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Motorola Solutions, Inc., is an American data communications and telecommunications equipment provider that succeeded Motorola, Inc., following the spinoff of the mobile phone division into Motorola Mobility in 2011. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

A former employee said this in a review about the work environment "Since Motorola started divesting and acquiring companies that are inline with their current direction nobody matters in the company. There's no loyalty and you're just a number. You will need to use the companies internal social media to show that you matter. Just post a lot of information whether it's helpful or not and you're safe. Middle management good people but won't stand up to executives."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Most of the people, especially long term HR staff have no integrity. Back-stabbing, and uncollaboartive environment. Focus is on tacticle work versus helping business to succeed. Benefits are bottom of the barrel."

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"See title of headline: lots of middle managers with spreadsheets"

Former Employee - NOC Technician says

"Sparse documentation along with "knowledge hoarders" make it a difficult work environment. President of co. is actively trying to sell the company, so cost cutting is paramount. They are working with 20+ year old technology (land based mobile radios) and are spending little to nothing on R&D."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is little to no growth of any kind, and if you bring it up, you will be given the runaround."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Employees are treated like useless tokens"

Current Employee - Senior Research Associate says

"One thing is always on-time at MSI: regular quarterly layoffs. I have been safe until now, but every quarter we have to be waiting for hearing the news. It was fine if they would let weak employees going, but most of the times it's just random or it's for those with higher pay or grade."

Current Employee - Principal Software Engineer says

"Leave this company as soon as possible. The top management is busy creating shareholder value by doing shares buyback to the tune of $12 billion, firing hard working employees who originally made this company great. The CEO still toot the horns of LMR (without even being part of this journey)but taking all the credit of how LMR is still relevant and growing. He and his management team take all the credit for it. With 15 years of employment the management are the Jewels but others are a "waste". They talk about leaderships? They still do now know the definition of being a leader."

Current Employee - Field Service Technician says

"Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback about working at Motorola Solutions. We try our best to cultivate a positive working environment that supports our values. We’ll share your comments with our leadership team."

Former Employee - Director says

"It doesn't even pay for 2 moths worth of basic medicare and part B and D coverage"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior management only focuses on cutting costs via layoffs and outsourcing. No end in sight, it seems. People are highly demoralized due to never-ending layoffs and outsourcing"

Just interviewed (Former Employee) says

"The worst interview I’ve ever done in my life, the person who makes the interview can’t communicate effectively, no multicultural work environment, I have interviewed with 5 people, all of them are from the same background and culture which made me feel awkward when I interviewed, and one more thing I want to say to them, please please Motorolasolutions use to be a big name, and a good company why do you have your kids playing around while you are interviewing candidates, I felt overwhelmed and kept repeating myself!! It seems like HR needs a lot of work and improvement. Worst interview experience I can say. And the sad thing is that was their manager who has his kids yelling. Their Manager!Interviewed with 5 people at onceTo the interviewer KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY when interviewing candidates, we put too much effort to find an opportunity to express interest and we like to be heard. Please"

Shipping Associate (Current Employee) says

"From my experience of over a year and a half there was little no no room for advancement. Only dry promises of openings and promotions of the same individuals. No path for success and lines are severly drawn according to what position you hold. Little to no opportunities for minority employees."

asesor telefonico (Former Employee) says

"Pesima, empresa desde el motoexpert que no se porque se llama asi si no sabe nada, y los administrativos estan peores se creen la última coca en el desierto...son una basca los de recursos humanos y los couches de ventas igual de basca..."

Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"CHRO has favorites, didn’t use survey data to make changes identified in survey, instead made her favorites bigger roles and now internal employees/managers get worse support from HR. Some in the HR org are only interested in helping themselves and will use any info shared to get themselves to a better position while stomping on others. Run from this company, do not walk."

Area sales manager (Former Employee) says

"There is nothing to say only usual like c cat company. No active planning mkt awareness zero I. Offline. Less focus on genreal trade can do much better but for this need dedicate zeal manpower . Planning with full proof plan...exexuation is low.NothingNothing"

Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I worked from 6am to when ever they decided I could leave, which sometimes meant 9-10pm. I loved my co-workers but absolutely hated the management. If and when I saw them, even putting all those hours in and never leaving work behind, while working multiple departments, it was never enough and would continually be berated because I was just a contract worker."

