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Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (三菱電機株式会社, Mitsubishi Denki kabushiki gaisha, also abbreviated as MELCO), established on 15 January 1921, is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the core companies of Mitsubishi. The products from MELCO include elevators and escalators, high-end home appliances, factory automation systems, train systems, semiconductors, digital signage, and space satellites.

Jennifer is a very upset customer and wants to tell people her story, "BUYERS BE WARNED! Stay away from Mitsubishi cars. The radiator sensor broke in my Outlander, and it will not smog with the engine light on in California! As a result, I can't register my car. Mitsubishi only sells the sensor and radiator together for $1,500! This is a total rip off, as there is nothing wrong with my radiator! The DMV said to junk it for $1,000. I guess they are saying Mitsubishi is junk? I don't have this kind of money. What am I supposed to do Mitsubishi?"


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shop custodian (Former Employee) says

"People are always working against you and taking the tools you need and trying to push their work off on you. People are always talking about their personal problems at work then the supervisor comes to you and falsely accuses you of doing that when everybody knows you're the only one not doing that. People throw rolls of tape at other. The least paid people do most of the work, the highest paid people are on their phone when they should be working."

Logistics Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Managers are mean and do not care about you. If you are a contractor worker which most people are, you do not get benefits. It takes 5+ years for them to hire you on."

ejecutivo telefonico (Former Employee) says

"El jefe de area no tiene la.capacidad de liderazgo ya que no cuenta con estudios superiores a lic. Y a su vez incapacidad de manejo de personal y problematica y toxica en sus funciones"

Ejecutivo callcenter (Former Employee) says

"Una empresa donde no hay crecimiento laboral,mala práctica de comunicación,conflicto de.intereses,cero seguimiento de recursos humanos sobre queja de acoso laboral y hostigamiento laboral por parte del jefe de callcenter donde fueron despedidos 7 compañeros de Callcenter sin despedir al jefe de callcenter por llevar más años en la empresa demasiado familiares laborando en la empresa lo que lleva mala práctica de soluciones de trabajoNadaConflicto de intereses"

Production Technician II (Current Employee) says

"Noisy and concrete floors for walking on. Hot in summer and cold (literally have to wear a coat inside) in the winter Disorganized and all rushed at end of month. The end of the quarter is even worse. Lack of training and always changing things and not letting everyone know. Then when you pull their butts out of trouble they just walk away like they did everything."

Operations Coordinator- Temp (Former Employee) says

"everyone is out in the open. No one has offices including the manager. Flexible schedule. Everyone calls you out when you make a mistake. No room for growth. Management trains who they want to succeed in the company"

Die Cast Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Die Cast department was injection of molten aluminum; extremely dangerous. Required high level of mechanical aptitude. Required thorough understanding of mass production processes. The work schedule was very demanding: up to 3 months in a row without a single day off. Supervisor demanded we perform extremely dangerous processes (one of our techs was almost killed on my particular machine while performing a "mandatory process"."

Assembly Tech 1 (Former Employee) says

"Had 4 weeks of training and then had 2 months on the floor was suppose to get hired in one week and fired me with no reasoning. Wasted my time actually finding a career. The management also sucks they have no leadership and usually have no idea whats going on. Also the managers, their bosses and their bosses never worked the floor so they really have no clue what is going on and they pick favorites on who does the easy jobs and who does the worst of the worst. this place is a joke,Cleanno management can fire you when every they want for no reason"

Confidencial (Former Employee) says

"Pésimo ambiente de trabajo con Recursos Humanos, no hay promociones es una falsa todo, no hay motivación ni el salario es muy bueno. No se dejen engañar."

Gerente (Former Employee) says

"Pésima empresa, mala organización, corrupta, mediocre, lenta y atrasada tecnológicamente"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"They do not let you grow with in the company they have favoritism towards people and they don’t have flexibility in their schedule if you go complain in the office for example today everyone know what you went to complain for the next day"

operador de produccion (Former Employee) says

"En general el personal a cargo (líderes, supervisores) no tienen empatía con el personal operativo."

Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"Absolute horrible place to work, job is not secure as they make it out to be. Worked here for a few months but Was constantly sent home early for machines being broke. Team leaders are useless too.Good people that you meet.Poor wages. Useless management."

Stores Operator (Former Employee) says

"Fair enough the hours are alright Monday to Thursday 7-4 then 12 o'clock finish on a friday but your on minimum wage. Management have a terrible attitude towards staff. Was told mitubishi were very good for "job progression" and as I have many qualifications that were made aware to managers on my interview was told I could make my way higher in the business and I never was. Oh and dont take a day off I.e for your kids being ill or if your ill yourself because a week later you'll be sitting in a meeting room with two managers in front of you wanting to know all the details even if you did phone in to let them know"

Electrician (Former Employee) says

"Worked at plant in Leetonia,Ohio for 12 years. They laid everyone off and sent American jobs to China. They don't care about employees. Don't even give cost of living raises.Easy workRun by idiot's"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Needed more set raises. Aromospere dull and so we're the co workers. Supervisors weren't helpful at all. Need more management skills. Job was easy but overall couldn't take it."

Shop Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company only hires corporate/office everyone blue collar is hired thru a temp agency so you will be a temp indefinitely until a jump start comes around “their hiring classroom program” no one will know till the day of btw. There’s 5 divisions in the company so it’s hard to say what you will be doing. There’s HVSD, nuclear, diamond plate, transportation and HVAC. It’s a very political atmosphere and temps are looked down upon as being inferior if any full time employee has a problem with you they can and will get you fired, I’ve seen it happen to a lot of temps, so enjoy walking on egg shells. The only positive was getting paid weekly and that is only thru the temp agency. good luck you’ll need it I’m reviewIn review"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management. Stress is horrible. Verbal altercations on a continuous basis. Management is not qualified to manage day to day operations. Hourly employees are treated poorly. and morale was low at it's best.benefitsMangers hired who are not qualified."

Production Operative (Current Employee) says

"Doing the same thing day in day out , if u need the toilet u have to ask then wait 1 hour for someone to cover you , management are totally cheeky with you think they are big men/woman"

Sr. Business Development Specialist, Sr. Channel Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"This company constantly changes business direction. Management has no clear way to coach or help anyone. No budgets for things. New employees are lost in what or where to get help.NoneDo not work there.."

Larry says

"If you’re thinking of getting one of these you better run away as far as possible. These Ecodan pumps are supposed to be efficient (can’t guarantee this though) but if it breaks down you’re doomed. First of all it is extremely hard to find a technician who knows how to deal with these pumps and who also has availability. Then, their so called ‘trusted installers’ who are supposed to be trained by Mitsubishi have no idea how to repair one of these. All they know is how to service it and they also charge astronomical fees. In the end, if you need one of Mitsubishi’s technicians to come and fix it, you are lucky if you book one in the next 2 weeks. And believe me, is quite a nightmare in the winter without heating / warm water! In terms of reliability things look bad also. Out of 5 units installed at the same time: - the first one broke down in the first 2-3 months - the second one in the first year - the third one in the second year - the fourth one after 3 years, exactly after the warranty expired - the fifth one no issues yet Mitsubishi Electric is only interested in selling these units and they don’t care about their customers afterwards. Their after sale services are almost inexistent. Oh, and they are also interested in selling their annual service + breakdown cover for only £400 per year! Also, there is no complaints section on their website - probably they believe anybody using their products / services could have no reason to complain. And if you fill in a complaint in their contact section nobody bothers to reply anyway. But hey, you can control your unit using your smartphone - welcome to the 21st century!"

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