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Moody's Analytics is a subsidiary of Moody's Corporation established in 2007 to focus on non-rating activities, separate from Moody's Investors Service. It provides economic research regarding risk, performance, and financial modeling, as well as consulting, training and software services. Moody's Analytics is composed of divisions such as Moody's KMV, Moody's, Moody's Wall Street Analytics, the Institute of Risk Standards and Qualifications, and Canadian Securities Institute Global Education Inc.

Moody's Analytics has a toxic working environment and no work-life balance, claims a current employee at

"Poor management, the work environment is not cool, micromanagement, no work-life balance, full politics, build an environment of tension all the time, not the right company to stay for long, no strict hr policies, no safety for girls"


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Former Employee - Associate Director says

"Bad management with Prima Donna personalities"

Former Employee - Assistant Director says

"All teams, especially RiskConfidence (RCO), don't follow Agile processes and deliver amazingly low quality software! Management takes blind eyes when major bugs are found and hope customers won't find them! Rampant favoritism and nepotism just like others have said. Company filled with long-time unmotivated employees with outdated tech skills but are in control and resistant to change and improve. They are just waiting to retire! That's why they are stuck with old technologies! Development, product management, financial research, QA, and documentation are all controlled by insecure and mean managers. Many favored workers and managers hardly show up in the office! Specifications, development and QA processes are the worse I have ever seen anywhere! You are just a slave and do what you are told within the time they planned. There is no culture and no collaboration within and between teams. Everyone tries to do as little as possible to avoid making mistakes! HR is non-existent and is a joke. Why does HR need written permission before releasing info about my title and tenure when a third party conducts my background check??? Don't waste time applying for a position! Don't believe your friend's lies about how nice this place is and just say no! Turnover among new hires is extremely high for a good reason! My time there was a huge nightmare! I could have sued all those liars and animals who have no hearts!"


"No career development opportunities even for well performing employees"

Software Engineer says

"Lack of personal development and growth in the software department. Coworkers are either too green or too old and the good ones in the middle are leaving. Hard work is not appreciated. Management said that they will change and and listen to advice, but that is a big lie."

Current Employee - Director says

"Toxic culture. Back stabbing among x-functional teams. Lack of management support on issues reported by other teams, perceived or real."

Current Employee - New Construction Validator says

"Everyone who works for Moody's and not REIS. They brag about how much money they make in their quarterly town halls but always skip right past the part about cost of living raises. The average salary in White Plains is over 45K, cost of living in White Plains is 54% higher than the national average and Glassdoor estimated this salary as a minimum of 56K annually. Moody's didn't do their homework when they bought REIS so do your homework and don't work here."

Former Employee - Associate Director says

"If you are in junior positions, you need to work like a slave, no work life balance, and very low pay comparing to market rate. No reproductive benefits for LGBT."


"Immature and selfish manager. Energy dragging and micro management. Frequent f-words in the office. Dishonest and biased evaluation. Zero credits to team’s achievements. Pretending to be a nice person in front of senior management and other team member."

Former Employee - Moody's Accelerator says

"We were acquired by Moody's at which time an announcement was made no layoffs. I've been through many acquisitions, and there is usually a little transparency about this stuff, and they did a layoff only a year prior. Then I was called into a meeting about standard monthly processing, which was a layoff instead. Again, I'm used to a bit of honesty. I was not allowed to pack my own stuff at my desk, instead they mailed it in a box with a hole in it, two weeks later, after picking out what they wanted to keep. About $500 worth of stuff, including a stylus and its charger (not stored together at the desk), a large roll of art pens, a pack of maxi pads (clearly, they could not think this was company property) and a sit stand desk never made it. If you work there, keep nothing of value at your desk. Carry it with you at all times. You may not get to go home with it,"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Disconnected, rude, and unprofessional leadership. Tone is set from the top and its off pitch. Very uncomfortable work atmosphere - its quiet as a morgue and its a sales floor. Old technology with no innovation, limited resources to do so. Also, keep in mind this is the company that rated MBS A++. Corrupt, untrustworthy - if you think the tiger has changed its I don't foresee a healthy future for the company, clients hate their products but have been forced to use them - thankfully, alternatives have risen. Most people inexperienced there as it is."

VP of Development (Current Employee) says

"Moody's investors services culture is politically spoiled by a new CTO and MDs, they are more focused to lay off all H1Bs. In last 1 year including during Covid-19 they laid off hundreds of H1Bs, many of them had no choice but to struggle during pandemic, market was ready to hire H1Bs, the USCIS were closed and even international flights were shut for indefinite time. The CTO and MDs should be ashamed.No scope to grow for good developers and BAsSupported favoritism and great place to improve political skills"

Vice President (Current Employee) says

"This company has became pathetic and dead place for good technical people. “ The politics” that’s the primary skill which company is looking for now a days if you are good at it you will succeed."

