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National Dragster is a temporary digital bi-monthly magazine until they can can return to their printed format. NHRA National Dragster will use the pause in racing action to focus its content on the cars, parts, people, and technology that fuel the fastest motorsport on earth. Drag racing’s best articles will be distributed in a shareable format to NHRA Members, advertisers, racers, and fans through their computers, smartphones, and social media beginning with the April 10, 2020 issue. Each digital issue of National Dragster will offer a multimedia experience, with clickable links to videos, drivers, advertisers, and bonus content.

A former subscriber of National Dragster said about the printed format: "I think I'll actually like it more and read it more often if it comes out twice a month rather than once a week. I'm so busy I can't keep up with it when it arrives in the mailbox every week and the pro coverage is very predictable" Another subscriber talks about the new format: "Someone really needs to talk to the NHRA about the weight of their websites. The new ND site loads 2.1 megabytes of data in over 50 requests, just on the front page. loads 2.3 megs of data in a whopping 229 requests. This is just insane. Have these people ever tried to view these sites on anything other than a 30mb/sec cable line? Like on a phone or tablet? They are glacial"


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