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MiniPax® absorbent packets are compact, extremely durable, non-dusting, and non-linting with high water vapor trasmission rate and controlled porosity. The packets take up little space in packaging and have a high moisture adsorbing capacity. Envelopes are formed from sheet of polyethylene fibers has high wet strength and is permeable to both gases and odors. Indicating MiniPax® contain cobalt chloride and should not be used for food or pharmaceutical applications. MiniPax is a registered trademark of Multisorb Technologies, Inc.

A former employee shares his experience on, "Multisorb (MiniPax) was the most horrible dysfunctional plant I have ever worked in. Management is the worst, I was always told the company was at its worst because of the new supervisor they brought in, and because of him they lost a lot of good workers and the plant manager and human resource never tried to listen to the employees they always sided with the supervisor knowing he was wrong. The supervisor kept confusion up between co-workers. The company was just horrible in all."


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