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Data and Audio-Visual Enterprises Wireless, d/b/a Mobilicity, was a Canadian mobile virtual network operator owned by Rogers Communications. Its name was a portmanteau of the words "mobility" and "simplicity".[2] Mobilicity was one of several new mobile network operators, along with Public Mobile (later acquired by Telus) and Wind Mobile (later acquired by Shaw Communications), which launched in Canada after a government initiative to encourage competition in the wireless sector.

An angry customer shares his opinion on Yelp, "Mobilicity is the worst! They have the worst signal when I travel to a blue mountain, my phone can not receive any signal. They scam the customer!!! When I apply for Mobilicity my plan was $28.25 and after 2 months they charge me $39.55 without giving me any notice. I call the customer service and they told me they can't do anything."


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