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Michael Whitney Freer (born 29 May 1960) is a British Conservative Party politician and former banker. He was first elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of Finchley and Golders Green at the 2010 general election. Freer is a former leader of Barnet Council and a former councillor for the Church End and St Paul's wards in Finchley.


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Mrs Jayne Grundy says

"Further to my complaint on this site on 28th July regarding being charged maintenance charge when property has been sold and not being able to get any response from First Port. Harry quickly replied from their customer service dept . I did as instructed and sent him all the details. I have not had a reply from Harry or the legal transfer team and to add insult to injury, I have now received a final notice today demanding payment. My patience is wearing thin!"

Alberto says

"My last review on Firstport on how they achieve 5 star ratings through invitation by the company was removed so here it is again in a different format. Customers who are looking for a service agent to look after or are looking after a property either being rented or purchased please be aware of how 5 star reviews work on Trustpilot. It’s important to consider that reviews that come from Basic Invitations aren't considered to be verified reviews, and therefore are not eligible for Google Seller Ratings. Basic Invitations are an easy way to start inviting your customers to review your company. You use your own email service to send customers a link, which will send them to your business’s page on Trustpilot. PLEASE note that this has been taken from Trustpilot's own information so no need for Harry to remove this as the information is available to all."

Phil says

"I am still awaiting for gardeners to return and finish off last weeks efforts."

Michael Epstein says

"I am confused? I asked my property manager about double charging of Account Preparation Fees which should form part of the management fees? Having initially referred me to terms of my lease that concerned rebuilding costs and had nothing to do with development accounts a further answer came this time quoting a figure of £18 per resident for account preparation fees which was a reasonable cost? So if £18 is a reasonable charge for account preparation fees why was it that residents in Suffolk were charged £120 before a tribunal ordered the charges to be struck out?"

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