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The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy is an international association which assists member boards and jurisdictions in administrating its pharmacist license transfer and pharmacist competence assessment programs for the purpose of ensuring public health. NABPLAW Online is a comprehensive database that provides easy access to state pharmacy laws and regulations in all US states and territories, Canadian provinces, and the Bahamas. Search the database for laws and regulations directly related to the field of pharmacy.

A self-described 'First-hand witness to corruption' unleashed this exposé of the parent organization:

"Departmental Corruption at and Human Resources lack of professionalism.

I witnessed first hand how HR judged, avoided, manipulated, and interjected when it was not their business to do so. This company overall has a positive and very crucial mission to protect the public health; however I witnessed first hand the lengths they will go to in order to uphold their reputation.

I chose to leave because I was outright uncomfortable. During orientation, NABP HR staff are taught to explain how "professional" of an environment our work space is. However, my supervisor routinely made obscene comments: for example, discussing who she had sexual intercourse with, the illicit drugs she took while doing so, the pregnancy in result of her actions /inability to identify the father, prescription use, and eventually when finding out a prescription I am taking, I quote "If I did not work for the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, I would say to sell your meds, there is a hot market out there."

When I reported my experience with my supervisor and expressed how uncomfortable I was reporting to a manager that discussed these personal topics, I was told that I had broken trust. My supervisor was notified which only led to the creation of a more hostile working environment, which is why I accepted a new position.

NABP has a lot of bright, intelligent, and wonderful staff as a whole. Knowing the circumstances and situations that took place behind closed doors is hypocritical and against NABPs mission I feel proud to be a part of an organization focused on protecting the public health, but am weary of the integrity of certain individuals who are supposed to represent the company in situations such as the one I experienced."


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