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Netgear, Inc. is a multinational computer networking company based in San Jose, California, with offices in about 25 other countries. It produces networking hardware for consumers, businesses, and service providers. The company operates in three business segments: retail, commercial, and as a service provider.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Looked more like gym rather than a company"


"Bad culture and lack of facilities and learning"

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Netgear Culture says no to Sports, Team Outing and Fun at work. People sitting in China makes policies for Bangalore India with no input from Indian Local agencies. Repetetive work and no appreciation of the limitless time you give in to your work. HR and Admin team in Bangalore are of no use either and huge attrition at Netgear Bangalore means the work culture is going from bad to worse. Netgear Management in US as well don't care for Netgear Bangalore. They keep promising the changes that they will bring in but nothing ever happens here or even if it happens, it is so late that it is nearly ineffective since people have already left the Compnay by then."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Management's indifference towards India Engineering center, Pathetic Infrastructure, Equally pathetic HR/Admin team in Bangalore, Lack of recognition for efforts put in, No promising work, No innovation, Lame excuses from the Management for many things, No future for WLAN here, Big time cultural difference"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"1. Always looks for profit makings 2. Biased policy making for Indian operations 3. Underpaid compared to market standards 4. Horrible infra structure 5. No professional management from top to bottom"

Former Employee - Vice President Sales says

"No management power; run 100% by CEO"

Former Employee - Social Media Specialist says

"Communication with management and higher ups is virtually non-existent. Once went 6 weeks without seeing or speaking to my manager because they never came into the office or had the professionalism to send an email or Skype message to "check in". Really? The CEO attitude at the most recent hands on is "You're either with us or against us." Then he tried to use some football team analogy (related to the 49ers return to success?) and that NETGEAR needs to turn things around in 2020. Getting customers to pay for services and customer service is not a successful business model. I tried to explain this in meetings and to my manager how much customers hated NETGEAR and were going to competitor's such as Ubiquiti, Google and Asus. Also, people above you do not want to collaborate or even talk to you. View subordinates as peons who they would gladly wipe off the bottom of their shoe. DO NOT WORK HERE! People are cliquish and if you aren't buddies with management you will not get a raise or be offered a permanent position.... EVER! Also, for a Silicon Valley company they underpay and management claims they have no budget to pay more. The company stock has plummeted from $35 in 2019 to around $17. Not good! Also, way too many meetings that are a waste of time."

Current Employee - PLM Engineer says

"Lack of good leadership for Wifi Product Line. Bad software management. Failed plan to go for inhouse software with real bad manager who has no clue on software delivery. Bad Investments leading to loss of market value and cash . No Bonuses for last few terms. Risk of Running out of cash. Risk of loosing market cap further. Possible mid level management layoffs."

Former Employee - Tier II SMB Tech Support says

"Almost no benefits or perks, the break room is so small it may as well not exist with only a single seat for 30+ people. Upper management listens to problems but never acts on them, so problems never get solved. You will not feel like a valued employee, and most people are counting the days untill they find a better job so they can leave. Sales staff next door look down on support staff, leading to a bad atmosphere."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"toxic management environment. Micro management style. No work life balance"

Vice President, Sales (Current Employee) says

"The climate at NETGEAR is 100% driven by the CEO. This creates a daily challenge for visibility and career security in the sales organization. Longer term is the expectation of the CEO's retirement with no succession plan.Financialsecurity, hours, resources"

Channel Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is a retail focused (consumer/home skus) company trying to gain leverage in the enterprise space with commercial offerings. There is no real partner enablement program. The promotions are retail focused and are not consistent - they are often pulled by mid-quarter without warning or sometimes there is a promotion offered in the last 3-weeks of a quarter leaving little time for a partner to take advantage.comes with a opportunity for advancement, pay scale is much lower than competition"

Software Test Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Cool products and some good people to work with but no work/life balance. Understaffed, Upper Management stuck in their own ways and no room for growth.Cool productsNo room for growth"

US Logistics & Distribution Manager (Former Employee) says

"Difficult management, change management was not implemented in my opinion correctly. Did have an opportunity to Travel see how the product was made in China"

Technical Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Working with Netgear was a good experience, specially for freshers. Trained & motivated staff, always ready to work hard. Good incentives. Regular team building activities."

