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Neustar, Inc. is an American technology company that provides real-time information and analytics for the Internet, risk, digital performance, and defense, telecommunications, entertainment, and marketing industries, and also provides clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and Internet industries. Neustar is the domain name registry for .biz, .us (on behalf of United States Department of Commerce), .co, .nyc top-level domains (on behalf of the city of New York), and .in (on behalf of the National Internet Exchange of India). Until the end of 2018, the company was also a North American Numbering Plan Administrator under the behalf of the Federal Communications Commission, a role continued by its founder, Lockheed Martin. Their first contract was granted in 1997 and was renewed under its spun-off in 1999, 2004, and 2012. Since 2019, in this role, it was replaced by Somos, Inc.

A former Web Performance Management Product Specialist from San Francisco, CA describes working for Neustar, Inc. as Not very promising in a review published by INDEED: "Lack of motivation from sales reps, the manager does not show up 3 days a week. Clear favorites. Would not recommend it. GO somewhere else"


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Current Employee - Unknown says

"No work/life balance. There is a high level pressure."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People are treated pretty badly. Your entry/exit swipes are monitored to make sure you’re spending 8 hours in the office. Seriously. Little to no hike/bonus even after working numerous nights and weekends. Benefits are subpar. They humiliate employees to quit and make the remaining employees do additional work there by eliminating as many jobs as they can. Working 50-60 hours/week is common. Only 2 wfh days are allowed in a month. Lot of positive reviews on here are not true. As you can see most of them are in the past few months and this could be due to the executive council decision to change the image which should’ve been done by improving the work place and not by fabricating lies."


"No work life balance; Upper management just make promises to client without using their head; timeline does not make sense for people on the ground doing all the work; CEO so far didn't make any impact or changes except for cutting benefits Broken promises to both client and employees"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- constant turnover at every level - management is made up of inbred blue bloods - cronyism w/ limited opportunities for outsiders including women"

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"All employees are disposable. They'll hire and fire within one month of employment. Very negative environment. Lots of backstabbing. Very scattered management team lacking a clear strategy. Combustible environment to work."

Web Performance Management Product Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Lack of motivation from sales reps, manager does not show up 3 days a week. Clear favorites. Would not recommend. GO somewhere else."

Cybersecurity Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Neustar is trying find it's way with lots of changes and no clear direction by management or in the industry. It has old technology that is slow to change."

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"There is absolutely not continuity or standardization throughout the company. Full of old bad habits and over-glorifying management.Company sponsored eventsCulture"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"company is in transition and will take time to turn ship around. Benefits are average and need to work on increasing the days work from home policy and work life balance."

Director of Sales Operations (Former Employee) says

"The company is pretty much controlled by the finance organization--common sense be damned. I had 5 bosses in 3 years. They were in quite a state of flux when I was there.they try to have annual summertime fun eventspretty nice cafe on site"

Product Management (Current Employee) says

"I was hired to manage products with engineering team in East Coast but the company lacks open culture with decisions in hands of few people. As a product manager in West coast, you are blind to most of these activities that happen in East coast.One good thing is I learned a lot about SaaS offerings and how to manage these products."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Over the 1.5 years that I worked there, there were 4 major re-orgs. Company leadership makes too many decisions without thorough planning or giving enough time to see if their changes resulted in positive change. They have also struggled with integrating the companies they acquired. They are very reactionary and hit the "panic button" too often.good compensationhigh turnover resulting from constant re-orgs"

Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"I truly enjoyed the teamwork, life-work balance, and the young spirit of Neustar. For a company with so much energy, it is a shame not to be transparent. There seems to be a huge disconnect within the HR system and between the employees and to the management. A division between the sales teams and rest of the company isn't making it easy either. Also the recent mergers have left them all paralyzed. Cuts come randomly laying off the most hardworking loyal team members without the knowledge of their supervisors.Wonderful staffLack of transparency"

Director of Product Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Please do not join this company - the management and strategy are completely missing. Good work/life balance and decent benefits. However, the company is pivoting and has not found its stride."

Senior Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"They don't know what they are doing. Poor leadership. Inept CEO. No strategy. Product line is nothing special. The one product that makes profit, they lose."

Director (Current Employee) says

"Changes since PE buyout have included reduced 401k contributions, change to work from home rules, decreased vacation time accrual and significantly decreased bonus and merit increases. Do not recommend."

Senior West Coast Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Days seemed a bit mundane and anything outside of the box that I wanted to get done or do, I took on myself. I took many initiatives to plan team outings as there was NO formal person to do this for us. That was frustrating because this led to a lack of culture. You need a strong and positive culture to have motivated empkoyees and this definitely lacks BIG TIME at Neustar. The only reason we ever did anything fun was because my team rocked and we made sure we went and had fun."

HR & Recruiting Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Lots of changes that management was not honest about. No shortage of work. If fast-paced isn't for you, then Neustar won't be a good fit. Higher manager doesn't have clear direction."

Senior Corporate Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great company to work for. Not very stable at the moment alot of turnover and change each year. Office culture is not very lively"

employee (Current Employee) says

"NSR wants to be great, but cannot quite get there. Great comp and benefits. Executive management is invisible while trying to figure out how to save a single contract that makes up 50% of revenue. Exec mgt says we are OK without it, but does not act that way.comp and benniesunpridictable revenue stream"

Platform Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Exciting place to work with great opportunities. Free food, good coworkers, relaxed hours. Challenging opportunities are abound. Can rise within the workforce."

Technical Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"The data Neustar collects is invaluable. In the wrong hands, it has a price tag for marketing purposes. In the wrong hands, it has the power to do things that are unsavory."