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Netspace was one of Australia's major Internet service providers. Netspace started in 1992 by Stuart Marburg and Richard Preen, the business initially offering dial-up internet access, as was the standard at the time. The company was headquartered in Camberwell, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on, "Poor stability, Netspace service crashes every 30 minutes, maybe every hour if you're lucky. Slow speeds, only slightly above the minimum speed of 150 KB/s, so I can't complain about it to support. Not like it matters, their support is so poor, and takes far too long to respond. They charge far too much for the kind of internet services they provide, looking to switch as soon as possible. It got me away from the computer as the internet kept crashing. Expensive for what they provide, extremely unstable, slow."


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