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Moderna is an American biotech company focused on drug discovery and drug development based exclusively on messenger RNA (mRNA). Moderna is attempting to insert synthetic mRNA into the living cells of patients that would reprogram their cells to create their own therapies and vaccines, rather than being created externally and injected as with conventional medicines. It is a novel technique abandoned by several large pharmaceutical and biotech companies which were unable to overcome the dangerous side-effects of getting RNA into cells. As of May 2020, no mRNA drug has been approved for human use.

A upset former employee talked about Moderna in a review "Just a difficult place. You'll have a few moments of feeling like a valued employee but for the most part you'll feel dispensable. Not much of a team environment at Moderna, tt's more like everyone for themselves." You can learn things here but for the most part you'll be taken advantage of and you'll leave feeling like another victim."


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"Worst people leadership especially CEO"

Current Employee - Research Associate says

"Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. Moderna certainly takes a hard line on ANY accusations of bullying or inappropriate behavior. All employees are encouraged to anonymously report any potential violations of our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics via our ethics hotline or website. We are committed to our employees' health, well-being, and job satisfaction - and to creating and environment where everyone can do their very best work. We strive to foster a feedback-heavy culture - and hope anyone on-site at Moderna feels welcomed by HR."

Current Employee - Senior Sci says

"For young PhD graduates, I highly recommend this place. You can get your foot in the R&D industry door. You'll become a manager almost immediately. In some cases, you won't even need to complete much postdoc time. You'll be a leader with a voice that is heard. Actually, you might not even need to interview. Now... if you don't have a PhD.... Run. It doesn't matter how much experience you have, how much non-doctoral education you have, how long you've served the company, performance, dedication etc. It doesn't matter..... Run. The PhD gatekeeping by Moderna is demoralizing to so many key personnel. It creates two classes of employees, and the lower class is disillusioned. I'm convinced this is why Moderna is going to fail. The most important thing to people is respect. Passion and drive are so key for a company like this. When you don't feel respected, passion for the work is near impossible to hold onto. When you don't feel respected, you take the easy outs. You do the minimum. When you don't feel respected, you don't squeeze in one more experiment before going home. You come in late, you half-ass the documentation, you procrastinate, you order more reagents than you need. A fair salary and solid perks alone don't buy respect. The work needs to be appreciated. Talent needs to be recognized. And not with a title like, "Senior Principal Research Associate". Think about how ridiculous that title is for a second. Do you really think people that receive that title are grateful? (they weren't). That's a scarlett letter. That title says, I know you're working hard, but you are incapable of creative problem solving or leveraging any scientific knowledge to propel the company forward. HR messaging is that this is the industry norm. It's not. And even if it was, that doesn't make it right. RAs notice, RAs talk, RAs leave, RAs get disillusioned. And that's one of the saddest things about this, treating people this way becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The company used to at least pretend this was a meritocracy. Not anymore. Ironic too - the president and CEO are non-PhDs."

Former Employee - Manufacturing says

"Thanks for your post. I am definitely concerned about your comments and would love to hear more. Can you reach out to me to discuss? April Eldred - Head, Talent Acquisition."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for your thoughtfully written review. Would it be possible to hear more in a confidential conversation? I would love to hear more about your experience and your ideas to address. We have put several talent development programs in place recently (in Research and across Moderna) and I want to be sure this feedback is considered as we continue to role out these key programs. Thanks! April Eldred -"

Former Employee - Researcher says

"Very hierarchical, micromanagement and everyone thinks about themselves and their own growth. I have seen lot of favoritism and promotions are biased"

Current Employee - Director says

"Unfortunately, Moderna is not a great place to work for many people. The root cause is top-down arrogance that dominates the organization. Top scientists, directors, and executives have departed at an alarming rate. The loss of quality leaders has left key positions filled by ineffective managers. The turning point occurred around the time veteran CSO Joe Bolen departed to be replaced by the current junior leadership. The company uses a forced ranking system. Front line managers have little say in the process. Negotiation between department heads play out with quid pro quo promotion trading and blocking, reputation sabotage, and a strong bias against non-pHDs. Weak leadership plays favorites and unloads failure on scapegoats. Uneven standards of evaluation lead to promotions that defy logic and demoralize talent. This system results in fighting over projects and accomplishments. Department silos. Passive aggressiveness, finger-pointing, disparaging reputations of peers. This non-collaborative, competitive spirit make Moderna a toxic place to work."

