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The Mountain West Conference (MW) is one of the collegiate athletic conferences affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) (formerly I-A). The MW officially began operations on January 4, 1999. Geographically, the MW covers a broad expanse of the Western United States, with member schools located in California, Colorado, Hawaii, I

Andy Berg December for Athletic Business mentioned Mountain West officials were suspended after skipping down, "An officiating crew in the Mountain West Conference has been suspended after they made the mistake of skipping a down in Air Force’s 20-6 win over Wyoming on Saturday. After a thorough review, the Mountain West has confirmed the officiating crew incorrectly ruled third down, when it should have been second down, with 1:40 remaining in the fourth quarter of the November 30th Wyoming at Air Force football game," the conference said in a statement released Sunday. "As a result, both the on-field officials and the replay crew have been suspended from their next assignments."


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A/R Specialist, Finance (Former Employee) says

"I was taught if you don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say nothing at all. Cons: Terrible organizational skills"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"If you have any self respect or have a good work ethic then don't waste your time here. Other companies need you more than this place. They will work you to the ground and then question why you didn't do more. You will have no voice, and if you stand out of the crowd in any way that is good, you will be shot down. Please reconsider your options before you apply here. Cons: Everything"

Quality (Former Employee) says

"Your placed in a position where its made clear to you that your of no real value, that you can and will likely be replaced at a drop of a hat. Cons: Company is run by megomaniacs and minions"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Call center is terrible the two supervisors are just fat and lazy.. They don't like people having a opinion or anything...They care less about your well being...Pay is terrible no good raises co workers complain alot...Don't come near this place seriously!!! Cons: Everything"

N/A (Former Employee) says

"You are not treated the way you should be. You could be the best at what you do and still be expected to do more, until you have a breakdown, then it's on to the next person and you're pretty much old news. Cons: Where do I start?"

Do Not Wish to Disclose (Former Employee) says

"1) There is literally no room for growth with this company. Once you're salary has been set when starting, you will receive little to no increase each year. Cons: See Review"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Ok so first it was hot in the summer and cold in the winter . unless your upstairs then your lucky. The warehouse sucks! Some leave on time and some stay later ! The owner makes millions but cant pay good and wont turn on heat or air when needed. People was dropping like flys over the heat. Ok my biggest problem was the holidays they say they pay you but you work 4 days in a week with one day off which was ok but if its a holiday week you work your normal day off and get off on the holiday so really there just switching your day off to the holiday so really you just end up with the same amount of pay check that week instead of getting off the holiday with pay and your day off! Good luck i wouldnt wish it on my dog! Cons: Pay sucks, no heat ot air in the warehouse, holiday pay isnt fair"

Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"It is basically a manufacturing plant with offices inside the interior. The offices are drab with no windows. Very cavernous. The plus is the inclusion of free martial art classes and pushing a healthy lifestyle."

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"It is a weird business model that works but can be difficult to understand. People are nice but cut throat. Very high expectations and everyone does every job yet nobody knows what is going on because everyone is doing each others job."

Quality (Former Employee) says

"The carrot will be dangled in front of your face with phrases like "advancement from within." Good luck with that. I knew multiple people who were exceedingly better qualified than their department managers stuck in "grunt" positions. Cons: Management will not hesitate to throw you under the bus"

Credit and collection clerk (Former Employee) says

"When I first began there, the controller had successfully created a paperless office. It was a great progressive company. He was promoted and the controller hired in his place brought us right back to a paper based system. Cons: Communication is lacking between departments."

Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"Working at Century Martial Arts is a good stepping stone for your career. However, like every job for designers, take any offer with a grain of salt. You will work hard; during the busy seasons of early summer and winter holidays you are required to work various amounts of overtime which is unpaid right now. The design jobs are salaried and dispersed at 40 hours per week, with pay every two weeks. Cons: Unexpected timelines, high stress environment during busy times, needed help may not always be accessable"

Do not want to disclose (Former Employee) says

"Not a ton of room for advancement. Work/life balance is good but upper management can be difficult. There is one department head that I know of that made me uncomfortable as well as other women and i reported them to HR but they are friends with the CEO, so nothing ever got done. It’s a good job for people just out of school that are looking for experience but as a seasoned professional there were no challenges and too much down time. Cons: Hard to advance, occasionally toxic work environment"

Showroom Runner (Former Employee) says

"Fast paced warehouse with heavy lifting; large demand of time around holidays very unbalanced. There is some opportunities for limited growth within the company."

Clerical (Former Employee) says

"In the call center they would have contests and drawings for prizes"