Channel manager (Current Employee) says

"No direction, no idea of how to proceed profitably in the future. Develop and leverage a high profile presence within pre-defined targeted channel accounts based at Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia Investigate, generate, cultivate and manage high-value sales opportunities Establish strong, long-term strategic relationships with key partners Emphasising structure, process, and accountability, capitalise on market opportunities and attain better leverage with current channel partners. Meet with existing channel partners to ensure fit and alignment with these new strategies. Identify the optimum partners to target and penetrate; engage with them, get their interest, work the process, and bring about successful closure. Jointly develop go-to-market plans with each newly signed partner with the team.nonea lot"

Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed my time there for what it was. No growth from what I was able to see while there. Great flexibility with hours and work schedule. Great for entry level wireless technology."

contractor (Current Employee) says

"worked from home opening new router boxes and configuring to Netgear specifications for Optus and Telstra. I could eat lunch at home. I could have the t,v or music playing in the background. It was ideal but only short termwork from home"

Director of QA (Current Employee) says

"I had a great experience at Netgear. It is fast paced, and full of opportunity for those that want to knock it out of the park. It is headquartered in San Jose, CA, and definitely has the silicon value feel to the way they work. There is a lot of learning potential. The CEO definitely runs the place. Produce and you will do well; slack off and you won't last. The company pays well which matches the work level.Opportunity, payWork-life balance, stability"

Andrew Condron says

"I will never purchase a Netgear product again. I spent 600 on flag ship router which is utter garbage. No support from the Tech guys who like to drop the call on you and don't call you back. Buyer beware!"

customer says

"I purchased a Netgear R6000 two years ago. The device failed 10 days after the warranty expired due to a component failure (talk about design to fail accuracy). Despite this, Netgear fail to understand that there is a requirement to replace or repair products suffering a hardware fault for up to 7 years (6 years in Scotland). I called product support, they agreed and promised to call back with details of the replacement. This didn't happen. My notes haven't been updated and I'm now in have call centres in India constantly hanging up on my call. I will now be escalating to trading standards and Amazon."

Stephen dalton says

"I agree with all the negative reviews. customer support is terrible, I have spent 3 hours in total on the phone for a warranty replacement and still no joy. "AVOID NETGEAR products""

terry mckenzie says

"If you are having trouble with you modem/ router after the technical support warranty runs out, expect to pay additional money to get it resolved even though the hardware warranty is for 1 year. I should have known something was wrong when I had to contact technical support just to inquire about my 1 year warranty. Once you contact technical support, the first gentleman ask you about how many lights are on the modem and from there, he can determine if it’s a hardware problem. All the lights were working so he ruled out a problem with the hardware. After this it all down hill because to speak to a technician, you have to purchase a support package. If you don’t purchase a support package, your support ends right here. Okay I purchase a support package for one year costing me $125.00. He then transferred me to technical support. All this guy did was walk me through resetting and re-configuring on Netgear website now my modem is working properly. What a scam! So you tell me, the first gentleman could not have told me to try this first before charging me $125.00 . To add injury to insult, they actually tried to pretend this is a normal way of doing business. Give me a break!"

Grasham Gwengwere says

"Avoid netgear firewire extenders at all costs. Most of them don't work and they don't have a customer service number. Basically you will be stuck. Bewarned."

Scott says

"NETGEAR's TrustPilot page is Unclaimed. Not surprising if you've needed support for a NETGEAR product. It's amazing and frustrating how little they care about their customers once they already have your money! Their warranty is, in my opinion, a total scam, and possibly unlawful depending on where you live. I purchased (and registered) my NETGEAR RAX35 router on 2020-01-19, so I’ve been using it for less than 6 months, and their 1 year warranty for my router is supposedly good until 2021-01-18. But their warranty scam is to limit "support" to just 90 days and then refuse to help unless you pay for a "NETGEAR GearHead Technical Support” plan, which costs from "$49.99 Per Incident” all the way up to $229.00 for their 2 year plan (over 2x what I paid for their stupid router)! What about their so-called 1 year warranty? They get around that by claiming that it’s only for “hardware” issues and that there’s no way it’s a “hardware" issue because the router worked OK when it was brand new. Their representative of course couldn’t explain why their customers would have to pay extra for support when NETGEAR routers often stop working due to NETGEAR’s own firmware updates. He also couldn’t explain why my older NETGEAR router that I still happened to have, worked when I switched back to it after being unable to get my newer NETGEAR router to work again. I finally got so frustrated that I had to abruptly end the call and post my comments here on TrustPilot. Further proof that NETGEAR could care less about its customers? If they refuse to respond to my (or other) TrustPilot comments, even after I email my comments to NETGEAR's U.S. Media Contact (Nathan Papadopulos, 408-890-3889, NPapadopulos-at-netgear-dot-com), to NETGEAR U.S. Sales Inquiries (408-907-8000, sales-at-netgear-dot-com), and to NETGEAR Investor Relations (Erik Bylin investors-at-netgear-dot-com). Based on my experience and what I’ve read about NETGEAR, it also won’t surprise me if they put more effort into trying to get my comments blocked from TrustPilot, then they will put into providing good customer support."

