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Minolta Co., Ltd. (ミノルタ, Minoruta) was a Japanese manufacturer of cameras, camera accessories, photocopiers, fax machines, and laser printers. Minolta Co., Ltd., which is also known simply as Minolta, was founded in Osaka, Japan, in 1928 as Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shōten (日独写真機商店, meaning Japanese-German camera shop).

A former customer representative mentioned, "Konica Minolta is completely unorganized. Very stressful environment with a very high turn around. Heavy work load without enough workers. Managers create problems involving staff. No one likes each other or the environment. Most working there have more than one job. Wasn’t there long and had seen 4-5 women leave the building crying/crying at their desks."


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Former Employee - Named Account Executive says

"managers are sleazy, favor the younger better looking women. Often lie to you, many of my previous co-workers left because of the management alone."

Current Employee - Field Service Technician says

"Management sucks only care about number and customers."

Current Employee - NAE- Named Account Executive says

"Poor management and zero leadership"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Salaries plummeted in 2010-12 when Danka took over KMBS. Compensation went down by 25% so new Danka management could get the revenue in their salaries and bonuses. LOVED KMBS management and have no idea how a loser/debunked Danka took over the reigns in 2010."

Former Employee - Solutions Engagement Consultant says

"Very unorganized as an organization."

Current Employee - Account Executive says

"No real on boarding program. Throw a lot at you expecting something to stick. Sr management micromanaging. No real experts. Regions are not willing to spend money marketing the verticals. Still a dealer mentality. “What can you book in 30 days “. Press hard for orders. Bad customer service when it comes to fulfilling long term commitments on solutions."

Current Employee - Named Account Executive says

"Their order processing systems are so terrible that it’s almost a punishment once your sell something. The selling portion of the job is the easiest part. Getting the products actually delivered is an absolute nightmare."

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Where to begin... Konica Minolta Pittsburgh, bought a very successful local copier dealership years back ( Simmons Business systems ) since then they have slowly been bleeding out. Konica Minolta had a direct channel of selling and a channel of dealers whom also sell. The direct channel is constantly being undercut by the dealer channel. Konica Minolta caters more toward the dealer channel because hell there are minimal costs. The direct channel in Pittsburgh is ran by a recycled copier good ole boy who knows everything about selling. They will literally hire anyone off the street this includes ( drug addicts, and former criminals ) and they bring their problems into the revolving door that is Konica . as far as the technology hey its a copier it works... its pretty good"

Former Employee - Operations Specialist says

"-Incompetent management that does not properly apply company-wide policies equally to all employees. For example: Break policies dictating that employees are limited to 2 separate 15 minute breaks per shift won't be applied to those who wish to get up and smoke several times per day, even if their excessive breaks in a call center environment lead to less work performed by the individual. Severely under-performing, downright incompetent employees who bring down their entire department and do not pull their weight are allowed to drag morale down and continue to receive a paycheck year after year while customers receive a poor experience and colleagues are left to pick up the slack for no compensation whatsoever. Repeated and clearly documented offenses delivered to management's desk went straight to the recycling bin. Management doesn't have the guts to deny unreasonable PTO requests, resulting in employees stockpiling their Paid Time Off until the last month of the year (knowing full well their request for a whole month off will be approved), which leaves their colleagues short-staffed for an entire month. Considerate employees who spread their PTO throughout the year get nothing in return. Large projects and the critical decisions contained within are decided without much thought, planning, or proper foundation in place, leading to large scale failures that could have been seen by a blind man. Once again, the bottom rung customer-facing plebs are the ones who get to deal with the angry end users who are rightfully dumbfounded by the complete lack of thought that causes such failures. Paying for proper business management software licensing is absolutely out of the question, leading support representatives without appropriate tools to best assist their end users. The support experience suffers and what could have been a simple remote PIN/Password reset or remote assistance support session turns into an extensive and frustrating experience for all parties involved. Who cares if the end user is livid and the support representative is miserable due to being belittled and berated on a daily basis for management's refusal to fund proper tools? As long as Rick Taylor and the executives cut costs and maintain their salaries, right?! Simple problems that other organizations of a similar scale would handle with ease are completely and utterly screwed up because large scale issues are handled as though the company is a small business. Communication between teams and departments are non-existent at times, leading to significant system-wide changes that are pushed into production without any consideration of the affected teams and their end users' needs. On a minimum of a weekly basis some form of application or server change prevented access to a critical service or feature for hours to days that could have been avoided through simple communication. I will never understand how an entire IT department of presumably qualified individuals would be incapable of following the simple yet critical instruction "NEVER PATCH THIS APPLICATION SERVER" a single time in the three years I worked for this company. Large scale outages are not communicated to the affected users upon identification. Even the worst IT consulting firm will send out a notice to advise clients of a known outage and to provide an ETA for resolution. At Konica Minolta this is an alien concept. At best, an IT outage's existence and identification would never be acknowledged, but a useless "This problem is resolved" email would be sent company-wide several hours after the issue had begun. By this time, employees have already wasted their time calling in to report the issue, only to be told one-by-one that it is a known problem and being worked on. When a company cannot even be bothered to send a pre-emptive warning to its employees to let them know that there is an outage that is being addressed, you know something is seriously backwards. General consensus around the water coolers from employees and customers alike is that Konica Minolta and its machines are infuriating to work with and simply inferior to other brands on the market. It comes as no surprise given the way management handles business. It's all one half-baked rush to cut costs and maximize profits at the expense of the customer, the employee, and the overall product and service provided."

