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My Weekly is a magazine for wormen.Published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd of Dundee, Scotland. It tends to consist of short stories, reader contributions, knitting or sewing patterns, and celebrity gossip. There are no real life horror stories.


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Call Specialist/ Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"It's one big clique. If you don't kiss butt, you don't move up. It's very toxic. I know several people who have had anxiety attacks about going into the office. People had their home computers taken away for going into the hospital. People got written up and go points on their attendance for being taken out in ambulance to the hospital! Do not work here."

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"Reviews are high considering low retention rate. I would definitely not recommend here. They are prejudice, petty and overall disrespectful. Trainers would ignore you and have the most ignorant conversations. Clearly, prefer certain race and no problem telling you, you don't fit in the misery. No genuine people lil worse than their clients. They will correct you to try to embarrass you. Benefits are trash so I guess they get what they give, and they are so far out expect you to be at work in a state of emergency storm. They will pretend to follow protocol when they really do not follow standards make up nonesense like silly computer system. Cons: I was there"

Bilingual Call Specialist Trainer (Current Employee) says

"DONT DO IT. No sick days or mental health days. You get a few hours of PTO every 4 months that you have to request 2 weeks in advance. You take over 300+ calls a day where the callers yell at you and call you names and abuse you for your whole shift. You have to request to go to the bathroom but if it’s busy you’re not getting up. The amount of stomach and bladder problems I have now is ridiculous. All Supervisors are younger than 30 and all management has worked there for over 15 years so they got their own agenda. I once lost my voice and it still counted against me even with a Doctors note. I could keep going but I’ll stop here, that’s a pretty good taste. Cons: Healthcare, horrible management and ethics."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"It was not the worst job the world, but it certainly was not all they make it out to be. The place is managed by control freaks and as you can see from the defensive and lengthy responses to any reviews about themselves they are really not very nice people. Cons: The work culture, management, pettiness"

Call Specialist (Current Employee) says

"You will answer calls for funeral homes during a pandemic. It is extremely stressful. The scheduling is no longer flexible as they do not have enough staff to keep up with the call volume. They continue to add new clients without retaining enough call specialist level employees. I know there will be a generic response about the longevity of employees that have been working there for years but that is mainly any one in a higher position. You do not get to a higher position unless you part of a clique. The money is decent for a short term job. Cons: Everything else"

Call Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Due to the fact you are working with funeral homes & the calls they receive this job takes a toll on you. On a daily you answer at least 100 calls a day from all over the country. You come across rude funeral directors that you just have to deal with because this company is all about the money and not their employees. Supervisor las who only work when someone higher up shows up. Grades on every call you do. Pay is terrible."

Call Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked at ASD for several years and got great rewards on calls, excellent yearly reviews, a lot of money, but I didn't account for the job burnout I'd experience which led to my work performance slacking because I was exhausted, mentally and physically. The job itself is mind numbing and I couldn't handle the emotional moms calling to report the passing of their 12 year old son from suicide or drug OD. The managenenymt was all cliqued up. There is no security in this job: turnover rate was like nothing I've seen before. Good luck if u choose be employed here. You will be miserble every single day except every other week when u see ur paycheck (only good part about this job). Cons: Cliqued up management"

Call Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Time and a half on weekends. Overall good compensation from the company. They're involved in charity and the community. It can be draining speaking out death all day."