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Morgans Hotel Group (MHG) was a global hospitality company acquired by SBE Entertainment Group in 2016. The company, founded by Ian Schrager, is credited with inventing the Boutique Hotel concept in 1984 when it opened Morgans Hotel in New York.


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Current Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"Reported it to management they threaten to fire me...."

Host says

"Terrible staff including management and even HR"

Former Employee - Food and Beverage Manager says

"Management, working environment, working conditions, salary, service, products, operations, equipments, coworkers etc..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Rudderless ship Overpromoted Corporate Employees out of their depth. Head office unable to take constructive feedback (on anything) Poor communication Multi directional strategies all going nowhere Turnover at senior level ridiculous. Removal of Sales, HR, Operations, etc. Hotels left to their own defenses. Poor senior leadership"

Barista says

"An unnecessary amount of various pretentious floor managers and office staff. Egos flandering about, silly rules (no bar towel on belt, hauling the coffee grinders to and from storage every day, no taste testing espresso etc.)"

Vice President says

"Board in fighting and loss of the entire C-Suite made this company loose 70% of it stock value and all its talented employees. Company is a shell of its former self."


"it was terrible. Some people working on Upper Management positions that had no idea fo fwhat they were doing and worse no one seemed to care"

Current Employee - Tournant says

"When I start to the hotel is nice everybody was nice to me then after my chef call me back and return from laidoff everybody change the become everybody hate me and I don't know why!!!"

Current Employee - Sales Manager says

"Horrible upper management at hotel and corporate office Not trustworthy No concern for employees Does not give us any support Does not pay well"

Current Employee - SPA Coordinator says

"New management meant a more corporate working environment. Cares more about guest experience before employee experience. Promotions are not based on how long you've been with the company or your experience, it's very political. They do not take the opinions of their employees seriously. Show appreciation for employees only when its time for the employees to take the annual employee engagement survey."

Bartender (Former Employee) says

"Horrible morale, uncaring inept managers, drama and politics are the worst I’ve ever seen at any job I’ve ever worked. This was a truly awful experience. Proceed with caution."

Accouting (Former Employee) says

"This company promotes people who they like, and same ethnic background. Hiring policy is not fair. Minority don't get job security, stressfull, make you work for 2 position to save money."

operations (Former Employee) says

"In bullet points and simple :*fake environment*disrespectful upper management*unorganized systems*the only employees that last have been there for over 20 years...nothinghorrible management"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Typical day at work was twiddling your thumbs. Literally. In order to add some value to your day, you have to be a go-getter and make things happen. If you're looking to advance your career, this is not the place. They will create new job titles for "advancement" but with zero compensation. Human Resources is a terrible resource. Execs at this company fear the union workers and allow them to run the show while middle management are subjected to useless SOPs with zero accountability. Most enjoyable part is the people and the employee room rates. They hire some great talent but sadly do not know how to retain the good and keep the bad.Peoplezero opportunity for advancement, high turnover"

security specialist (Former Employee) says

"The HR department was corrupt and biased. I went through 3 directors of my department in a year and a half because the HR department kept choosing horrible candidates for the director's position and laid off or overlooked the best ones. Morgan's hotel group doesn't know what they are doing and that is why they are doing so poorly financally. If you don't believe me, just look at their stocks right now. What they pay their employees is also very behind the new hotels opening on south beach, but they're so cheap and broke that they refuse to give raises. For the time I worked there, I never saw a single raise. Don't trust the Delano hotel especially. The corruption however comes all the way up from the NY corporate office. I do not recommend anyone working at the Delano hotel especially.Free lunches, benefitsBiased and corrupt HR, bad wages, incompetent executives"

Assistant Front Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"There are great people that work for MHG. Co workers become friends. Lots of people work very hard to make their hotels run smoothly. Unfortunately they underpay and over work their employees."

Night Manager/AFOM (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot from Morgans. Some good, some bad. All in all it was a great experience.401k not Provided"

Human Resources Intern (Former Employee) says

"It was fun but, at the time, it was obvious that the company was going bankrupt. There were a lot of fun activities for the interns during my summerlunches, peoplegoing bankrupt"

Guest Service Associate, Shore Club (Former Employee) says

"Get ready to deal with alot of customer complaints. The hotel is a South Beach fixture but the building is falling apart.employees are hard working and willing to help. lower managers are usually hard is a difficult person to work for."

