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Midnite is a roots reggae band from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, which started playing in 1989.The band's music follows in tradition with the roots reggae bands of 1970s Jamaica. The lyrical portions of Midnite's compositions are characterized as the "chant and call" style which gives their music a spiritually intense and an overtly Rastafari movement feel. The lyrics are centrally focused on t


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Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Midnite Solar is a company with a lot of potential that will never reach that potential due to middle management conflicts and a lack of team work. Personal interests out weigh the overall goal of making the company successful. Cons: Too many negative outside influences."

Electronic Technician (Former Employee) says

"Midnite Solar, Inc. is a small renewable energy company (less than 100 employees) that is rapidly growing. They manufacture battery charge controllers and a wide range of small scale solar system equipment for world-wide distribution. Cons: Experiences operational shifts due to the growing of the company"

Material Handler/Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"I liked the co-workers o my team, but zero pay raises even with cost of living gojng up. I really enjoyed the family oriented style but not so much the lack of instruction, Cons: No raises"

Jamie Round says

"I have had to chase this company for days on end to receive my free bet.After 4 emails and 3 days later i have still not had a reply or received my free bet.This has happened a 3 times now and i will not be using them again.People should complain to ibas like im going to and hopefully they will ensure this company picks up its game AND FORFILLS IT OBLIGATIONS AND OFFERS TO ITS CUSTOMERS!!!"

Neil says

"Midnite sent me an email offering me a free £20 bet if I placed a £20 bet. I did this and now they refuse to give me the bonus they originally offered..."

Kyle Catling says

"Offered me bet £20 receive £20 bonus and once I placed my bet they send out email saying they won’t be giving me the free bet bunch of clowns stay away"

Jack says

"Scammers. Offer incentives such as 'Bet £20, get a £20 free bet' but then refuse to honor it once you have placed your initial bet and then ban you from receiving offers again.

On a side note, the odds are also shocking and they have a huge margin, ensuring you get odds well below true value.

Stay Clear!"

David Joseph says

"As others are reporting, sent an email offer asking me to come back but haven't honoured the offer and have now restricted my account. Stay away from these jokers. They are a scam."

Gary B says

"Sent me an email with the offer of a £20 free bet if I place a £20 bet.

Placed £20, it lost, and now they’re not giving me that free bet."

andrew says

"As with others cheated into betting with them.

Sent personal invite to bet with them and receive a £20 free bet. Free bet never credited and now confirmed I wont be getting it despite following the terms of the invite email.

They basically draw you in with an offer they have no intention on honouring.

Would trust them with anything now."

kirsty green says

"Do not entertain this site, they are scammers :("

Chris Pot says

"Liars, thieves, cowards...this site needs to be closed down, absolute shysters."

The Man with the Golden Bum says

"Had an email offering a freebet, took part in the offer and these shower of sh**houses then informed me, "We wish to advise you that your account has recently been reviewed and as a consequence, is no longer eligible for any Midnite promotions and Bet Credits due to a breach in our terms of service on bonus abuse. This includes the bet £20 get £20 in bet credits promotion on ESL Pro League between 02/10/2020 - 04/10/2020".

How i can be in breach of terms when they have invited me to do the offer via email is beyond me.

Another bookie who are about as much use as mammary glands on the male of the bovine species.

I would recommend others who been shafted by these bunch of knockers contact IBAS and the UK Gambling Commission (although the UKGC are also as much use as a one-legged man in a bum kicking competition)."

Luke says

"Not even worthy of 1 star.
Criminals that will surely be put out of business soon enough. AVOID!!!!!
Email you an offer directly & then don't honour it, along with thousands of others.
U won't get away with this midnite!!

Tom Pot says

"Scammers, steer clear, offer you free bets in emails THEY sent out to you, you place your bet, it loses and they then send you an email saying you arent getting free bet and your account is restricted??? WTH???"

Mike says

"Sent me a bet £20 get a £20 free bet offer via email. My bet lost and then I get an email saying I am no longer eligible for promotions and won’t credit my free bet. Seems like they’re trying to entice people in with offers they won’t honour to make a quick buck. AVOID!"

Lee says

"AVOID. They offered me a promotion via email of a free £20 bet if I placed a £20 bet. Received an email from them the day after I was supposed to get the free bet telling me I was not going to get it & I won't be able to take part in any further promotions. Avoid."

Dale Collins says

"I have used this bookie once or twice and then receive an offer for bet 20 get 20. I place the bet. It loses and then receive a mail saying I'm abusing bonuses and they will not honour the bet.

Stay away. Do not use this company!!"

rob pot says

"Thieves....steer well clear!!!"

BaconAndEggs says

"Scam site, avoid at all costs. Will not honour bonuses and bans any smart bettors"

Mark says

"As with lots of other folk i received a nice offer over the weekend, bet £20 and get a £20 free bet. I placed the bet in good faith and it lost. Free bet supposed to arrive on 5th October, though as there was no free bet credited i contacted them via the only method possible, the Intercom service. Over 24 hours later and the message is still showing as unread.
I have since received an email stating that i won't be getting the free bet as i abused the offer!
Do not touch these guys, scammers.

The company, no doubt spurred on by negative reviews on here, have sent a grovelling email asking people to take down poor reviews after giving out the £20 free bets. Whilst the free bet is appreciated (though its the least they could do!) i'd be careful with this company going forward. Every chance they'll pull a stunt like this in the future....."

CyrusUK says

"As with many people leaving reviews. This so called Company have conned people into a promotion, to give them YOUR money and then blocking YOUR account.

In order to not pay out a promised promotion.


As an update, Midnite have since reversed this decision and honored the promotion. Which is a very decent thing to do. Thank you

I hope they remain fair to its customers going forward"

Iamthe Pieman says

"Updated: Fair play to Midnite they reversed the decision with a very genuine apology.


Refuse to honour promotions in breach of Gambling Commission guidance and do not reply to communications. Seems a pretty disreputable setup and will not be using again. I'd personally recommend people avoid them."