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Max Eddy & Ben Moore for PC Magazine mentioned some of the cons Myfax has, "Myfax is clunky, outdated web interface, restrictive pricing format, difficult to tell what international numbers are available during signup no digital signatures, unsecured password reset process and there's no two-factor authentication."


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Toltepequeño Delsur says

"Pure slime. Unethical garbage company. Do NOT do business with these people.

Edit: Stop with the faux concern, you do not care."

Vineeth VRamachandran says

"I think this is a scam business and the positive reviews are mostly fake. They are refusing to cancel a supposedly trial subscription. Their representative, one called Chaminda, continuously cut the chat when asked for the cancellation. Beware! This looks like a dodgy business. Maybe, Trustpilot got to screen those fake reviews to uphold your own trustworthiness."

Laura Newson says

"I wish that I had read all of the 1-star reviews before I signed up. Reading them now, at least I know that I am not alone in my experience. Cancelling is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.

Just like everyone else, I have sent multiple emails and I have used their "24-hour" chat and been disconnected multiple times. First, it's not available 24 hours from my experience. Second, there is no audible alert that you've been messaged/it's your turn. Unless you sit there for 40+ minutes watching the page, you'll never know that you've got through to a person to chat with. And once you do get in touch, you'll likely get disconnected because of "inactivity" multiple times and need to start the process all over again (read: you didn't reply within 3 min of a message being sent to you, even if the message sent doesn't really require a reply) .

Of the approximately 20 times that I have attempted to cancel online via the button that says "Cancel my account", there were only 2 times I did not get a pop-up saying "we are unable to process your request please contact our chat".

The 2 times that I did not get that message, the cancellation process signed me out of my account halfway through with no notice of if it had been successful or not. The first time I got signed out automatically, I assumed the cancellation had worked only to get ANOTHER bill.

It has literally been a MONTHS LONG process to cancel (I have now successfully cancelled as of today). I'm shocked that someone managed to get a refund from them, as I was told they do not give refunds under any circumstance, regardless of how impossible they make it to cancel.

Please, please, please, do not get sucked in by the 1-month free offer. Or if you do, be prepared to cancel by calling your credit card, as you'll get no help and no reply from MyFax."

Kelly Pyles says

"I do t now how they are getting almost 5 stars, maybe for the services provided but if you cancel get ready to go through HELL!! I have been fighting for months now, cancel on my app, sent several emails, tried to call with no answer now I am going to the FTC."

Michelle says

"DO NOT use. I canceled my free trial because I had trouble logging into the account. I found out that they have been billing me for months. They are refusing to answer my emails about it, so I will have to resolve this with my credit card company. Use a more trustworthy service - one that works and is honest."

Mark says

"I have been waiting for 30 minutes trying to get through to the chat request and still have not got through (started at 5th in line but have been hanging on as 1st in line for the last 10 minutes)"

Nada Lanteigne says

I have been trying to cancel my free trial sending multiples emails but I did not received any answer of confirmation att all. My free trial is about to end and they will probably charge me 13€ every month."

Alessandro Roma says

"BE AWARE - if you want to STOP THE MONTHLY PAYMENT you have to click on CANCEL my Account and they DON'T ALLOW YOU TO SUSPEND THE SERVICE!!! it force you to to chat with a representative in order to cancel and you simply wait infinitely without anyone responding. STAY AWAY!!!"

Ryan says

"Signed up the free trial and it did not even work. Thought I had canceled, but have been billed for months. Never even used the product once and they refuse to refund. Stay away from this company!"

Olga Childs says

"It's a scam, impossible to cancel. beware of any company that signs you up online, takes your card info, then claims that you can only cancel by phone "for your security", and then you wait for hours on phone or chat and no one ever answers. But "sales" lines work, except they are refusing to cancel. haha/"

FaxUser says

"It's a scam process, impossible to cancel, they force you to call and chat. It's hard to reach out, and even if I canceled, I still got charged an extra month. The frustration is unimaginable."

