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MULTIVAC is one of the world's leading providers of packaging solutions for all kinds of food, life science and healthcare products and industrial goods. The MULTIVAC portfolio covers almost all processor requirements with regard to pack design, performance and resource efficiency. It includes different packaging technologies as well as automation solutions, labeling and quality control systems. The range is rounded off by solutions upstream of the packaging process in the areas of portioning and processing as well as baked goods technology. Thanks to extensive line expertise, all modules can be integrated into holistic solutions. MULTIVAC solutions thus guarantee a high level of operational and process reliability as well as high efficiency.

A former employee in sales mentioned, "It's all about the inner circle at Multivac, the good ole boys club, employees benefiting from the workers slavery.

A recent change of CEO will be the downfall- they lie about your job when they hire you- run, don't walk away.

Luckily I was hired by their competition - best day of my life was leaving them- then they tried to sue me, even without a non-compete."


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Sales (Former Employee) says

"All about an inner circle of long time, good ole boys club, employees benefiting from the workers slavery."

Payroll Administrator (Former Employee) says

"For seven years I had to work in a hostile work environment. My previous supervisor and the Hr Generalist are typical work place bullies. It is common place for Directors to scream at employees. The CEO is known to ridicule employees work performance in mandatory Friday Morning meetings. If you want to work someplace where you are not valued as a person or an employee but need benefits, then Multivac is the place for you. Cons: management"

Regional Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Difficult place to establish yourself, even with industry or competitive experience. Management does not recognize any family requirements when home and expects work to be performed anytime in a 16 hour day. Excessive travel requirements are bestowed upon sales personnel with scrutiny over expenses on a weekly basis. Cons: poor senior managment guidance, long work hours, poor pay for office personnel"

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Practically lived on the road. Management poor. Pay raises extremely minimal. Northeast region management is terrible. I watched it go from good to horrible. Got paid per diem, but we weren't allowed to keep it if we didn't use it. Had to stay in cheap hotels. Micromanaged the technicians constantly. Cons: poor pay raises, poor management, no life balance."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"There is way to little time given to fully produce projects before you're moved on to the next. Leadership was way to slow to react to issues that they were the only ones who could address. Cons: Co-workers, management and industry partners"

Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Globally the company is great, in the middle East the management is below expectations"

Spare Parts Shipping Expeditor (Former Employee) says

"Been there going on 7 years now. I've have had 7 bosses in that time span. The company overall has many nice people however their organization and leadership skills severely lack consistency. The company overall treats my department with the least amount of respect. We bring in the most money and profits for the company and receive the absolute least in returns regarding PSP plans etc. For example if groups A and B were to receive 6.5% PSP my department would receive 4.8% and that has been going on from what ive been told since they started. The hours are pretty good yet they took sick time and went to a "newer" PTO system. Basically you had to start over again at zero regardless of your tenure. Several people quit based off just that. I suppose it depends on your department yet overall I feel and see that the overall company morale is pretty slim. Lots of people seem stressed and not happy to be there at their jobs. That last statement comes from people who have worked there 20+ years from what ive noticed. However it could be due to the current pandemic and what not which does not help matters in any way. I should feel grateful to still work for a company that is considered vital and essential as well as recession proof but what all the negative company changes occurring, it seems hard. Cons: lack of leadership consistency/ lack of direction"

Design Engineer I (Former Employee) says

"This place gave me zero OTJ training. Zero."

Field Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Great company but management is very poor in the south east region specific.Manager never listen to the employees some employees are better than the other in their minds."

Undefined (Current Employee) says

"The pay is not equal to the duties assigned to individuals. Instead of having merit based pay, many people are paid a lot simply because they've been with the company for 10+ years, but their duties, title, and skill set don't match the high pay rate they receive. Then there are newer people within the company that are paid at a lower level than what is fair market pay. The job titles are not accurate nor reflective of the duties of the individual. Often, instead of hiring a new individual for specific job functions, an existing employee is forced to absorb those duties as well as their own without having a change in title or appropriate increased compensation. Cons: New comers are not embraced, insufficient pay in comparison to job duties, not forward thinking, slow to change, antiquated processes"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Multivac provided great learning opportunities to advance. Some areas are a relaxed atmosphere while others are extremely demanding and stressful. The work culture was great when I started but started to go downhill with new management, and people are now miserable. They are however a family oriented company and remain that way, which is a hard asset to find."

soldador tig y pulidor (Former Employee) says

"buen horario,buena estabilidad y limpieza del puesto de trabajo"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"multivac operator, injection molding operator and warehouse selector is good job experience, was in reestructuration when i work in there. many experiences, is located over 90 minutes from home. Cons: to far from home"