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Nautica is a semi-premium American apparel brand of Authentic Brands Group featuring primarily men's, women's, children's apparel and accessories, as well as home, watches, and fragrance. Nautica was founded in 1983 by clothing designer David Chu and a partner. It was purchased for cash and stock in 1984 by State-O-Maine, a New York-based apparel company. State-O-Maine changed its name to Nautica.

Lauren shares her disappointing experience on, "I bought my partner a bunch of Nautica shirts for his birthday. He loved them and I liked them too. The only issue was they had sold out of 3 of the shirts I ordered, but they still charged me the $30 for them. This happened in June. I've been trying to get assistance since, without success. The newest message to my recent response after 2 months of no communication, instructed me to contact my bank to get the reimbursement."


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Sales Lead Manager (Former Employee) says

"My experience with at nautica was terrible. The store manager was EXTREMELY unprofessional and did not do her job. Instead she threw her duties onto the associates and assistant manager. The rest of the team such as associates, assistant manager, and sales leads had a good relationship and good communication. The communication with the SM seemed to lack on her behalf with expecting us to do things that were never said to be done. She would sit out back for 6 hours “doing the schedule” and lining up her days off with her S/O Which was every Monday and Friday making it inconvenient for other people that had either appointments, or school to attend to or important family event to attend to. When reported to the DM MULTIPLE TIMES from MULTIPLE employees about her behavior it was brushed off like what we had to say had no purpose. She would call employees “idiots” all the time. When as a team (minus the SM cuz she would refuse to be apart of any project) we would go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of a project we never got words of encouragement or acknowledgement, just what we did was wrong and how we should’ve known what to do. It’s a good part time job for kids that need to earn a little extra money that are in school or have busy schedules, but I would not recommend if you want respect and to feel comfortable in your position, you will not get that here."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The managers thought they was better then everyone else and I would never ever work there it’s so disorganized and I would never work there again it just sucked"

Key Holder/Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"It was a great place to have your first “management” position but the expections were not realistic. Over the few months of me working there the communication with management got miserable. It ended up like high school with all this drama. It got frustrating. They also like to nit-pick EVERYTHING you do. I will never work for Nautica or a company like this again. Waste of my time.Good PayUnfair management"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working here was a nightmare. managers were very rude to employees only one manager was understanding to others. Place got way out of control on weekends"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"not fair. not many hours and they give you to worst hours that no one wants and they do not work with your availability at all. managers do not work together with their team."

Staff (Former Employee) says

"Not a good workplace, it's not fair to everyone. Everything is suckBad working area"

Sales Lead Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is unacceptable lack of communication, don't work with school schedules expect you to not go to school and have no choice, expect you to learn everything on your own, no actual training"

Sale Lead (Former Employee) says

"The management team at Nautica is unacceptable. The way they treat employees as well as customers is shameful. Customers are made to feel stupid if a question is asked, price for example. Management did not work with employees with scheduling conflicts, and were very non-understanding. When terrible weather conditions arose, employees were still expected to arrive to work, putting their safety in danger, and all that was said in these situations was "It's retail". Working for this company was one of the worst experiences I have ever had.Noneeverything."

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Nautica for a little over a year at the Sawgrass Mills Mall. Work consisted more of drama between the managers and sales associates than actual productive work. The workers are overworked with very little pay. Mangers have no idea how to run the store and are probably the most sketchy people I have ever met. Stay away!NoneDisorganized managers, Workers being taken advantage of, All drama between associates, no actual work being done"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Good company to work for. Great experiance working for the Executives I worked for."

Visual Manager (Former Employee) says

"does not pay enough for location, need more hours and better training,"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Nautica for a year and a half and hated every minute of it. The company does not listen to the employees in the store. The corporate employees get all the compensation and benefits and they do nothing for their retail employees. The pay is horrible for the amount of work they expect their management to do. The company is very unorganized and has horrible communication. They do not promote people based on qualifications or education, it is who you know. I have worked for other retailers and this was by far the worst store I have EVER worked for."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"A very routine and easy job to work. Same day to day operations. Everything was laid out for us to do by district manager. A non thinking type of job. Co-workers were students and I trained them as many had never worked anywhere before. This was my favorite part of the job was teaching them how to do everything . The job was boring and I wanted more.Clean store to work inNo family time had to work a lot of hours"

Management (Former Employee) says

"This company was by far the worst I had to work for. They are unorganized with every aspect such as shipment, marketing, floor sets and staff training. You can find a homeless person on the street and they would be qualified to work here.There is no succeeding in this company and they only care about the money in their pockets. This company hires workers out of being desperate and fails to properly train as well as loves to be in the latest drama.You never know what to do when theft happens because you’re allowed to let people just steal and walk out the door. The store manager is horrible and fake and When i visited this location she pretended to not notice me and thought she was better. She has Poor customer service skills only knows how to greet. Running the store was stressful as the store manager is lazy and likes to just fix a wall and call it a day while throwing tasks on everyone else. This manager cannot keep her staff because of the environment she creates.Do not work for this company if you want to feel like you’re just a body in the store. Do not work for this company if you want to be lowballed on compensation and forced to work understaffed because the company doesn’t have money or hours to give their staff NonePoor Staffing, Horrible Store Manager, Cheap Company"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Managers were rude to workers and customers. Everyone was kept on register or cleaning but the environment was consistently disorganized and not stocked.Terrible Managment"

