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Muhammad Ali is widely regarded by boxing commentators and historians as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time. Boxing magazine The Ring named him number one in a 1998 ranking of greatest heavyweights from all eras. In 1999, The Associated Press voted Ali the number one heavyweight of the 20th century. In 1999, Ali was named the second greatest boxer in history, pound for pound, by E


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N/A (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend this place to anyone. Absolutely little to no chance of advancement. People are treated differently based on your position. Hourly workers have terrible shifts and schedules. No weekends off, split days and shifts. Salary workers have day shift and every weekend off. Huge turnover with hourly workers. Salary workers dont leave so no advancement. Two different cultures there. The haves and the have nots. Never go to human resources as they do not like complaints. You will be fired eventually for doing so. Cons: Too many to list. Toxic culture."

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"The security manager only cares about himself. The senior lead is racist. No other department cares about security. Pending hostile work environment lawsuit."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Representing Muhammad Ali and the core values of the organization are rewarding, but limited resources in non-profit limit upward mobility. Cons: Limited upward mobility"