Former Employee - SEC Software Developer says

"Upper management has recently made a series of poor decisions that have led to the loss of several senior development team members. Their solution to this was to implement mandatory overtime requiring a minimum of 55 hours/week. The pay is already very poor, so forcing this overtime led to even more developers leaving. If you are thinking about applying to the SEC, think twice - you'll probably be required to work mandatory overtime, which will only be revealed to you after you finish your 1-3 months in the QA lab. Also, if you try to do the right thing by giving them notice that you are resigning at the end of the month, they respond by telling you to pack your things and go home immediately. This has happened several times in the last few months. My advice to any current employees, if you happen to find a new job... don't give any notice, just tell them on your last day that you aren't coming back - otherwise they will try to screw you over."

Ingénieur Commercial (Current Employee) says

"Entreprise à fuir , pas d'autres mots j'ai plus de 15 ans d'expérience et j'ai travaillé dans 3 entreprises différentes mais chez Konica on croit parfois rêver... Tout est du pipeau comme les 5 étoiles sur ce site qui sont pilotées par la RH.. Aucune directive claire tout est fait par copinage ou népotisme.. Je ne parlerai pas du turn over Au siège on a parfois l'impression d'être dans un parti politique..AucunTout"

Laborer/Operator (Current Employee) says

"The supervisor and the lead people sucks they just hide in the office all day long. They hold your review till like july or August. They hire peolpe off the streets to make more money then the peolpe who been there for years the health insurance is crazy high"

Ingénieur Commercial (Current Employee) says

"Konica Minolta est une société où la direction est complètement "déshumanisée" et n'a absolument que faire de ses salariés. Par ailleurs les nouvelles orientations de l'entreprise font peur tant elles représentent un rétropédalage important. À fuir de toute urgence."

Major Account Manager/Education (Current Employee) says

"Los Angeles office is so disconnected. Terrible on boarding, no training, no direction, CRM is clunky and not a benefit to the Rep. Every one keeps to themselves. No teamwork."

Support Staff (Former Employee) says

"I worked for all covered and it was horrible. The management walks around cursing and one even tried to sell me weed my first week. They are corrupt but rule together so don't think speaking with a higher up will do you any good. It got me fired! They do not train you and expect the most from you.NoneShort breaks, poor management, drama filled"

Customer Care Agent (Current Employee) says

"Culture is toxic, people are arrogant and ignorant, pay is GARBAGE. No room for advancement, they do not promote from within. DON'T EVEN APPLY. The only reason I am still there is the proximity to my home.Location, free coffee and teaEverything else"

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Poor communications from management - you need to be a mind reader to know what is required. In an ever changing market place Konica is not adapting quickly enough and is failing itself and its staff.,"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company is completely unorganized. Very stressful environment with a very high turn around. Heavy work load without enough workers. Managers create problems involving staff. No one likes each other or the environment. Most working there have more than one job. Wasn’t there long and had seen 4-5 women leave the building crying/crying at their desks.PtoWorst management, low pay, environment"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was not hired which is fine. But the way I was ignored was unfathomable. I left one state to another state to interview with them. These people never responded to any of my emails not even inform me I was not hired, I had to contact their head hunter. The least you could do is respond to my email. I invested money and time to leave Connecticut to interview with them which they knew and not one of the three managers I interviewed with responded to my messages or even attempted to give me a feedback. In the end I am glad I was not hired. It just says alot about their corporaate culture.God Bless those applying there. Stay positive.I got a job at Booze Allen 2x their pay offer. God works wonders.NaNa"

Credit and Collection Representative III (Former Employee) says

"The management is horrible they enjoy keeping drama going on among employees Training is needed badly for all managers very very bias and Human Resources does nothing"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management was awful. Compensation difficult to understand. Commission structure not good. I have nothing really good to say about this company, yet I need 150 characters. Done.noneManagement"

Monteur (Former Employee) says

"Schlichtweg unmenschliche Arbeitsbedingungen für einen lächerlichen Gehalt und dazu kommen noch die unverschämten Vorabeiterkeinedie ganze Firma"

Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Do not care at all about their employees . People walk around on their cell phones all day..people that dont do any work are treated great the ones that work are just given more work.NothingEverything"

Recrutement (Former Employee) says

"Chez kmbsf beaucoup de chose ont changé et pas dans le bon sens. Pourtant il y a du potentiel mais la direction n'est plus au niveau depuis trop longtemps. Certains devrait penser à laisser la place. .. Lesi collaborateurs ne sont pas respectési La gestion de l'humain estu inexistant. Je confirme il n' y a pas de diversité et trop mais trop de copinage.DRH et sa bras droite.."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"but then things changed. territories changed, leads given to other reps, active accounts closed by other reps, no leadership past the branch, inconsistent reporting(changed weekly)its a companyupper management"

RECRUTEMENT (Current Employee) says

"- Management médiocre - RH et services associés inutile - Stratégie bancale - Méritocratie inexistante, tout est fait pas copinage - Communication trompeuse auprès des salariés Les délégués sont ceux qui sont, il est vrai qu'ils sont peu actif mais parce que la direction fait ce qu'il faut pour les empêcher d'être contraignant et d'être un contre pouvoir et que les salariés continuent de voter pour les mêmes depuis de longues années donc sur ce pont il ne faut pas se plaindre Diversité qui n' est pas une priorité pour KMBSF mais fait le minimum syndicale sur ce point pour éviter que le sujet soit trop voyant. Ancien du service RH, je sais de quoi je parle .....Beaucoup de choses"

Commercial (Current Employee) says

"le nombre d'annonces de cette entreprise est déjà un indicateur. Une fois à l'intérieur on comprend alors pourquoi le turn over. Beaucoup de mensonges lors des entretiens. Une entreprise ou les commerciaux ne sont pas épanoui mus à part ceux qui ont des privilèges. Trop de politique et de copinage. Le business n'est pas une priorité chez konica.Les locauxL'arrière boutique"

Commercial (Current Employee) says

"Voilà une entreprise au sein de laquelle vous changez 3 fois de directeur et autant de chef des ventes en moins de 2 ans. Je ne parlerai pas des collègues car sur ce point j'ai vu passer dans la direction autant de vendeurs en moins de 2 ansque que dans toute ma carrière qui comptabilise maintenant une dizaine d'année. .. A qui la faute?? Aux commerciaux voyons mais jamais celle de la DRH ou la DVD qui valident des candidats à des postes important alors qu'ils en ont pas les compétences et encore moins les épaules. Rien n'est fait pour arranger la situation. Au sein de la direction IDF ça devient un cirque permanent. Lesi salaires sont bas et se dégrade année après année. L'entreprise rencontre une crise de croissance car elle dit vouloir se transformer à toute les occasions, mais oublie l'essentiel: De mettre l"humain au coeur de ses objectifs De valoriser les compétences De cesser le copinage qui est néfaste à l'entreprise."

Commercial terrain (Current Employee) says

"Management catastrophique Cette entreprise propose dans les faits l'ensemble des produits. En réalité une simple livraison d'imprimante déclenche des sueurs froide tellement les délais ne sont pas respectés. Des promotions internes qui suscitent des interogations voir qui laissent pantois tellement c'est énorme. Une politique RH inexistante. Une politique commerciale floue. Par contre beaucoup de bla bla. Entreprise au management rigide. Un CE pauvre C'est vrai des délégués du personnel fantômes. Avec tous les licenciement et décisions ubuesques de la direction.aucune réaction de leurs parts."

Commercial (Former Employee) says

"Mauvaise expérience - Management d'un niveau affligeant qui ne prend pas ses responsabilités. -évolution parfois surréaliste voir irrationnel surtout en IDF -compétence qui passe bien après le copinage -Pas de synergie entre service -RH pas au niveau -Direction commerciale dépassé.et has been Entreprise qui a loupé sà transformation malgré les postures Les seules qui trinquent sont les commerciaux avec un Turn over qui bat des records. Chez konica quoi qu'il se passe les délégués du personnel sont toujours bien sage et silencieux et bien disciplinés....en gros ils ne servent pas aux salariésDirection commerciale-Management"

Richard Miller says

"Konica do not care about their customers or about providing any level of service. They have been unable to provide an account manager to our business as the last 4 have left them to join rivals after not being able to keep to contract promises. Stay well clear!"

Andrei says

"It is the worthless company I have dealt with before, and I am truly surprised since in Dk everyone works for quality, unfortunately I do not know where this "quality" hangs in this company since I am trying to reach them to get their two printers back from our location which are their own property and they never respect the agreement. Furthermore, I get mails getting asked after 2 weeks that they do not remember me calling and having this agreement. It is messed up, guys honestly, take care of these customers otherwise you'll end up searching for jobs. It is sad that this happens nowadays!"