.

A Reddit user mentioned, "New Order's Blue Monday is dated and has to be the most over rated song on the planet."


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Patient Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This agency caters too much to their clients. If the client does not like the way you look you are out. The client burns through temp employees. The job does not pay enough for the work you are expected to do. The client's multiple software applications don't work well and expect you to master it. Cons: Waste of time, energy, gas money, and don't pay enough for the job responsibilites"

AR Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was recruited and sent to a terrible assignment. When I complained about the lack of training, all of a sudden the assignment ended. The recruiter didn't even OFFER to find me a new assignment, I had to ask. Never heard back from her."

Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"They were hiring for hospice pharmacy solutions . And it was the worse company I have ever work for. There was no real formal training , no code of conduct and no ethics. Nothing . They will micromanage you , while they play around and talk . Team leads actually did her hair watch YouTube during her whole shift.Everyone in management is unprofessional. Certain rules apply to certain people. If you are not in their click then you will hate it. Don’t do it , if you recruiter tries to hire for them please run! It’s a lot of stress for no money. Cons: Unprofessional."

Continent Employee (Former Employee) says

"They are unethical and unprofessional. They will assist you getting a TEMPORARY job and will tell you that you will become permanent after 90 days but the reality is this is a contingent offer and there is no guarantee you will be hired permanently. They could let you go at any time without an explanation. If the company decides to offer you a permanent position please note you will have to wait at least 6 months. During this period - don't expect to be paid for any holidays, sick/vacation time or natural disaster. Benefits provided will not cover any sick visits. Also, they tend to be unresponsive when they don’t want to answer your inquiries. I would not recommend this place whatsoever. Highly disappointed!!!! You’re better off working elsewhere."

Cert. Pharmacy Tech. II (Former Employee) says

"The only good thing I got out of the agency was the experience. HSS only works for the companies that hired them. To them you're a head count so they can collect their commission. I was promised a permanent position at Envolve within 3 to 6 months, but after a full year of loyalty, it never happened. Cons: the companies they work for, temp to fire, toxic, hostile."

LPN UM Clinical Reviewer (Former Employee) says

"Company was great to work for. Support staff was easy to work with. I was able to speak with them if I needed anything. I contacted me when they had an assignment available."

Accounts Receivable Representative (Former Employee) says

"Poor company. Bad managers, Lots of office politics. I was told the job was full time and it was not. I felt like I was lied to constantly. I wouldn't recommend this company to a friend"

Medical Claims Rep (Former Employee) says

"I was offered an Medicaid Servuce Rep position, but I was unable to start the job due to a death in my family. Out of courtesy I texted my so called recruiter and she texted back some awful things. It was like she wanted me to start the job and just forget about my family member passing away. All she could say that it will be documented and she didn't know they would be able to work with me again. Cons: doesnt care if you have a death in your family, just get to work the next day"

Was called by company (Former Employee) says

"Be careful!, they like to call people with fake jobs to get referrals for their data base! Fraud tactics and deception for information, and I hope companies stay away from them. Cons: Everything, trying to build a business through deception."

Inpt Case Manager for A Health Insurance Company (Former Employee) says

"1- If you are desperate for work, call Healthcare Support, THIS IS THE PLACE for you, if you like being abused take the assignment, If you don’t want to get paid for holidays, sick time and work for with Healthcare Support. If you don’t mind going hungry, or skipping a break, this is the perfect place for you and working passed your 8 hrs without pay and getting home in the darkness this is the place for you. Welcome to Healthcare Support. Cons: You will get kicked to the curb w/o notice, too much work, You are only a number and commission to them. If you voice your abuse, someone will take it upon themself to terminate your assignment, either from the assigned company or HCS behind your back."

unclear (Former Employee) says

"It was a very confusing set up when I worked for HCS. Recruited for a company I had worked for before, it seemed like a dream come true, but because they were the agency, in Florida, and I was in California working for a company that had its base in Texas, often times the left hand didnt know what the right hand was doing, and the time zone difference between all those locations didnt help. I still havent been paid for my last day I worked for them! This was because someone along the way forgot to tell me I was fired on Friday, so I came in the next Monday! I cant tell you NOT to work for them, but get your story/information straight from them, and your client, and be sure to be paid for what you did. Cons: listen to me!"

