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Nuohui Health, Also Known As New Horizon Health, is an innovative bio-tech company focusing on early screening and genetic testing services for high-incidence cancer homes. Beijing, China.

A former pharmacy technician shared this in a review "New Horizon Health has a very corrupt environment. Not compassionate to employees or life situation. I was injured by no fault of my own and shown no compassion for the situation which I had all doctor documentation for. My Acl in my knee torn and fired for my injury."


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Former Employee - Customer Support says

"I worked at New Horizon Family Health Services full-time Cons: Upper management only look out for themselves. No advancement opportunities unless you are a part of the clique. Pay and benefits are horrible considering all of the demands of the job."


"I worked at New Horizon Family Health Services Cons: This is the worst ran organization I have ever seen and been a part of. The organization looks great from the outside but has MAJOR issues within the inside and the issues start with leadership!!! To whomever reads this not apply for work within this organization unless you’re absolutely and I mean absolutely desperate for employment! Make New Horizon your last resort!!! This organization does not value their employees’, there are too many conniving and two-faced individuals in leadership. They will try to discredit you as an employee/person and even lie on you so that they will have an excuse to get rid of you or force you to resign. There’s a huge lack in leadership throughout the organization, lack of team-work, and communication is the worst that I have ever seen!!! The employees’ are afraid to voice their opinions/speak up for what is right due to the fear of losing their jobs because of the dishonesty and distrust of those in administration/leadership. Everyone is so busy working against each other instead of working together-and it’s very sad because the patients should be the top priority. My director was very disorganized, constantly procrastinated important work , and was very forgetful or just acted like she was dumb most of the time but the first impression of her-well let’s just say it will leave you thinking??? When you can come to work looking as if you just rolled out of bed (the walking dead) have some serious issues. The worst thing about the situation is that her superior thinks she does just an outstanding job in her department and runs it well, but fails to realize how lazy she is and how her actual staff does all the work but gets no credit for it! But, it must be nice to sit at a desk all day sending emails and putting your work off on your staff instead of working as a team. She should be working for a company of 20-50 employees because New Horizon left her behind years ago! Finally my advice to anyone is to always always do your research before applying to a particular organization, because when an organization is constantly hiring and has a very high turnover rate especially when it comes to medical providers........“Trust Me” there are some major issues they don’t want you to know about and will do or say anything to paint a pretty picture (Be Very Cautious!)."

FNP says

"I have been working at New Horizon Family Health Services Cons: They have decided that despite the law changes, Medical Assistants can do little to nothing for mid level providers except get the patient., vital signs. Very frustrating. Pay is also 5000-10000/yr less than others In area for nearly any position."

Nurse says

"I worked at New Horizon Family Health Services for more than a year Cons: Unrealistic expectations from the staff, many days with 30+ patients"

Former Employee - Custodian says

"I worked at New Horizon Family Health Services full-time Cons: The pay was low with barely any increase"

Current Employee - Prefer Not to Say says

"I have been working at New Horizon Family Health Services full-time Cons: They want alot done with out having the appropriate staff or time."

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