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The NBA Store is a chain of officially licensed retailers which sell merchandise for the National Basketball Association (NBA). The most prominent of these stores are located in the United States on Fifth Avenue and 45th Street, Manhattan, New York. There are seven other locations outside the United States: one in Milan, Italy, two in Beijing, China, one in Taipei, Taiwan, and three in the Metro Manila; the newest store in Cebu City, Philippines.

Randy shares his disappointing experience on, "Long story short, I ordered a Kobe jersey from the NBA Store that was supposed to be at my house by 1/28/20. These bums claim they never sent it to the shipping company. So of course they resell it (probably for more money). On top of that, they keep my money and don't even notify me. It was an authentic Hardwood Classic Kobe rookie jersey. These bums ruined my whole week. Don't purchase from them. How do you "forget to send it to the shipping warehouse"? So much bull$#*!. Anything for more profit tho I guess."


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Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The NBA is not a great place to work, Management is disconnected from the workers and it shows, they are not trustworthy sitting in their ivory towers, cut off from the world. The pay is low."

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"other than the perks of traveling and going to games/events, the work culture is terrible. management is terrible and the ability to grow is terrible. wouldn't recommend working there"

Intern (Current Employee) says

"Probably the worst place I have ever worked. The management was very unorganized and my boss was inadequate. I was given project that were not properly executed and none of the events fell through."

Automotive Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"the daily work routines are basic and they didn't have enough work to employ me so ended up being a cleaner there. wouldn't advise going there for any purposenice employerslittle pay"

Upper Level Associate (Former Employee) says

"Obtained customer service experience as well as a bit of management experience."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend. Unprofessional work environment that does not foster personal or professional growth."

TOC Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"this place offers no work life balance. its either work or be replaced. long hours, no benefits and they don't offer long term employment but rather have you train your replacements"

Production Assistant/Video Editor (Former Employee) says

"The people you work with are awesome and talented, but extremely undervalued and their opinions usually ignored. There is no job security or advancement. Upper "leadership" likes to micromanage. Entry level starts at $20/hour and there are some perks, but after a year or two, you may want to try elsewhere. Definitely use the brand name as a stepping stone in your resume and career.perks, decent starting payno work/life balance, no growth, micromanagement, lack of leadership"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"some of the managers are cool but most of them are terrible. most of the cool managers left because of the new management and how terrible things were going there."

Senior Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Lots of cool events and get to work on very visible projects. Poor career advancement. Upper management very territorial. Takes a long while to get adjusted to the culture and the reporting structure..Occasional ticketsWork/life balance, treatment, career advancement"

Professional Basketball Prospect (Former Employee) says

"This is a challenging job with heavy competition. You must keep yourself in tip top shape mentally and physically to even be given an interview for a possible position.Play basketball for a livingLong Hours"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Poorly organized program; no investment in job training or securityFree tickets for basketball gamesPoor leadership, little job training, low salary"

Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"It's a very interesting place to work. However if you're not a director or senior director there is no such thing as advancement.Additional work is not rewarded, even after the companies yearly review process. Salary compensation bonuses are at cost of living adjustment rates, not truly based on performance.You are given a Bb and you're expected to answer emails/questions on weekends.great office, locationcompensation, workload, unrealistic timeframes"

Maintenance Technician/Transportation Driver (Former Employee) says

"Maintenance of all units, janitorial of all inside hallways and elevator. Drive residents to outings, shopping and other events. Maintain all vehicles with proper paperwork. Fuel and clean all vehicles.small businessloss of business"

Senior Executive Assistant (Consultant) says

"The best thing is the work/life balance. The onsite events are fantastic."

Stock Associate (Current Employee) says

"First started off as a good job for a young individual use to give plenty of hours when you first start but eventually they give you a min. Of 12 hours a week if that.Somewhat chill environmentHours, schedule, very little career development"

Back of house Leader (Current Employee) says

"-Every morning i would check my emails, write my line up for the day assign lunches to my assoicates. -Measure productivity - Enjoy the fast pace."

Senior Director, Accounting (Current Employee) says

"The company seems to very fun to work at but in reality it is not as fun as it seems. There is a lot of favoritism, and not a lot of opportunity to advance."

Production Assistant/Digital Media Operations (Current Employee) says

"The NBA was a tough culture in production because of lack of job security. The production hours are tough because it's live production so you work the hours of NBA games which go from 7pm at night to around 1:30 in the morning.Worked for the NBAlack of job security, rough hours"

Media (Current Employee) says

"Very little room for advancement. Crazy hours with low pay. Sub par communication. Worked with many passionate people, but many that were under qualified for where they were. The company culture led to a lot of people being unhappy with their prospects."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Worst place to work, management was extremely condescending. Also, they did not know how to be effective leaders."