Credentialing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company i worked for. Over at Wellcare in Tampa some of us worked for Healthcare Support like me and the others worked for Hiregy, there's no comparison, Hiregy was the better temp agency and i was jealous. We had issues with our paycheck constantly and we were making much less than associates from Hiregy. Cons: too much issues constantly"

Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Answering all incoming phone calls, the phone rang over 2,000 times a day, no help with the overwhelming amount of phone calls, or with incoming clients. Co-workers were catty and judgemental. The hardest part of the job was learning to juggle the constant ringing phone as well as give tremendous face to face customer service. I was always busy though so no down time. Cons: no room to advance, high turnover rate."

temp employee (Former Employee) says

"Beware, Company is not as great as they try to act. Company doesn't offer Direct Deposit, they mail your checks and if theres a problem with the post office oh well they tell you. This company has messed up employees shift differential and not to mention their check. A number of employees that were placed at an assignment in Tampa (HPS), experienced problems with this agency. It was brought to the attention of The Client Health Plan Services. Two employees Quit and found better jobs, the reason they quit was told to us that they were done with the hassling with HealthCare Support Staffing about their money. As employees of Healthcare support staffing, we were told not to mention anything to the client. So I guess the problems that WE WERE EXPERIENCING WE WERE TO STAY QUITE ABOUT. We didn't we brought it to the attention of Human Resources and management at the client. We hope they end their contract with this agency. Another thing is the contact John in Tampa, that works between Healthcare Support Staffing and THE client HPS, is a joke. How the heck is he the middle person but & doesnt communicate with the client, I have no Clue. So look for a job thru another agency, or try your luck with these people but don't say you weren't warned. Cons: low pay, lack of communication, no direct deposit, have to worry about getting check late thru the mail, no willingness to assist when theres a problem"

PAC (Former Employee) says

"This company only cares about NUMBERS ONLY not their employees they expect you to produce and rarely want you to take your break.Its an awful place to work don't leave your job The staff at the temp service were nice but once you start working for the company you are definitely treated like a number.Management shows favoritism and are extremely rude the more you produce the more they want!!!! Nothing is never good enough and if you make a mistake you will definitely be called out on it so I hope you're PERFECT Cons: Poor management, short breaks, treated like a number"

Patient Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"A typical workday: to start off, I did not have a computer to carry out my duties ( finally got one in the 4th week of employment), I was expected to learn by watching only. Helping people was the best part of the job. I agree with another former employee. ONCE YOU ARE ON YOUR ASSIGNMENT THE RECRUITER DOES NOT BOTHER TO SEE IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES OR CONCERNS. The recruiter does not return emails, phone calls or anything. How true they only care about their contract with the company. My co-workers not so great: they enjoyed reminding me how much they knew and how little I knew. Cons: no structured training or access to computer to carry out my duties effectively"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Do not waste your time with this company. As said before, once the recruiter gets you in the door, then you never hear from them again. I repeatedly called, lvm, texted and emailed my recruiter and only then did he reply. They do not have your back if anything happens with you, they are only worried about their contract with the company. I did what they asked me to do on the job and then when something happened in the office, they disappeared and pretended they didnt know me. Totally disappointed in the treatment I was shown by my recruiter and whole staffing agency. Very unprofessional and just looking for that next candidate to boost their numbers. Run away as fast as you can!!!! They promise that you will get hired after 90 days. wrong, I was there over a year still at temp status. Such a lie!!! Shame on this company Cons: no advancement"

not (Former Employee) says

"If you are contacted by any recruiter from this company, RUN! I was hounded by this one recruiter confirmed twice I was to start and Then has dodged me, they do not follow through nor communicate with you. I resigned from my job because I was told one start date and then said oh due to the holiday. I have kids and had to borrow against my 401k to pay rent, and buy food, and utilities Cons: liars"

Clinical Intake Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My typical day included cold calls to medicare patients. I enjoyed my co-workers very much, we made a good team. The most difficult part of this position was that if we did not reach the member on the first call then we had to call them an additional two times and most of the members were feeling harrassed by then. I would have to say that the most enjoyable part of this was speaking with the elderly which requires patience and speaking clearly but that is not a challenge for me. Cons: Feeling like I was harrassing members by calling to often"

Patient Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The days were really busy, high volume, fast paced at times, Cons: immature, untrained managers with nasty attitudes"