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SEO Strategist says

"Netmark is a terrible company to work for. They are very good at convincing employees that they have a future working for them, however turnover rate is insane. They pay to have their company listed on 'Top SEO' rankings and clients are quick to realize the truth and leave as soon as they realize the premium prices go to outsourced or cheap labor. They do their best to get bad reviews taken down and actively push their employees to leave good reviews to counter them. The owners are really convincing and come off as nice caring people, but they hoard all the cash and either keep it for themselves or spend it on other projects leaving the employees to fight over whats left. The organization is anything but organized. The environment is very toxic. If you're not friends with management from college you won't be looked at twice for anything but minimum wage. Each month they hold a Netcon wherein they try to push their arrogant propaganda and do their best to convince everyone things 'are not as bad as it feels', but you end up listening to them quote themselves and talk about how cool they once were instead. They will do anything to keep from paying you what you signed up for. Your entire job as an SEO specialist will basically be trying to convince clients not to leave and doing your best to avoid disclosing the actual rates Netmark charges."

Former Employee - Employee says

"Unfortunately, there are more cons than pros. If you don't know anything about SEO, PPC, Web Development, etc there is no official training, you're given an eBook (at least for SEO) and told to learn what you can. Granted there was a “training” every other week, but 75% of the time it was not applicable to everyone. The free hour for personal lunch was wasted with their work "sponsored" lunch, and not much more than that. There are no benefits such as health insurance, 401K, etc. The pay was far under par compared to other SEO jobs. There have been frequent layoffs in the past few months. The pay was very unstable, and has switched up countless times, from hourly, to salary, to still hourly but paid as a salary. All the employees are extremely friendly with the exception of one, which is frequently cranky and belittling. The sad thing is the positive comments you'll see are from interns, or forced upon current employees, to improve all the negative image from the last few months."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If I had written this review 3 years ago it would be glowing! However, this company took a hard wrong turn several years ago. We used to be a family the management actually cared about us and wanted to further their employees. At some point the greed took over, they cut the heart out of the company in dwindled quickly. I worked for Netmark for over 3 years one of the founding crew you could say, they invested in me, I LOVED MY JOB! towards the end of my employment times were very unstable lies were abundant and the slimy management cared only about your perception of their intentions while bad mouthing and scheming behind your back! I have never felt so betrayed and disposable in my life! They had every excuse in the book to keep your wage low enough you could work full time and still get government assistance, while promising raises and bonuses that they never intended on following through with, dangling the carrot if you will. They would lay off 4-6 employees then promise they had the right crew no more layoffs and a month or so later cut 5-6 more employees, this continued for about 7 months before I was pushed out like garbage. I quickly found a new job, quit and never looked back life is far better without Netmark in it. I would never recommend this company to anyone I love or even slightly liked unless they cut out the greed and got back to the original owners they could bring back the life!"

Former Employee - Internet Marketing Specialist says

"The company makes huge promises but doesn't deliver. They owners/managers think that motivation for employees is important, but they make it pretty much impossible to obtain bonuses through morale building challenges. One example would be a bonus for anyone who doesn't receive and email from a client who wants to cancel. However, they tell you this on the 13th of the month and say that the first 12 days of the month count, because they know that more than 60% of the employees have already received emails to cancel. They overwork their employees and under compensate them. I had a former team leader who would work close 60+ hours a week, but never got paid more than his agreed upon hourly wage for normal work hours of the week. I also was overworked. There was one point that I was literally working with more than 60 clients at the same time. I would have phone calls from clients and I couldn't remember who they were or want company was calling me. The rule from upper management was pretty much like a casino, "The house always wins." The owners planned the entire company around this rule. It felt that way the entire year that I was working for Netmark. The final con would be the fact that the owners openly lie to employees. During one company meeting the owner stood in front of the entire work force and said, "We don't make as much money as you think we do." He then went on to explain this topic for a good 10 minutes. The very next week that same owner took his entire family on a 2 week cruise or something like that. I got an automated email back saying something about his vacation, because I had to email a rather large client that the owner was keeping tabs on. He also kept his RV in a garage at work for months. It doesn't matter if makes a lot of money or not. He started the company, took the risks, and deserves to make good money. The fact that he thought the employees were stupid enough to believe him is what really frustrated me and helped me lose my respect for him as a leader."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is where things get difficult. Although I enjoyed my time there, is not in a good place. They bring on a lot of "free" interns to do things and their paid employees suffer because of that. Layoffs are more frequent then should normally occur in a work place and you have zero job security. I worked for them once before and fell victim to layoffs and then returned again about a year later in a different role where I felt I was going to be safe from layoffs but after just a very short time I was laid off again. When I returned the second time there was a good sized fulfillment team and workload was spread evenly. A larger paying client cancelled and the fulfillment team was cut down by nearly 50%. Then another larger paying client cancelled and additional layoffs occurred to which I fell victim again. In the end there is no stability or job security, and no benefits either. Even though you are surrounded by a lot of great and talented people, I would suggest not applying there unless you like the idea of losing your job at anytime. Living on the edge kind of job."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"Low pay, fractured development plans, no benefits"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"While working there they switched my position several times- not a lot of stability. They do not offer benefits and the management seemed dishonest or that they would try to trick you into lower pay. I did not feel like they were upfront with me and they ended up just downsizing by over 50%. Although I gained wonderful experience, I did not like the atmosphere. Happy to be gone."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No benefit structure that includes healthcare or paid time off until you have worked there for significant amount of time."

Web Developer says

"They have an interesting philosophy that seems to focus on money more than people, when I think it should be the other way around. They treat their interns lack lackeys and coffee fetchers. They, honestly have built their company on the free labor that these interns provide. Their pay is poor."

Former Employee - SEO Tech says

"High turn over, low customer retention"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"No job security. Can be laid off at any time due to company's lack of payroll. Management is out of touch and over paid. No company benefits for healthcare.NoneToo many to list"