Assistant Vice President (Former Employee) says

"Company is full of politics and really dead place to work, save yourself to not join this IT firm, they recently did big layoff and lot many of H1B visa holders are out of job they just have 60 days to find new job in this pandemic"

Senior QA Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Extremely horrible work atmosphere biased people no clear directions management is racist hopeless not worth wasting your time............and all things bad"

Assistant Director (Former Employee) says

"If you want visibility, you give up on your life. Work life balance is just a term. Company and management do nothing to enrich employee culture other than some employee groups which they probably just have to as a check list/mandate for Human Resources. HR is incompetent and they’ve started to hire inexperienced people. Moody’s should focus on winning less industry awards and more on their employees. A few employees will never speak up about their challenges because of fear and others are very verbal and they get all the attention."

Accounts Payable (Former Employee) says

"The shareholders are god. You are just a little cog in their wheel; and boy do they let you know it. No one is safe, not you, not your co-workers, not your boss. You are replaceable, and that's how they like it.Clean and professionalFearful environment"

Financial Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Moodys was the worst place i ever worked. Management was terrible with direction changes. 15 hour days were not uncommon, and if you had vacations you were expected to be on call."

Commercial Real Estate Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Find something better, it would be a better allocation of your time and skills. People and the environment are very depressing, they hate their job and if you don't they'll make you an outsider. Most people here are outside of their element and have a specific perception of the world and what they believe, a job to be. they lack in real-world experience or expertise. Just stay away or use it as a stepping stone. Fair warning!Easy jobEasy job, nothing will challenge you"

Angestellter (Former Employee) says

"Unseriöser, unverlässlicher und hoch unprofessioneller Arbeitgeber. Unmögliches Verhalten während und nach Bewerbungsprozess, nach Vertragsunterschrift wurde der Verantwortlichkeitsbereich um 100% erweitert. Forderungen werden mit Nachdruck gestellt, während der Rahmen gar nicht geschaffen wird. Hohe Fluktuation für ein und dieselbe Position und immer sind die anderen (die nicht zugegen sind und sich nicht verteidigen können) schuld. Wie bei so vielen amerikanischen Companies im Finanzsektor, die falschesten Personen in sensiblen Stellen, die nach unten treten und nach oben Kuscheln und ihren Mangel an Anwesenheit, Professionalität und Umgänglichkeit allzugerne an anderen abarbeiten. Management segnet das ab. Blockwartmentalität. Ganz schwach. Mir tut es leid für einige durchaus kollegiale, professionelle und fleißige Mitarbeiter, die (für meinen Geschmack zu) vieles abfangen (müssen).N.a.Gehalt nicht kompetitiv, Umgang katastrophal, Wer Verlässlichkeit und Seriosität erwartet ist hier falsch"

Research Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Avoid Like the Plague, They treat their employees poorly and are known to let people go the day of with out any warning. Furthermore, They are extremely unprofessional and set unrealistic standardsnoneUnrealistic expectaions"

Data operation Associate (Former Employee) says

"no work life balance, lot of pressure, no team coordination, manager not supportive at all and moreover team doesnot know whom they want to hire. If you are an international please think before getting hired. Dont accept contract to hire roles."

QA Manager Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Moodys is well known for being backwards when it comes to technology. In an effort to catch up they have hired numerous consultants, but middle management is the same that got them into the mess in the first place. Consultants are usually never treated as well as an employee in a company, but I've never seen them treated as poorly as at Moodys. Verbally abused, let go with no notice, forced to work long hours. If you are at the risk of having your house foreclosed then I would work there, but not for any other reason.Good locationIncompetent abusive bosses, ancient technology, complete & utter disorganization"

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"They dont have good culture to work and dont respect their employees. I raised a complaince case against my manager sitting in new york office and I am out of moodys because of that."

Analayst (Current Employee) says

"High Stress environment, poor work/life balance. Management able to bully employees and HR not here to help you, they are for the management. You will only advance if you know someone, otherwise you will feel stuck in your position. Pay varies depending on who you know but certainly low pay overall compared to other companies. Not a place I would recommend anyone to work for.ability to work from homehigh cost of employee paid healthcare, poor management, low salaries"


"This is a good job to start out with if you're a recent college grad, however it is not a place for longevity, as there is no loyalty for tenure and layoffs are frequent. Pay is very low compared to positions of the same title for other companies and management all over the company is very poor"

annon (Former Employee) says

"Expect to experience lots of the following; Toxic culture Cottage industries are rife Poor leadership Commercially negligent Disengagement to be expected Blame culture Lack of collaboration from one BU/TEAMS to another"

Developer (Former Employee) says

"Loads of politics Constant hiring and firing Pressure to work fast No support, mentoring or training Weird technical decisions Constant restructuring Mocking people behind their backs Political beings beliefWork from homeEverything else"

Researcher (Former Employee) says

"This job is great to put some experience on a resume but no future. Questionable work practices. Plenty of vacation time but your paid so little you can't actually go on vacation.Good benefits and plenty of vacationPay is low you can't afford to go any place"

Inventory Acquisition Group Researcher (Former Employee) says

"Overall the job is good for someone right out of college who is looking to make an average income with health benefits. no room for growth and high turnover rate."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"The management at Moody's office in Omaha is beyond crazy, and I can't believe corporate has not stepped in yet after the acquisition here. If you are considering work here... well no one gets paid enough to deal with the kind of stress from the Omaha office. Unrealistic expectations of the amount of time you should work. Not at all organized in business process. Good people leave continually.A good income for a short whileUnreal stress and expectations for lots of time"

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