David Brown says

"I have a wifi extender EX3700 which inexplicably dropped connection with my internet. I struggled trying to reconnect so tried their web chat. was told I would be contacted by a technician within 25-30mins. After almost an hour and a half I recontacted them for an update to be told the technician was busy and someone else would ring. About another 20mins later I received a call from someone in the USa who took control of my computer to sort the problem. After a few minutes he told me there were 43 people logged into my internet (absolute rubbish) and it would cost me $150 to clear it off. I told him I ran Norton and my internet is password protected but he said people from china had software to overcome all that. When I refused to pay he cut me off. Unbelievable! Absolute garbage customer support in my opinionj"

Rick Quintana says

"I purchased a CM600 modem from Netgear a little over 2 years ago to be used with a new Comcast Xfinity ISP account (with no phone or TV - just the internet). My service has been quite poor and after this virus hit my service has been unusable much of the time. It seems to get better when I reboot the router and Comcast says the router has failed. I'm not sure - it seems relatively new. I tried to ask Netgear, through their site, but they only give support if the product was purchased in the last 90 days. I wanted to give Netgear a chance to tell me if their product may have failed but it looks like they have no interest if the product is over 90 days old. I think I'll try an Arris."

Andrew says

"Clone site?? Bought WiFi extender for home. Went to company help site as instructed by manual if not connecting. Initially it seemed the chat was normal. However then informed technician would phone to sort problem. Assuming this was ligitimate. I was informed that my computer had been hacked and asked to pay to fix! Contacted Netgear and after explaining situation I was just blocked! I do not know if it was clone site or genuine. Netgear were no help whatsoever. Be warned!"

Lee says

"As a lot of other people have said - the customer service is bad. I just wanted to update my wifi booster. Forgot my login details and answered both security questions correctly only for it to tell me that both answers are wrong, even though I made the answers myself. Got in touch with Netgear without any resoution"

Steven Taylor says

"Purchased a NightHawk router after contacting Netgear to check it would be the right item for my needs. It doesn't work as expected. Contacted support. Spent an hour trying to resolve only to be told it was faulty and needed to be returned. Returned it to Amazon and got a replacement with exactly the same issues. Called support again. Kept on hold for most of an hour while they contacted 2nd line support only to tell me this network extender wasn't compatible. I got a little irate and stressed that I'd already been told that it WAS compatible. Further time on hold and then I'm told it is compatible. Taken through steps to install it and it still doesn't work. Asked to speak to 2nd line support. Told they'd call within 8 hours. Two days later nothing. This company are THE WORST at supporting their products. I'll never buy Netgear again. Utterly abysmal"

W Reed says

"I was not upset at netgear originally, they shipped the product on time however, fedex lost it (tried to say they delivered it, thank the lord for cameras). That is where my issue with netgear turned south. They acted like I was perpetrator of some great coup to steal a device that has a serial number and can be deactivated remotely. I uphelp my end of the business arrangement where I pay for the item. They subbed out the delivery to fedex and got screwed HOWEVER, not in their eyes. I am the one that trusted them to uphold their end and I got the shaft. One solution netgear offered was that I purchase another one and when I recieved it, let them know and they would refund the first. I asked of they would ship fedex again and they would not answer... This company had an opportunity to do the right thing and stand by a customer but they choose not to. They are at 18.15 per share as I type and I tell you that I think they are overvalued.... Sell sell sell is all I can say"

James Sheppard says

"Bought a RAX80 in November 2019. All appeared to work fine. In February 2020 upgraded broadband from BT Infinity to Zzoomm. Zzoomm's supplied hub getting download speeds of 140mbps, while my expensive (4 month old) Netgear RAX80 is apparently only capable of getting 94mbps. After ages on the phone to Netgear they assure me that there is nothing wrong with my router and that it is my broadband provider that is the issue - despite my repeated assurance that there is nothing wrong with the connection (as the hub provided by Zzoomm is getting 140+ download speeds only minutes apart from the RAX80 only getting 95mbps. The amazingly helpful (not) call centre operative tells me that that they can do more diagnostics (including resetting my hub (which I have already done) but that they will charge me $100 if they fix the problem. The fact that the hub is only a few months old and that the problem is clearly with their hardware (not the ISP) appears irrelevant to them. They hang up on me when I point this out. Rude and hopeless customer service for what was a new and expensive product. DO NOT BUY NETGEAR. They will let you down."

