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MTV3 (Finnish: MTV Kolme, Swedish: MTV Tre) is a Finnish commercial television station. It had the biggest audience share of all Finnish TV channels until Yle TV1 (from Yle) took the lead. The letters MTV stand for Mainos-TV (literally "Advertisement-TV", i.e. "Commercial TV), due to the channel carrying advertising for revenue. Number 3 was added later when the channel was allocated the third nationwide television channel and it generally became known as "Channel Three".

A former employee shares her experience on, "Budgets for projects at MTV3 can be small and unrealistic. Sometimes lacking understanding of technology, trends, and social media. Upper management clearly calling the shots without trusting lower management."


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Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"no job security"

Hair Stylist (Former Employee) says

"my job as a freelancer was always great. Having the opportunity to always work with new people on new projects. i have only worked with them on special projects . i learned it takes a village on awards help out as much as you can. Cons: only temp jobs"

Assistant Editor (Former Employee) says

"Work place n the team members were indeed were tough to co-operate,overall experience was'nt too bad but was'nt able to share our ideas n views"

Project Executive, Digital Sales (Former Employee) says

"If you like a FUN work environment then MTV is your place. They work very hard however the tools and resources are outdated and the management are a bunch of luddites. Cons: no substance in content or technology, management known to take advantage, compensation model is not honest"

Supervising Producer (Former Employee) says

"I was at MTV as a Supervising Producer for their live summer content. The contract was supposed to last through the end of September. Out of the blue, they decided to lay off several people in my department and cut the summer programming short by a full month. It was very unfair. While I was there, lots of the executives seemed to not be great at their positions- when making creative decisions based on pop culture. I didn't feel like I had much say in many decisions- despite being a Supervising Producer."

Segment Producer / Writer-Director THE LYRICISTS LOUNGE SHOW (Former Employee) says

"In the cable and youth culture market: Viacom/ MTV is king and their Corp culture reflects that. Not less or more than any other major mass media organization."

Production Intern (Former Employee) says

"As an intern I wasn't compensated at all for any of the work I did. I ran errands for the office and didn't learn anything new. The whole point of an intern is to learn things in a work environment instead I was a personal assistant. Cons: No real experience"

Senior Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"For a company that prides itself on being fun and innovative, there doesn't seem to be a lot of either around here. Advancement is limited and slow, and work weeks are long and painful."

Programming Manager (Current Employee) says

"An extremely political environment where the wrong people are promoted, leaving those who actually do the work trapped in support positions. The best thing that can happen to an employee here is to be laid off with severance. Cons: Snake pit"

Writer (Former Employee) says

"There's extremely high turnover unless you started working there in the early days. There are some lovely people there in management roles and some that are terrible...toss up"

Staff Writer (Former Employee) says

"MTV News pushed me harder than any workplace I've been at so far, which at times was great — we had access to incredible resources, talent, and opportunities, and I produced some of my best work there. However, I was also hired as a permanent full time freelance employee with no job security and no health benefits, which was a constant source of stress, particularly when coupled with long hours and a large corporate office culture that seemed cool on the surface but felt extremely alienating at times. Cons: no health benefits, no job security, no vacation policy, long hours, relatively low pay"

Production Assistant (Current Employee) says

"check emails, catalog assests into system, coordinate pickups for orders and outside courier and vendors. Cons: not much opportunity for growth within the department/company"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Inept management with serious ego throughout the org. Massive layoffs and hirings throughout the year, every year, because of myopic, dated ad revenue model. Hard to reconcile America's highest-paid CEO's salary with this level of mismanagement and lack of vision. Cons: inept management, constant layoffs/hirings, uninspiring org/people, highly political, lots of egos"

Ad Operations (Current Employee) says

"You pick and choose what's more important to you. Internal advancement was non-existent. Worklife balance doesn't matter to them. Benefits were decent but copayments sky rocketed recently. Senior Sales Teams treat their Sales assistants horribly and they hold themselves on a high pedestal. This is all relative to department. I am sure there are other departments that aren't as bad. Cons: No work life balance, No internal advancement, Favoritism, Turnaround is high"

Senior Operations Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, no career growth as of the last few years, way to many lay offs. I learned alot from being there, but the company was headed into a different direction then i was comftorable with."

car park steward (Former Employee) says

"it would be long hours and the first couple hours would be quiet. i learnt new communication skills and how to remain calm under fast pace situations. the management was good as they kept in contact with us throughout the whole day. the work environment was friendly because we would be in groups and get to know each other. hardest part of the job was the standing all day which would have an long term effect on my legs. Cons: long hours"

Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"While the culture is fun and young, there are not too many people that stay at this company for a while. The amount of layoffs leave the staff feeling uneasy. The gap between what the higher up executives make and the lower level employees is gigantic. Cons: Current restructuring environment lowers morale"

Photo Editor (Current Employee) says

"I've been "Permalance" for over 6 years. They keep renewing my contract with no benefits. I'm not sure that's legal but I'm sure there is fine print. The atmosphere is fun and I've gained a lot of experience but there is no job security and very little room for advancement. People are expendable and those that aren't the big wigs are looked at as as a VIN number and not an individual. Cons: no benefits after years of employment, management, communication"

Camera Operator (Current Employee) says

"The set for the pilot was in New York City's SOB music lounge. I not only learned more about camera work, I also learned more in music production."

Hair Designer (Former Employee) says

"Although the work was gratifying enough in itself, studios like MTV don't pay for cosmetic work. All you receive are pictures of your work and acknowledgment for your work."