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National Beverage Corp. is an American beverage developer, manufacturer, and distributor based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, focused on flavored soft drinks. National Beverage Corp. is ranked by Beverage Digest as the fifth-largest soft drink company in the United States.

On February 2020 a former employee wrote a review about how work at National Beverage Corp. sucks, posted by Indeed:

could only stand to work for this company 5 months. Very unorganized and they have no human resources or chain of command. Horrible sales team they have you take orders into stores just to have the store reject it because the salesman just tried to push the order through. No benefits and you're paid an uncompetitive salary. Run as far away as you can from this company.


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Brian Turner says

"Not happy rang at 1045 .3 hours later man arrived he was very helpful. But the system stinks were the breakdown happened we were told it's a priority very busy road and would have someone there soon 1 hr 30 later rang again had no idea how long it would be will ring us in half a hour no call eventually a text trying to get someone to us another 30 min same text when he arrived he couldn't take us even though we said 3 people and a dog and was told we would bet hats us dumped a good 2 mile walk to a bus to get us home ..with a daughter with crhons disease the stressful situation bring on a clear up a dog so stressed we thought she was going to collapse as never been on a bus .were also worried about the car as it was left at garage I use it was closed till Tuesday and I had already been told not to leave it out front so waiting now for garage man to have a go thanks rac made my day"

Martin Fawkes says

"Terrible service & awful Customer Care. My complaint is ongoing at present & it will probably go via the Ombudsman eventually as clearly this company does not value its customers."

Lorraine Anne Alognon says

"Just found out my breakdown cover has been renewed, problem was I never received any text or email stating renewal was due, so therefore rac took money without my knowledge nor my permission. Cancelling my membership for sure."

Ian Harper says

"Broke down on 9th August, took 3hrs to arrive but said could be up to 5hrs wait. Reply to Trustpilot post took to 10th Sept. Says it all really, slow response and so read reviews. Seems they just suggest members make a complaint and they will assign a person to the case. One review said more expensive each year. I foolishly signed up to pay by direct debit one year. Big jump in cost following. Then £90 extra year following. Got fed up and rang them, told them very unhappy, cost reduced to half previous year. Advice NEVER sign up and pay by Direct Debit and negotiate cost. Been a continuous member since 1981 but currently question if I will remain one at next renewal ? Be interested to see if RAC will bother to contact me ?"