Accounts Paybale Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Great company mission.More room for growth and learning is needed.Better upper management lunchshort breaks"

Reception Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good for your career progression. Learn from other managers across various departments to gain an operational view of the whole company. Long hours and pressure to perform at 100% all timesfoodhours"

Regional Group Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Selling the Morgans Hotel Group was difficult due to the lack of meeting space and the high goals. Over all it is a good company and as I was leaving my last position there, they were going through some positive change within the organization.Supportive PeersTurnover- Job Security"

RESERVATIONS AGENT (now Reservations Manager) says

"A typical day is checking and responding to emails and phone messages. Counting how many reservation the restaurant took the night before and pre-paring for the future booking in the coming weeks. I learned how to recover guests who were unhappy. I learnt also how difficult it is to please everyone and that some guests can be more challenging than other. I got along with majority of my co-workers, work was a fun environment for me. Mostly because I got along with my immediate co worker. The hardest thing of the job was dealing with extremley challenging guests and work the later hours. I found difficult after a while to leave work late and manage to still get in for the early shift. The most enjoyable bit of the job was working with my team. We always had a laugh and were able to communicate with each other. We made the day fun and enjoyable.Free Lunch, discounted travelLate Shifts, Working Sundays"

overnight housekeeping manager (Former Employee) says

"It's a very fun place to work with a lot going on. I learned a whole lot working there, about different cultures, different people and how to deal with people on different levels. Management is somewhat tense at times since this is a union working place. Co- workers pretty good, there were ups and down at times, but that we never could handle. Working when the communication was at it's lowest point. Been able to help whenever needed to, no matter what. I love to see things done right."

Joanne Jepson says

"If you dont reserve direct with the hotel they wont speak to you! I booked a Superior room through Prestigia via Trivago, but having read reviews on Trust Pilot which includes many customers turning up at hotels and finding that Prestigia had not made or paid for their booking I thought it best to check with the hotel that they had my reservation. I have tried to speak to Sanderson by: 1) Facebook Message - closed - thats understandable - advised me to email 2) Email - no response - not even an auto response to acknowledge my emails 3) The hotels online contact form - you can only use this if you have booked directly with the hotel as you need their reservation number 4) Telephone - automated - many options say they cant help and when you chose one that doesnt say they cant help, it cuts you off This is an expensive hotel and one should expect a better standard of service that this whether you booked directly with them or not!!"

Travis Filing says

"This place is really strange. The room was very spacious, but hardly decorated. The room was stark white with a really weird wallpapered face on one wall, that had huge eyes. It makes you a little uncomfortable, like I'm living the book, 1984 and "Big Brother is watching you." Early the first morning, the couple across the hall (In the Ike & Tina Turner Suite) had a huge knock down - drag out FIGHT. Now, I'm not blaming the hotel for that, but the walls were so thin and uninsulated, it was like the fight was in our room. I kept waiting for that announcer to come out of our kitchen with a microphone and say "Let's get ready to rumbllllllleeeee!" It took security 15 minutes to come up and check it out. The woman screamed at the man, "I'm going to kill you in your sleep", now that I think about it, they were quiet the second night... If the authorities are reading this, you know how to find me... Anyway, back on topic... thin walls... go... In another room someone was bouncing what sounded like a golf ball on the tile. Very annoying. But again, sounded like they were right in our room. The beds are 12 inches off the ground making it very awkward. We had a 2 room suite, the living room was huge, I'd say 12' x 18', all they had for furnishings were a flat screen on the wall, couch and a tiny 1' x 3' desk in the corner with a roller chair. Had some friends stop by the room for a drink and 4 had to squeeze on the couch, 1 in the desk chair and the other had to get a kitchen chair. The staff was very nice, but a little incompetent. Had to call several times to get my reservations straightened out. We were there for a conference, and we got a "special rate" which turned out to be more than the standard rate. In fact, I cancelled my group rate room and ended up getting a suite for $1 LESS per night. I'd skip this place, it needs a lot of improvement in the area of furnishings and training. The positives - The view was a 5 so was the pool. This hotel could be great, but it's not."