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Holly & Stephen's Saturday Showdown (previously titled Ministry of Mayhem and MoM) is a British children's entertainment programme, which was broadcast on ITV (later CITV) from 10 January 2004 to 1 July 2006.

An outraged viewer shared her opinion in one of the most popular source for TV and celebrity content: "Ministry of Mayhem did look promising, until they started to change the formula every week during the opening weeks. I turned off after then and watched Dick and Dom, as they are funny compared to MOM. I watched it again once to see if it got better, like i did with SMTV. Alas, it did not.

This program is unspeakably rubbish, from the bro and bro lookalikes to the overpaid presenters. And strangely enough, the program is still on the air! One thing to notice was the first ad-campaign that followed the launch (there were other ad-campaigns that were just as rubbish). Come on ITV, the opening level Sonic heroes trick was used before! Amougt others!

But then again, what do i suspect from a company who seems to have become mute to its customers."


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