"- Upper management is a disaster. There is rampant favoritism, unprofessional conduct, and zero communication. - Unneeded pressure for a retail environment. Minute details like dust are magnified. - Zero room for growth, responsibilities will be taken away based on who is the favorite at the time. - Communication to corporate management is discouraged, even if on face value we are encouraged to do so. The reality is that communicating to corporate is frowned upon. - Scheduling and payroll issues plague the store from management down to lower-level employees. Expect issues. - Generally not a positive environment. Positive work environment cannot be forced and they try."

Sales Associate says

"Upper management is extremely unprofessional and rude. Receiving attitude from one of the manager is not a surprise when working here, favoritism is so obvious. Management needs so much more improvement, this company would have so much potential but these people make it a horrible place to work in. Some of us were never trained, yet expected to magically know their expectations and standards. They have no communication amongst each other, you must tell multiple managers the same thing and it is irritating. There is also no room for growth, and there are always mistakes with the scheduling and payroll."


"No communication/leadership in that company. Managers don't know how to run the store"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"very average but good to work"

Former Employee - Lead says

"Very dysfunctional management, favoratism and job descriptions are not clear."


"Managers were not a good leader at all"

Current Employee - Associate says

"Managers are disrespectful It's not worth the pay Don't get many hours Stressful work environment No room for growth"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is very disorganized. Favoritism is very obvious and unprofessional. It is a company that is very difficult to move up in. No career potential. Managers are very lazy and need more training."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Management was too strict for a part-time retail job."

Esmeralda De La Mora says

"If I could give 0 stars, I would. I made an order back in November 2020. Paid more than $100 for a jacket, they said it was delayed and it was going to arrive by January 14th. I called today January 18th and they say is no longer available! What the hell! Waited 3 months for them to say they do not have it anymore? When I paid for it 3 months ago!!!! I will never ever buy from this NBA online store, again!. They are full of BS. Never again!"

Vanessa McLaughlin says

"I ordered a Raptors hooded sweatshirt on October 25th as a Christmas gift for my husband. When I received my order confirmation, it told me the estimated arrival date was November 25th. On November 24th my estimated arrival date was updated to December 22nd. I was annoyed, but understood that Covid-19 was causing shipping delays and I only needed it to arrive for Christmas. It did not arrive on December 22nd. On December 23rd, the arrival date was updated to January 8th. I spent over $100 on this sweatshirt. If I'd been told at the time that it would arrive after Christmas, I could have cancelled my order and given him something else. As it was, I did not have time to get him another Christmas gift. I feel they were being intentionally deceptive so that I would not cancel my order. I would NEVER ORDER FROM NBA FANATICS AGAIN."

Paul says

"My grandson changed his mind on an order of about $100 worth of apparel. By the time they deduct original shipping costs, then charge for return shipping costs I'm paying over 20% of the bill just to return an item. I've NEVER had such terrible return policy in all the online shopping I've ever done. I would NEVER purchase an item from the NBAstore again."

Jacob says

"I will simply never ever ever buy any NBA merchandise again. Bought a Klay Thompson jersey Nov 17th 2020 at 8:01PM EST. Less than 24 hours after this, Klay Thompson tore his Achilles and it was announced he would be out for the season. Contacted NBA store about this asking for a refund, and they said I was subject to the partial refund policy. Absolute insanity, these people are first class morons writing their policy and I am 23 years old - I will literally never support the NBA with my earnings from my bank job/investments/businesses owned and will spread the word throughout my vast & growing network of people. It’s unacceptable to treat people like this even if there wasn’t a global pandemic. Disappointed and disgusted with this horrendous brand known as the NBA. Done watching the sport."

Surge Kraken says

"I ordered a NBA jersey from this store said delivery would be 7 days I paid £16 delivery charge 2 months later still nothing been delivered I contacted them they sent me depstach details all in chinese which I cannot read chased them several times at first they kept telling me it was despatched and then totally ignored my emails have had to go through my credit card company for a refund not a trustworthy company to deal with I strongly recommend you steer well clear of this dodgy company."

Claudio says

"you offer a bad return service because the refund portal doesn't work?
Bad service"

Roz says

"I paid extra for 2-day shipping, then my package arrived 5 days later. I called to follow-up since the item I ordered was a gift, and I was told there was nothing they could do, and they wouldn't reimburse the extra shipping cost I paid. Super misleading, and deceptive."

Andreas Dorph says

"So i wrote the wrong address, which i my fault. When i wrote to the customer service, they responded autoemail, which was very confusing. If the email didn´t help me i should respond to email. Its been 5 days and i havn´t heard from them. I also tried calling them, but my call couldn´t get trough. Very bad customer service."

Rosalind Tucker says

"Quality not so great fit small and I ordered a size up so I don’t think stuff is authentic"

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