Line production worker (Former Employee) says

"Worked here over a year then they relocated the factory. I was not able to relocate. It was a very physical job and not very easy to learn. I would not be able to do this.nonerelocation"

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"hated this place. hard time communicating with my co workers. too much out of work gossip and drama brought into the work place. no work ever got done. not surprised this place shut down"

Lead Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management use to give wrong direction and created bad culture. Nothing was a joy about this place. Members of the management use the cut throat method to solve problems instead of looking at the root causeEmpolyeesEverthing"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Another food giant, fast paced, rotation is a must. Watching code dates on products, staying organized. Keeping good moral in your store, always help controls theftTeamworkBad shipment"

Factory Worker (Former Employee) says

"Motorola has no manufacturing facilities in the US anymore. Anyone looking to find a manufacturing job for Motorola must travel to Mexico or Shanghai China."

Quality Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Meet some good people working there but Motorola doesn't hire permanent position. No insurance of any kind . And no job security, there was favoritism everywhere , the lunch room food was terribleNoneNo Job Security"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"None stop layoffs, never knowing when you will be next. Horrible work environment and too many "managers" with not enough workers actually getting the work done. Corporate makes the bottom line look good by selling off all the property in Schaumburg. The company does not care about it's employees at all. It changed from an acceptable health insurance to a "private exchanged program" that tripled the out of pocket costs to get the equivalent coverage. The HR Director knew this new health plan was horrible and he left, now there is an Interim HR person in there blowing smoke.NoneEverything"

Operadora de Produção (Former Employee) says

"A parte mais difícil,é que não tem estabilidade,pois por ser uma empresa de eletro eletronicos,cai-se muito a produçãorefeitório maravilhoso"

Project Manager/Instructional Designer (Current Employee) says

"no longer in existence, very stressful environment, poor leadership"

Phone Scanner/line lead (Former Employee) says

"met and seen new faces everyday due to the high turnover ratenew facesno raises, bad management"

Auxiliar de Produção I (Former Employee) says

"Não tem planejamento eficiente, bagunça de estocagem, sem planejamento de crescimento profissional e mal tratamento interpessoal.RefeiçãoOrganização e gerenciamento da empresa."

auxiliar administrativo (Former Employee) says

"aprendi muito sobre tudo,poderia exercer a funçao de qualquer pessoa la dentro,porem a empresa nao tinha uma supervisao adequada e nao dava o suporte necessario.ambiente de trabalhosuporte"

Operador de Produção (Former Employee) says

"Uma empresa que dá oportunidades para pessoas que nunca trabalharam com produçãoRefeição na empresa"

Training Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Sexual harassment. I was exposed to hazardous chemicals that cause sickness to me and death to my coworkers."

John P says

"Motorola Solutions Canada is a terrible place to work at. Dead end product portfolio focused on legacy technology. If you\'re an engineer avoid applying for a job here, you\'ll be stuck working as a second class citizen to the sales overlords (who are also over-rated and somewhat corrupt, the good ones have left) on has-been technology that has nothing to do with the future of telecommunications. Go work for a real company like Cisco or Ericsson or Samsung etc. If you\'re in sales the place is like a Glengarry Glenross boiler room with a egomaniac regional president who treats people like dirt with ridiculous quotas and ever declining commission selling a legacy walkie-talkie product that no-one wants anymore and is being replaced by 4G and 5G stuff. As for the new apps and video solutions, that\'s a low-margin commodity market with oodles of competition. Good luck making anything close to quota. Stay away and work in sales at a real company with a future. Company stock will be declining within a few years due to ever decreasing customer base focused on legacy market."

JOHN says

"this is both a m.a.i.b requirement an safety lifeline to land an im still waiting for this item you need to prioritise marine radios in your postal procedure"

Joe says

"Ordered a usb programming cable for sl4000 uhf digital motorola. Cable was advertised for sl4000 model. It did not work. Made contact via email. No reply. Have to look else where now. Cost of item less than 10.00 delivery and vat over 10.00 total cost for a rip off over 20.00"

customer says

"Item was used and sold as new. Bad communication and didn't reply to me"

customer says

"Totally wrong order radios dud not have frequencies programmed into them and one radio the front was hanging off .would never deal with them again"

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