impiegato (Former Employee) says

"ambiente molto familiare ti lasciano poco spazio di crescitanessunotutti"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Nautica is youth friendly as well as adult friendly with amazing music of different ethnicity. Part of my job as a sales associate was to constantly make a sale to our incoming customers.However the methods they would want us to use were kinda harsh on the customers. Basically harass them and pressure them into buying more. Many of the times i would get negative feed back from the customers many of them would get upset and and tell me they have not got the opportunity to look around yet with an attitude and in many occasions customers would leave due to them feeling uncomfortable, it was an uncomfortable situation for the both the customer and employee.Aside from all that i had the opportunity to work with amazing people and learned a lot, such as working the cash register and developing great social skills. I learned many different effective strategies that did not involve putting the customers under pressure or feeling uncomfortable. I simply let them take their time to look around wait until they began to look for a certain size once they could not find what they were looking for I approach them and asked them if they would like me to look for an available size in the stock room in a politely manner. Most of the time this method was affective. Most of the time when a coworker tells me they don't carry a size i will still take the time to look around for them just to make them feel reassured.I enjoyed meeting people from all around the world. At work i was always constantly on the move and friendly as well as outgoing. I am hyper and energetic and love meeting new faces.discounts at the food courts for working at onterio mills.coming across unfair people that would make unfair decisions."

Consumer Relations/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Unprofessional, in all areas, not a friendly environment.BenifitsNegative Culture"

Senior Designer (Former Employee) says

"Very cramped working quarters, people were scared to leave their desks because there was so much work to do. You are lucky if you get to take a lunch break, often time people work from 9AM 'til very late, such as 9PM,10PM,12AM. Creativity is not encouraged by management, work is dry and dictative.good christmas partydepressing work atmosphere"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The training at Nautica was terrible. I was hired as the store manager and was pretty much left on my own to learn the position all by myself, no training what so ever. Rarely heard my District Manager when I would reach out to him with questions.BenefitsTraining"

Bronx Action says

"worst customer service !!! Return policy is terrible i called Customer service for a Return label and was told I had to pay them for The return . I Never Experienced or Heard something like this . I Wish I can Give ⭕️ STARS !!! Teddy Holland ."

Terry Knight says

"Poor Service. Have a limited income because of Covid and no job since March. Bought my wife’s Christmas gifts with 2 day delivery that cost and extra $20 on the 16th. Got an email on the 18th and it read will be delivered on the 26th. We don’t have additional money for me to buy my wife a gift for Christmas! All they would do is credit me fir the $20."

Ricky Hess says

"Really surprised at this company they've been around a long time but I've learned they got sold out apparently the new company is horrible in customer service you have to prepay for your own returns their return policy is horrible I won't be making any more purchases with this company it's just the principle"

Christina Baker says

"WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I bought a watch on July 18, 2020 and returned it on July 28, 2020. It is tracked and received and signed for by "M.Matt" at their warehouse. After calling customer service and getting nowhere, I tried the live chat - guess what, they are having "technical issues". So I am now on my 5th email trying to get my refund from 3 months ago! I gave them all of my information and they referred me to Timex to get new parts! WHAT? DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!"

Michelle Britton says

"Worst customer service EVER! These people have NO INTENTION of assisting you and to even refer to the "customer service" team as "customer service" is, by definition, a contradiction. After having contacted them numerous times, (regarding the same issue only to get stupid, NOT helpful responses from them), I have determined that Nautica's "customer service" is outsourced, paid by the number of messages they respond to rather than by the number of customers they ACTUALLY provide ANY assistance to. Don't even bother contacting them. Trust me, it won't do any good."

Niels says

"Order not complete. False excuses about refunding, never received. Fraudulous company. Do not order online!"

david LaSalle says

"ordered a watch for father day on June 1st 10 days later still say order processing. Customers service keep giving the same excuse over and over. they're having a father day sale on there site but can even fill a order for father days i placed on June 1st. I told them i order for fathers day so i kinda wanted on or before fathers day there response was sorry i understand. Dont order from this place they sale things the dont have in house. So they tell the customer its not their fault its the supplier i thought i was ordering from not a their overseas supplier smh"

Diane says

"Technical difficulties as an excuse that never ends. Nautica was sold several years ago and the company that took it over must be subpar. All customer service is in another country. Easy to tell that they don't have a command of English in their writing. Will they ever receive my return and will I get my money back?"

Namik Duymayan says

"2 stars for you to be fair. I can't say anything about the quality of your products because I never received my order. And the customer support agents tried to get rid of my calls by giving me unrelated and short answers or simply hanging up to my face. I called 3 times, not just once and waited enough to hear back.
I was promised by the supervisor to be looked at this case finally, but never heard from her at all.
The customer satisfaction is the way to judge a company."

DR. DOOM says

"the management at Nautica are weirdos they don't except the designers choices they rather just go with a person that does not know the brand. They had a guy there by the name of Ron Hunter his ear was on on the streets, hung out with the younger crowds and wore the latest fashion. None of the execs listened. Im sure they are hurting. Go listen to someone that does not know fashion lol"