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Music Ace is a program used for learning the basics of the world of music. It includes, in addition to many lessons, several games to make learning even more simple. Music Ace's menu lets you choose what you'd like to do, options are Doodle Pad, progress, music games, and lessons.

Some of the cons SOFTWARE INFORMER mentioned about Music Ace in a review is that the graphics are too simple and the sound of initial test notes is very low quality.


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Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for several months in sales. The owner of this company now runs it in Minnesota and its a smart circle (look this company up) spin off. Their website it fake for starters, you’ll be selling different products in retails stores and door to door but what you’re really trying to do to recruit others to “buy in” under you (pyramid type scheme). There is no salary, no benefits. This is not a real job/career to be proud of. Management is terrible."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Pyramid scam company was in Kansas now in Minnesota. Break away from Smart Circle who disassociated with this group. Pay illegally under the table to select few."

Event Coordinator/Direct Marketing Rep (Former Employee) says

"I don't necessarily think this company is terrible, it just was not what I thought it was going to be. There are 3 interviews and they basically sell you on the position...Just isn't very comforting or secure."

Test Dummy (Former Employee) says

"You will enjoy learning the systems, because they truly do work. What doesn't work is everything else. Cons: Business costs, parent company, lifestyle, work schedule"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Owner of ace is only money hungry. As long as you’re making sales she motivating but don’t and she’s belittling. She will also find ways to trick you out of your money so make sure you read what you sign CAREFULLY. She throws numbers at you but never the right number always a round off so ask questions and be specific because she never will be. The money great only costing integrity Cons: Owner doesn’t value her team and robs you of your dignity"

Campaign Manager (Former Employee) says

"The owner was banned from the "mother company" which I believe is called Smart Circle. Aside from the other campaign managers I worked with, the experience was terrible. I was terminated for having a bad day on the job. Not even kidding. And was told that it didn't seem like a cohesive environment for me anymore. Cons: Terrible management and poor pay, the work was no fun either."

Candidate (Former Employee) says

"This is a pyramid company, you go through three to four levels of interviews. If offered a position you start at entry-level which starts at $8 an hour and you get 15% commission based off the products that you sell. The goal is to try to get people under you to help push you to the top so you can own your own pyramid marketing company. This would be a great experience for a college intern to understand how sales and marketing works, but not a person who's wanting to have a consistent paycheck and family life. There are no benefits are offered."

HR Executive (Current Employee) says

"They don't give salary in time after working"

Business Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked over there as a business associate.I had a task to meet customers and tell them about the product and get some positive results. And it was fun working with ACE MANAGEMENT but financially i was not growing.Though professionally i have improved so much."

Senior Administrative Officer (Current Employee) says

"Atypical day is fast paced. Learned how to effectively balance task. Cons: Benefits"

Business Associate & Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Ace Management has a lively atmosphere with smart, cohesive and a driven workforce.Management includes of Business associates, corporate trainers, team leaders, assistant managers, Business heads, Hr's and administrators.Team meetings and morning meetings are fun and interactive.The workplace is a paradise for young crowd as music, activities and creative games are an everyday ritual.Its a great place for any aspiring entrepreneur who wants to build a solid sales foundation."

Entry Level Promoter (Former Employee) says

"Involved learning a certain number of economic principles which would thereafter be used every single day on the job. Cons: Work load, pay, Mental Strain"

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work if you enjoy marketing, and process outstanding customer service skills. Downside is if you don't sell product the pay is very low. Cons: low pay"

Businesses Associate (Current Employee) says

"1.Good environment. Cons: Long working hours"