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Nektar Therapeutics "Nektar" is an American biopharmaceutical company. The company was founded in 1990 and is based in San Francisco, California. The company develops new drug candidates by applying its proprietary PEGylation and advanced polymer conjugate technologies to modify chemical structure of substances. It is a technology supplier to a number of pharmaceutical companies including Affymax, Amgen, Merck, Pfizer and UCB Pharma, etc. The company developed the world's first inhalable non-injectable insulin, Exubera, which was awarded as the bronze award by Wall Street Journal for its technological breakthrough. On 2018 a former employee wrote a review about how working at Nektar is not good for employees future, posted by Indeed:

Management is not up to industrial level. Few development opportunity for employees. Company's business is up and down too much, and the R&D direction changed a lot!


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Luis hernandez says

"Im still waiting ..."

doug says

"No idea about how to manage on line purchase or delivery. Can't differentiate between purchaser and recipient. Total fail."

Ngan vu says

"I have been ordering for 2 weeks but up to now I still have no news about my Speakers I found out that the warehouse in Fitzroy is in stock and will deliver it within 1-2 days, I've been getting emails saying this was from Sydney."

Adrian Tan says

"Bought the item on 03-Aug when they were showing stock. One week later they told me they have no stock, I have to wait until late Aug-2020 for stock. As no one is replying to my email, upon getting in touch with them by phone, they then told me I may have to wait until Oct-2020, more delay. I ended up having to ask them to cancel my order and provide full refund. I have sourced it elsewhere and I got the item the next day!!!"