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Moby Lines (Moby Lines S.p.A.) is an Italian shipping company that operates ferries and cruise ferries between the Italian or French mainland and the islands of Elba, Sardinia, and Corsica. The company was founded in 1959 under the name Navigazione Arcipelago Maddalenino (NAVARMA for short). In 2006 Moby Lines purchased Lloyd Sardegna. The company is known for using Warner Bros. Looney Tunes characters as the external livery of its ships.

Moby is highly unorganized, has long lines, delays, and inefficient staff, according to Camilla at

"I had a terrible experience with my trip on the ferry. Highly unorganized, long lines, and delays. I tried contacting the agency for suggesting improvements and giving feedback on their service but I had no response after a week. I believe a lot can be done to improve and most of all I think it's ridiculous that there are not enough seating options even if they have you pay a fee for every person, I don't pretend to get a cabin but at least a chair is essential for a 10 hour trip to Sardinia. The crew is inefficient and the spaces are unorganized and not that clean. We were nearly run over by people descending the elevating stairs after some members of the staff told us it was ok to go and others made us stop in the middle of the crowd, not exactly great considering COVID-19 restrictions."


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