Former Employee - Director says

"Need much better scientific management"

Current Employee - QA Analyst says

"Wow - thanks for sharing this. We definitely strive for a great work culture - and think we have it across most of the Company. Clearly, there are some challenges here we need to address, as your comments are pretty targeted towards a specific issue. Can you reach out to me at so we can discuss and address? Inappropriate behavior ("lying, and destroying the career....", at any level, is never tolerated here - just not cool."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks for sharing your feedback. While I am not sure when you left Moderna, there is no excuse for any unprofessional behavior. Please reach out so I can learn more about any potential issues that may need to be addressed. My email is Our HR organization has been transformed over the recent months - as we continue to grow at an unprecedented rate. Our growth also has meant some 'growing pains', as we scale. While no company is perfect, I am confident we have done a good job of promoting a positive culture based on our values of Bold, Relentless, Curious, and Collaborative."

Research Associate, Drug Product Analytical Development (Former Employee) says

"Moderna has good pay, benefits, and has great learning opportunities. Once you have enough experience, get out. Moderna leadership is very incompetent. Lack of planning is appalling. Everything is last minute. Terrible work life balance. Management likes to protect their favorite suck-ups, even though they are a cancer to the whole company. Old boy network.Free lunch, excellent benefits, great learning opportunityStress, work life balance, incompetent leadership, cancerous coworkers"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Just a difficult place. You'll have a few moments of feeling like a valued employee but for the most part you'll feel dispensable. Not much of a team environment there, It's more like :everyone for themselves." You can learn things here but for the most part you'll be taken advantage of and you'll leave feeling like another victim.Cool Scienceoppressive management, aggressive environment"

MFG ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"New company still going through growing pains. Managers don't listen to operators. Hours can get crazy. There is no training effectiveness plan, so operators are poorly trained.Free lunchManagement expects things they don't convey"

Scientist (Current Employee) says

"There is huge potential for this company, but the work environment can be toxic. Lack of communication, unrealistic timelines, and a demand for perfection make work/life balance a pipe dream. Employees are dedicated, competitive, and overwhelmed, while management is out of touch with realistic timelines and the amount of work needed to complete projects effectively and completely.Free lunch, happy hours, stock options, huge potential for the scienceCompetitive, siloed, unclear objectives, unrealistic expectations and timelines"

Quality Control Associate II (Pre-Clinical) says

"It was a great opportunity. I am grateful for my time there. It can be a unstable place though as a contractor. I did all that I was supposed to and still was let go due to budgets as in my contract was shortened by 4 months with no notice really. I also do not feel it was really a lot there for me in particular to learn. They do promote often and create positions for people to be promoted too but without added responsibilities. I don't know, It was weird."


"Moderna was great when smaller. The abundance of overwhelmed managers and EC members causes Scientists and RAs to fall through the cracks. Decisions about your career advancement are made for you without your say.Free Lunch, BonusesLack of management, lack of transparency, limited communication"

Senior Research Associate (Current Employee) says

"Great company to work at, strong management team and growing value year after year. My only complaint is there strong resistance to converting their contractorsFree lunchNo healthcare"

Scooter says

"Couldn’t use my left arm after 1st shot - couldn’t put arm out front, to the side or to the back for 4-5 days - absolutely no sleep"

SK says

"I have been customer for several years and experienced the worse customer service ever. You’ve employees that doesn’t have any sense of good customer service or how to talk with your customers. I have decided to leave you and find another insurance company that treat me with a good sense of customer service and knows how to treat a customer."

ks2019 says

"FRAUDSTERS!!! We had a car breakdown while client of theirs (2017-11-04). They organized the towing and I didn't hear anything from anyone for 1 year and a half. The company that did the towing claims to have sent an invoice on 2019-05-31 (which we didn't get). Then, we go back from vacation (2019-09-18) and we find letters from collection agency and kronofogden. The little bit you save if you select these fraudsters is not worth the problems they will cause you. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!"

Kaveh says

"Cheaters and liers! After talking through phone for more than one hour, we came to an agreement about my car and home insurance. I was told the price is valid if I accept the offer while we were talking. After accepting the offer I found that none of the terms in the contract are in agreement with what we talked about. They had increased the price, removed garage from house insurance, increased the deductible etc. I sent an email directly after the call and I was told that it will be corrected in two days. No surprize that it never happened! I was never contacted by them again."

Showgy says

"The company sent me a new bill automatically for the renewal of my insurance with them. The bill is higher than the previous year although I am supposed to get a discount. I called them 4 times to cancel my insurance and the bill they sent me. Each time I call they tell me that my insurance will be cancelled and I find out it didn't. They said they will mail the cancellation and so far I have received nothing. I also emailed them and never heard back. I just hope I won't be forced to pay the bill to avoid getting in trouble with bad credit history. I just cannot trust them or their service. They increased their prices without justification and then you might get in trouble for unpaid bill and eventually get forced to pay it.. did anybody experience the same thing?"