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Navistar International Corporation is an American holding company created in 1986 as the successor to International Harvester. Navistar operates as the owner of International brand of trucks and diesel engines. The company also produces military vehicles through its Navistar Defense subsidiary along with bus production through IC Bus. Currently, Traton SE (formerly Volkswagen Truck and Bus) is the largest stakeholder of Navistar, owning 17% of the company.

A former employee of Navistar wrote this on indeed: At Navistar the managers are rude, unprofessional, and treat employees poorly. Parking is terrible. It takes 30 minutes or to leave the parking lot when a shift ends in the afternoon. Pay is substandard. Workmanship of buses is lacking quality and is poor. The place is very poorly organized and looks like a place of constant chaos. Tools, fixtures, and equipment are poorly maintained and are total junk.


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Former Employee - Finance Manager says

"STAY AWAY! Directors and above lack the skills of doing their jobs and the ones several levels underneath. Most directors / level 8 and those above only got to their roles because they were “FODs” = Friends of Dan who was the prior ousted CEO Dan Ustian. This nepotism exists across all functions from Engineering to finance to legal. This place is by far a meritocracy. Once Directors know you are smart and capable they will use you and cast you out of meetings so they can take the credit for your hard work. They will then keep you at your level 6 or 7 grade level until they don’t need you anymore. You will not get promoted despite their false promises."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Bureaucratic, slow to react, no long term vision. I'm a senior engineer and this place is the worst run company I've ever seen. We jump thru hoops everyday while ignoring the long term repercussions. Our business philosophy is kick the can down the road and worry about it later."

Former Employee - Vice President Sales says

"The downside of working at Navistar is that you are working for the most unscrupulous management team ever assembled...every word out of their mouths is total BS/Fake News!"

Current Employee - Field Service Engineer says

"Many departments still use DOS technology from the 90s. No career development programs and the company strongly favors external hires. Constantly forced to take on more responsibilities with less resources. Different parts of the organization aren't even in the same book, let alone on the same page. Performance based raises are non-existent. No recognition for going above and beyond."

Current Employee - Man Ops Supervisor says

"Does not care for you as an employee. Union makes work environment miserable. Will not train you. Will not support your position. Job is never secure"

Former Employee - Quality Manager says

"Senior Leadership is a good old boy network. Many inappropriate occurrences in my short time at IC Bus."

Former Employee - Product Development Engineer says

"Engineers get blamed for poor design choices made by managers under the mantra of "CEO of your own parts" Very little innovation, consistently making the same parts over and over again. Company cares about retaining ineffective managers more than skilled workforce, people leave in droves after bonuses every year. About 20% of the workers do 80% of the work."

Current Employee - Procurement says

"New senior leadership in 2019, reorganized and fired good people instead of addressing poor processes. Do not value their people or invest in future growth."

Former Employee - Program Manager says

"Outsourced HR department an email away. They bring “potential “ VW buyout as an incentive during the interview (beware)"

Former Employee - Manufacturing says

"Culture has reverted back to the 80's. Leadership is disrespectful and manages with fear."

General Technician (Current Employee) says

"Managers are rude, unprofessional, and treat employees poorly. Parking is terrible. It takes 30 minutes or to leave the parking lot when a shift ends in the afternoon. Pay is substandard. Workmanship of buses is lacking quality and is poor. The place is very poorly organized and looks like a place of constant chaos. Tools, fixtures, and equipment are poorly maintained and are total junk."

Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The supervisors were all rude, demanding, and talked down to every employee. I would not recommend working for them. They expect you to do projects that is out of your scope of education.No prosMentally un-healthy place to work."

General helper/ operator (Former Employee) says

"they wouldn't teach me anything, everything I learned I learned from watching other people working, its just a hard job, a very race oriented job. this isn't a career, its a I really need a paycheck type job."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"It would have been a great place to work but it's too much politics, too many trouble makers and poor management and it's enough to keep you from working there."

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"Management sets unrealistic, unobtainable goals. You get wrote up and suspended for not reaching unachievable goals that management sets. I used to love working here. When you work for a corporation, especially this one, you feel like you have to walk on egg shells.Sometimes you get a great safety lunch.Everything else. I used to love this job."

Payroll Processor (Former Employee) says

"They did not have standard. They pretty much moved you around however they wanted to and did not have a care. There is no work life balance at this job. No training either."

Manufacturing Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This place was a joke. Horrible upper management and very cut throat. Nobody worked together to try to be successful but always pointed fingers at each other. Very bad place to work."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Don't work there ! You will regret it ! Supervisor doesn't go over everything with you. Makes you think you got the position, week later find out you don't !NothingEverything"

Project Manager - Supply Chain Strategy (Former Employee) says

"Need to consider the long term and invest in the technology required to be a world-class manufacturer. The Management is dated and full of the "Old Boys Club"Great campusNo work life balance"

Engineering Tech Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Spent 26 years there, company became so unethical and treated employees unfairly through consistent lies and threats. I quit, thinking alot of this was normal in corporate work place and was completely enlightened to find Navistar's brain washing of employees was not the norm. Glad I left would never recommend working here.Great coworker, mainly the pre 2010 hiresConstant threats, lies, poor health insurance, no future"

Welder (Current Employee) says

"Stay away from this place. The work isn't worth the pay. Horrible management. They could care less about the workers. No overtime. They build until they are out of work and lay everyone off for a week. Wouldn't recommend anyone wasting their time at this place.Fridays offWork you to death, no chance to move up, horrible management, no appreciation for hard work or extra effort that was not expected"

Senior Technical Recruiter (Former Employee) says

"Treated with dignity and respect every day . Interesting work . freedom to make decisions . respect opinions and people . seasoned knowledgeable staff"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"Management is corrupt. Numbers driven. New hires only last about a month. Stressful place to work. Mandatory overtime to keep you away from your families.NoneManagers"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"No respect from management. Very low Moral. Warehouse manager and PDC manager are the worst bosses I have ever worked for. Save yourself and apply somewhere else. Id take much less pay for respect.NoneEverything"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"Worked at the same place for 4years at brand new plant building rail cars an loved until Navistar thought they should buy it. They took over an our insurance more than doubled and worked there for over a year and never got antother raise they wouldn't even tell us what top pay would be.i was an A Class welder makin the same as a forklift driver. Our plant manger was hired to be a electrical engineer Then promoted to plant manger. Overall management sucked Not shocked at all at the financial trouble they are inNothin at allShort breaks, no off days, benifits, management, equiment, Everything"

experimental metal fabricator (Former Employee) says

"I was offered a job and the company retracted it due to me having slight pain in my hands and wrist. He informed the company that I couldn't do my job. Mind you this is the same job I have been doing for the past 15 years. They wouldn't let me get a second opinion, or even review the so called doctors findings.everything"

Release Engineer (Former Employee) says

"no secure job especially when you are a temp employee.learn a new way to release house cafeteria provide health lunch.micromanaged in every process. too fair ti commute."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are not one of the managements favorite then they will make your job a living nightmare. They will find ways to disrespect you and will tell lies and will not let you do your job.NothingTerrible management, don't agree with having a workplace culture difference."

Safety/quality inspector (Former Employee) says

"At Navistar you are just a number no matter how long you work there how hard you work or how many hours a day if you work you will always just be a number and nothing more at Navistar I worked there for 18 years and they let me go like I was nothing because I got sleep apnea and had to miss some days for appointments But the 17 previous years I had less than a weeks worth of absence confined"

Maintenance Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Most hostile environment i have ever seen Plant mgr consistantly used foul and abusive language Extreme hostility toward minorities. very hostile Union .NoneHostility Bad dishonest managememt"