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Mozambique LNG is one of several projects being developed in the country's northernmost province of Cabo Delgado after one of the biggest gas finds in a decade off its coast. Together, the projects are worth some $60 billion.

"Mozambique LNG Destroys Villages and the Environment" is an article posted by Linda Capato Jr. on, "The projects are still in the exploration phase, but already thousands of people are being forcibly relocated. Anadarko and its partner companies are also proposing to build the country’s first LNG export facility on 17,000 acres on the coast — with the capacity to export nearly 23 million metric tons of LNG per year. With their farmland and fishing grounds being taken by multinational corporations, entire communities will lose their homes, land, and livelihoods. Locals will receive very few jobs, and an influx of workers from other countries and other parts of Mozambique will likely bring an increase in diseases, including sexually transmitted infections, and place a strain on already limited health-care and education resources."


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