Gillian Sieben Parkin says

"Great service for years, but just try to cancel! Online cancel doesn't work and directs you to chat that nobody answers, Emails unanswered for 30+days. Finally got through on customer service but took hours of my life. Painful."

Matt W says

"Great service, but I used it only once, and it was inconvenient to cancel.

I was willing to spend $10.00 for this fax, but I signed up for the try it free deal. The control panel offered a lot of great options and it was well thought through. However, their team did not make a simple cancel feature process in that elaborate interface. Funny how that works -- seems simple enough for services to enable users to cancel on their own... we know why -- they make money on people like me who are too busy to chase down how to cancel services.

Section 10 of their terms & conditions outlines how to cancel by Chat or by Phone. It was easy once I had the time to do it:

1. When I contacted them via CHAT a sales person was readily available and advised I needed to cancel I needed to be transferred to "support." Then they abruptly disconnected and left me waiting to be "re-queued."

Chat transcript:
XXX: Hi, my name is XXX. How may I help you?
me: Hello,I need to cancel my service.
XXX: You have reached the sales chat, let me connect you to the support.
XXX has disconnected.

"You are currently number 1 in the queue. You should be connected to an agent in about 12:43. The average amount of time a customer has to wait is 17:14."

2. So then I promptly contacted them by phone, and only had a one-minute wait. Very polite agent and the cancellation was easy with minimal objection handling to be endured.

That was the most expensive FAX I ever sent ... I think it went 7 months ($70.00) before I had the time to cancel service (thanks to a little labor day weekend downtime).

I've learned my lesson about "try-it-free" services with credit card up front with "cancel at any time" sales pitches. Be sure to see how easy (or not) it is to cancel before you sign up."

Azizi Yahya says

"we cant cancel the subscription ourselves, have to contact their support."

BLandis says

"Joke was excellent at resolving my issue and deserves a 5 * for customer service. I am disappointed that faxes seem to currently be taking an incredible amount of "process" before they send. We had faxes sitting in our Outbox for over an hour before they even began to send today."

Thomas says

"I tried the 14-day free trial to send 60 pages, and ended up being charged $10 after I canceled before the 14 days elapsed. When calling them about the charge, they said I had sent over the 100-page limit for the free trial. It turns out that they count pages as a function of time elapsed per page sent, which wasn't made clear before. The only time I heard about how they count pages was in an email I received from them, after I canceled. After two phone calls, email chat, and email to support (which wasn't responded to), they are refunding me about $6 for the remaining balance that I apparently have on the account.

Update 9-25-20:
After emailing support (see comments), Fiona was helpful in processing the full refund of $10."

Johnny says

"Five stars for customer support on messenger, 1 star because if you want to cancel your subscription, you can't do by yourself but you have to call the service. But there is the chance that the number to call is not valid like happened to me. It would be simple to put some link to contact the support by messenger or by chat and, most important, allow users to cancel subscription by theirselves"

Trinda Merriweather says

"As a suggestion, it sure would be nice if the company made it as easy to cancel this service as they did for the customer to join. Its taken me 30 minutes out of my day to just cancel and I never used the service. Glad I changed my mind.

I have nothing negative to say about the customer service person I chatted with. Lucena was fantastic and did her job well. But the cancellation process is too time consuming.
UPDATE: I received a response from the company stating their wait times are due to the Covid-19 delays. I understand that and I do realize its the norm at this present time. But there were no delays in my initial set-up. It would be nice if they gave the customer the same easy options to cancel as they do to sign-up. Just always seems to be such a hassle to discontinue a service as compared to starting one."

Christopher says

"Waited a long time. I don’t like being hard sold either."

Sean Belliveau says

"The service provided by Rowena was excellent however the wait time was extraordinarily long......greater than 30 minutes. I've had shorter waits with the government. It sort of felt like the hold times were to encourage me to give up trying to cancel my account."

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