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KLNV (106.5 FM, "Que Buena 106.5") is a Regional Mexican radio station broadcasting to the San Diego metropolitan area. It is owned by Univision Communications, and is a part of the Uforia Audio Network. Studios are located on West Broadway in San Diego, with its antenna located near 60th Street and Tooley Street in San Diego's Emerald Hills neighborhood, and is co-located with KWFN and KOGO.


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Accountant III (Former Employee) says

"I worked for the State of NV for 8 years and I am ashamed to have been associated with them in any way. This corrupt dis-organization is riddled with incompetence, moral bankruptcy, corruption and even more so with Sissylack "governing". Any self-respecting person with morals would not fare well (nor be happy) working here. Think twice if you are a person of integrity. Cons: So Incompetent and Corrupt - the whole system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up"

IT Professional IV (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately they allow highly under qualified people to be in management and also the employees abuse is undeniable yet nothing is done. On top of that they pay low and they can freeze raises and force unpaid furlough. This occurred 3 to 4 years at one point."

Developmental Support Tech (Former Employee) says

"You will be accused of any and everything there it's not good to work there it's not safe the directors cover up abuse of residence who are autistic and have developmental disabilities when you report things to upper management again supervisors you will be terminated."

Psychiatric Nurse 2 (Former Employee) says

"Watch your back. People will blame things on other people to save their jobs. Management was nonexistent most of the time and micro managed when there. Cons: No breaks, lunches, etc. Poor pay for risk"

Family Services Specialist II (Former Employee) says

"I would rather work in a pit full of vipers than spend one more day in this environment. If you are an underachiever who doesn't mind working with the threat of termination for 365 days this is the job for you. If you have any ability to do anything whatsoever, work anywhere else!"

Store Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Glad it's behind me.Nothing to wish onto anybody. Make use of what was there and moved on. As long as you keep your nose clean, stay polite, do a great job at your task, then everything turned out ok."

Temporary Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"n/a voluntary p• Research client status to ensure active participation in the Education and Training Cons: no pay"

Family Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I loved having the holidays and weekends off but the supervisors and leads were the most unprofessional ever. I use to go home crying a lot and hated the job the whole time I was there. Cons: Caddy, Rude, Went home crying everyday for a year"

Supervising Cook 3 (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working with inmates that were fortunate to have a job even though they have been incarcerated for 5 + years doing life sentences. I always came in with a big smile to make sure there was always a positive figure to look forward to. The knowledge I gained cooking and prepping for 1200 people was very interesting to learn and impressive. It took long hours 4 to 5 hours to prepare one meal for the institution. Cons: Not a very safe place and the team players and drive was not there."

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (Former Employee) says

"The worst government job I have ever had. I enjoyed the clients The management is petty and picks on people. Many who work there wish to quit or are just waiting for retirement."

Supply Technician II, Warehouse Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work, people you cannot trust. Every decision seems to take an act of Congress to get approved. Co-workers were all out for themselves and you could not trust them to do anything you asked of them. Cons: terrible work atmosphere."

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Serving the community and informing clients of the resources the State of Nevada has for low income families Compiling files, registering cases in a fast pased office setting."

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Coming to work everyday was miserable, there was never anything within the future to look forward too. It was tiring and draining working with clients who didn't care about themselves, life or you. On top of the work not being great the State did not compensate for that and only took away from us by never allowing for a pay increase even after being there for years, furloughing you, and offering expensive insurance."

Staff (Current Employee) says

"The hours, sick and vacation leave are great. However, that's all that's great. The training is non-existent, the caseloads are completely unreasonable, and the favoritism the supervisors show their friends is blatant and disrespectful. Management contradicts itself daily and if you ask any questions you're reminded you're on probation and can be let go at any time. Don't waste your time applying or working here. Go somewhere else."

Financial Institutions Examiner (Former Employee) says

"Management is secretive in nature. Especially to the call center environment, career advancement is very unlikely."

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor III (Former Employee) says

"Working for the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation was the worst experience of my life. It is my firm belief that there are some seriously sick power addicts in administration, who want nothing more than to feed their addictions through bullying employees. There is no other explanation for what they did to me. I was a good and loyal employee for 4 years, and then started having "problems" imposed upon me. Instead of assisting me to overcome any shortcomings that may have been legitimate, I was constantly harassed and micromanaged; there was nothing I could do right. While working to right an issue in one area, something else would not be getting my attention and so, of course, next thing I was being written up for not being on top of that. The constant criticism and progressive discipline paperwork made me a nervous wreck, and made it more and more difficult to be productive and efficient. Cons: working with management"

Auditor II (Current Employee) says

"No training, completely disorganized, favoritism in promotions, Office politics, unhelpful coworkers. No leadership, no mangement, human resources is a joke. Not allowing remote work during the pandemic. Cons: Complete incompetence"

Counselor (Current Employee) says

"I have spent over a decade working for DCFS. Sadly, things are really bad right now. There was massive turnover in upper management and their replacements are too full of themselves to realize they are running DCFS into the ground. Moral is the lowest it has ever been as qualified people are leaving as quickly as possible."

Administrative Assistant 4 (Former Employee) says

"I quit a good job thinking I’d have a better one at the State but after they let me go I learned that my position was previously filled by temp workers and thereforeI felt as though my position was temporary and there was no intention of keeping me"

Enterprise Software Management and Monitoring (Former Employee) says

"My department at the State of Nevada provided an awful work environment. Policies were highly restrictive and little work was able to be completed. Too much red tape."