Flabbergasted says

"Long story short, I purchased a Netgear N300 Wifi Range Extender here in the UK. Item stopped working a month after purchase. Called customer services - passed from pillar to post and on hold for varying degrees of time - longest was around 25 minutes in total. Netgear finally agreed to send me a replacement. Guess what - arrived, but with a European two-pin plug on it! Remember, I'm in the UK. Surely not hard for Netgear's logistics department to figure out? Called up again - another frustrating 20 minutes reading out case numbers, and serial numbers. Finally had to give them a credit card number (in case I forgot to return the second unsuitable item), and they sent me another replacement. You guessed it - this one also has a European connector on it! So without buying an adaptor, the item is useless. Rang the UK company who sent the item - told there was nothing they could do, as they were only following orders! Have now been waiting over a day for someone in Netgear's special team to get back to me - by email. All in all, very dissapointing. PS - as a footnote to this, it's now been 72 hours, and the special team never did call or email me back!"

Aaron Traynor says

"Netgear's support plan is quite frankly unacceptable. They offer a short support period for a few months, but any issue after that and you have to pay for a service agreement. I own a Nighthawk R8000 and a Nighthawk R7000, both of which have an unbelievable number of firmware issues. Each firmware upgrade from Netgear fixed one bug and creates 3 more. Both of these routers were over £100, so I do not expect features as important as Quality of Service to not work on a router designed for high traffic networks. I cannot believe that Netgear are allowed to get away with the level of service they provide - it's quite frankly disgusting. Avoid Netgear products at all costs. Your money is much better spent elsewhere."

Andy Lambert says

"I purchased a NETGEAR wi-fi extender. Promised 300 Mbps speed, no dead corners, for large homes, garages, basement, outside in the garden and on and on. I purchased it July 12, 2020. $48.00. couple of days later it came in and I followed the instructions how to set it up. Says to plug it into your computer using the supplied cable. There was no cable in the box and the brochure left out the part about plugging it into a laptop/computer. I don't own a laptop as I had just sold it to my sister. I use my Android phone for everything. It comes with free support for 90 days. Yet, when I got stuck I called support and he said before we go any further it's $99.99! What!! I hung up on him and it wasn't pretty. I ended up with a tech guy that knew what he was doing including how to set it up without a laptop. Great! I did everything he told me but I had to have the extender reckognize NETGEAR_EXT as a network. To get to the next phase you had to go to MYWIFI.NET. That was a website and the only way to get to it you needed the NETGEAR_EXT. network connection in your WIFI list. I never got it. I used another network to get past the website and it worked. Plug the extender into an electrical outlet close to the router. Did that and got an impressive nearly 100% signal strength and a respectable 250 Mbps speed. Then it said unplug it and plug it into an outlet halfway to the room you needed the wi-fi. I did that and my strength was still nearly 100% but the 250 Mbps dropped down to 1 to 2 Mbps! Useless. Way too weak. I wanted a refund. I called 11 times on their support number. No response except " well get back to you" robo voice. Several emails " email Support is closed and they issued me a case ticket with the proverbial " we'll get back to you" never happened. Horrible customer service. After a week of this I called my credit card company and filed a dispute due to no response and a weak extender. Now when I finally got a human he said ok I'll PDF you a FedEx self addressed, postage paid label with instructions on how to return it. A week later I get a call out of Utah. "Because you filed a dispute we can no longer assist you". The money was put back into my CC account. "Temporarily" until the matter is resolved. Netgear did not challenge or dispute my complaint and the timeframe to respond to my CC's letter expired. They never responded so the money was credited back to me permanently. I won! $48.14 is a good chunk of change. Thank You Capital One! The customer service/support was horrible! Totally ignored me, even before I filed my dispute. This was in the United States. California, Utah, Memphis Tennessee. All of them. No good to do business with and they are a fairly well credible company! No more for me and you think twice before buying anything from them. They don't have good reviews on this site for the most part mainly due to lack of communication. Guess what? 11/20/2020 received nice letter from my state's AG OFFICE AND NETGEAR. They responded to the AG's letter not mine. But all ends well. Contact your AG's office Consumer division. It works! As long as you have receipts. You're good to go. I'll never buy from Netgear Again but, it's their loss."

Christopher says

"Purchased a Netgear extender in 2014. It is still functioning OK but every 6 month I get an email telling me to update its software. So I spend about half a day via PC and Smartphone but have failed miserably for 6 year to Update the unit. Help is not forthcoming and the cost for help would allow me to buy a new unit. So purchased BT unit instead for other end of house."

Phantom Paws says

"It was great for a while but one day, I tried to log in to an internet required game, but the internet was off. I thought "Huh that funny. Lets see whats going on" The internet was off. Never in my life has that ever happened. The internet usually was great. No random shutoffs, or anything. Except that day. The internet was off for HOURS. We don't know why off shut off randomly, but we switched."