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More Than (styled as MORE TH>N) is an insurance company based in the United Kingdom that offers motor, home, pet and travel insurance. Its business arm More Than BUSINESS offers business insurance. The company is a subsidiary of the RSA Insurance Group.


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"The management isn't always approachable and there are not very clear systems in place."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"Like an episode of “The Twilight Zone”. The employees are super. Management and office employees are over friendly and just bizarre. Exhausting. They give raises then take them away. Started at 14 an hour raised up to18.67 then dropped back down to 14 for the same position. This happened to many employees"

Lead (Former Employee) says

"Not appreciated at all. Work hard and do everything you can to help them succeed and no incentives to do so. No raises,no evaluations, no thank you or good job. Always saying how the work being done is not enough or good enough. No training hardly at all. You are basically thrown into it to fend for yourself."

Machine owner, Packer, Quality Control (Former Employee) says

"Started and it was great I advanced fast worked overtime sometimes 60hrs a week went in one day for our shift and over 100 people were let go because he didn't know how to save the bakery. but they were still sending out flyers they were hiring. Management is horrible, even a customer told the employees that communication was bad. They do not treat you like family as they say."

Family Member-Mixer (Former Employee) says

"Racist group, terrible attendance point system. Terrible supervision, terrible accommodations. Terrible provided work shoes. IF YOUR TALL, DO NOT APPLY. If your a mixer prepare for 120 heat without accommodations. It’s overall HORRIBLE!!! Not worth the pay.!3 breaksEverything else"

Industrial Maintenance Technician (Current Employee) says

"Worst run company, i have seen in my many, many years of working. This company is going to be closing very soon. There is a severe problem with management. They all have no clue whats running or how to handle employees. They do everything in thier power to force people to quit, and hire more 19 year olds fresh out of school. Anyone good at thier job must be in the good ole boy program to continue to have a job. If they are not butt kissers they will be written up and forced out. They pride themselves on killing this company. Which is over 100 years old."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"Fake family setting. Certain foods not allowed. No jewlery gum. Someone was fired for it no warning. Fired a pregnant woman! Then her lover. Same favs and others you got time to lean you got time to clean. No restroom breaks. Contest eyes and lies"

Sanitation Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was with this company for a year and I can tell you that this place is run by people who have no idea how to run it. They treat their employees terribly but they get away with it because they call them "family members". Don't even get me started on how horrendous the management is! There are a few good managers, but the majority are just awful, and as nice as the HR team is, they do nothing to help you. I will never recommend ANYONE to work here. Hands down the worst job I have ever had"

Shipping and Receiving (Former Employee) says

"At first it seemed like a great place to work but it quickly became apparent that if you weren’t kissing up to management you were going to have a rough time,the shift leader and manager do nothing to work with you and if you get sick you might as well look for new employment."

Packer (Former Employee) says

"Go work there and find out for yourself. Horrible management and awful benefits. Insurance was not accepted by the health department. You get (almost) a full day of vacation for every 500 hours worked.NoneEverything"

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"a joke they care nothing about there employees They dont really care about there employees as they say they do.Upper management have no clue what they are doing that is why they had the big layoff poor poor management. HR is joke knows nothing about being a true HR person she is a liar and a fraud needs to go back to staffing agency she came from. ."

Packer (Current Employee) says

"They call the employees “family members,” which is a complete joke. They are immature and full of drama. I felt like I was in high school again. The pay is trash to be working 12 hours a day. You will have no life.Trainer and supervisors are professional and caringPay, job duties aren’t clear, waste of time"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"They laid off the whole weekend shift without notice. Very disappointed in the company. I had loved my job. They claim to treat their employees like family but you don't just throw family out like that. Many of us couldn't get unemployment and are now frantically looking for new jobs."

Packer/ operator (Former Employee) says

"Upper management was horrible. Owners are to involved in the company causing situations to become unfair for employees. Benefits were outrageous no way one could afford it for a family. Rules and benefits constantly changed without notification."

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"More than a bakery DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE EMPLOYEE'S OR THE YOUR LIFE OUTSIDE OF WORK. This Company Has Horrible Management, No Advancement & Everybody Is There For A Check. Great Co-workers & Job Includes Lots Of Cleaning."

Shipping and Receiving Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Many of the team leads and shift supervisors were nice and tried their best but upper management and the owners were disasters. You found out nothing till the last minute even if it meant having to rearrange your entire life.Nice workers and a clean environmentNo warning about mandatory overtime or other things that affect your life"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for a year and I liked it at first but they treat their employees horrible. HR is the worst I’ve ever seen. The pay is decent but not with what all you have to put up with and the work is okay. Literally the worst job I’ve ever had and I don’t recommend it to anyone. They don’t treat people fairly PayEverything"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Equipment is outdated and poorly maintained resulting in frequent closure of the line. This results in loss of pay for employees for frequent line repair."

Mixer (Former Employee) says

"The entire weekend shift lost their job here with absolutely no warning. The owner of this joke of a place told us just a week before he laid us all off that the company was doing well and not to listen to rumors going around. Exactly a week later, we all lost our jobs. They didn't even have the decency to call some of us and tell us about the closing. It pays well but there are WAY TOO MANY chiefs and not enough Indians trying to run that place. They like to take fresh out of school children that have no work experience and put them in charge. The place is a joke in my book.Pays ok.Management, no proper training, green horns running the place"

Production Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately the company is growing faster than their ability to manage it. They have placed people in positions that have no experience which has resulted in low production"

Safety Manager (Current Employee) says

"is is a good place to work with many opportunity's and a fun family environment. management is lacking in some areas but just need proper guidance and training."

Ms Kaur says

"We have several policies with this company . Never submitted a claim ever until recently. Most chaotic , mismanaged experience. I thought I was in the middle of playing mind games. To cut it short I intend to review all policies at renewal and take them somewhere else. Awlful dishonest, lack of transparency service"

Jason says

"Shocking service. Received 2 letters to submit documents or licence would be cancelled. One dated 24 Dec and 7 Jan. The 7 Jan letter took 6 days to arrive. Due to COVID post is late. This means you have a small time window of "days" to get documents they want. The letter is inaccurate and doesn't mention they need all people listed and is threatening. An automatic email back says it will take 14 days to be looked at, beyond the deadline in the letter. The letter needs to take into account these 14 days but doesn't. Call centre in South Africa cant/wont put you through. Tried to raise a complaint was told I would be contacted the next day but never received a call. I previously used Aviva, who I highly recommend."

Daryl says

"Happy with service, although I was upset that I was called up 3 weeks before policy was up saying I need to renew now as over Christmas my policy would not be able to be renewed and locked out. When I phoned up and complained that I felt pressured they said that I can made a decision day before."

Josh Woodgate says

"Overall, good customer service and a great system where you are rewarded every quarter for good driving. However.....This is my first car insurance policy and as such, was very expensive which I expected. Just make sure you allow yourself enough miles on your policy because I didn’t and even with a perfect +10 driving score, it’ll cost you around £131.77 for an extra 1,000 miles, and more like £197.65 with a poor -10 driving score. I don’t mind saying that my policy is already £1,300 and to make the top up miles this expensive is a little bit cheeky to me... Especially since I have a very good driving score and got my first reward through today at the sum of £28 (the maximum reward) after 3 months. Don’t get me wrong, £28’s nothing to be sniffed at, but doesn’t really make up for the 100’s of extra pounds that you may well have to spend just to be able to drive some extra miles."