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Steve Millar mentioned, "My Local Services is proof that money talks! Anyone can be local if they pay for it aye! You’re allowing companies to pull the wool over unsuspecting customers who are trying to use a local service! Your companies is a lie!"


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Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"You will enjoy this job some days and others will be very stressful. Be careful of other people who work across the way in the other office, they like to watch whatever you do.BenefitsShort lunches, nosey neighbors"

Operator Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Morning safety meeting. Check out machine fluids do a walk around. Get on machine and go to work. I learned to run various types of equipment. Had many different Supervisors. Did not get to talk with co-workers much excepts in morning and as we were all leaving for the day. The hardest part of the job for me was having so many different supervisors and also so many job locations. I enjoyed running the Equipment.Made good money when i worked.Was on a calling list, Had to eat lunch on the move, port a johns, seasonal worker, Had to work a way from home 2 summers in a row"

Heavy Equipment Operator - Various Locations (Current Employee) says

"i have nothing to disclose at this time if anymore information is needed please email me. We do not talk about or post about Union matters outside of Union Meetings."

Operating Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Loved the work but i feel like i was discriminated against. Sat on the board for 2 yrs without being called one time and others less qualified being sent out ahead if me, after turning down one job that was 4 hr round trip away from me working nights that wasnt even in my local."

Equipment Operator (Current Employee) says

"The pay in IUOE was amazing, although the position is seasonal, each winter you become laid off unless you are a veteran that has a job that allows you to work year round. during the warmer seasons a person can make a living, however most people need to work year around. a lot of the training is on the job which requires you to figure out many things on your own. I enjoyed operating equipment , but I need to wok year round.good pay, retirement, medicalseasonal"

customer says

"I've had no interest and no reply to an email I've sent days ago. I don't understand how this is going to help me find work ..."

customer says

"Attempted to add my service to My Local Services... Rejected Ridiculous !!"

Sid Grover says

"beware of using phone numbers given out by this website . i googled for the contact telephone number of royal mail parcelforce and found myself on My Local Services website. i had no idea that the number given was a premium charge number and so have ended up with an extra £3.32 added to my phone bill for 6 minutes and 26 seconds speaking to an automated operator service run by royal mail. it would be helpful if My Local Services informed people that they are giving out premium numbers. not everybody knows that 0844 numbers are premium rated."