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The discography of Australian rock group Midnight Oil consists of twelve studio albums, forty singles, two EPs, four video albums, four live albums, and six compilation albums. As of 2002, the band had sold 12 million albums worldwide.Midnight Oil began under the name Farm in 1972, establishing their own record label 'Powderworks' in 1977. They released their debut self-titled album Midnight Oil i


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Senior Accountant/Billing and Invoicing Project - Contractor (Former Employee) says

"This place is falling apart. New ownership and laid off all Accounting/Finance in California. There are no solid goals. Direction changes daily and it is impossible to keep up."

Designer (Current Employee) says

"Midnight Oil used to be a good company until 2017 when the owners sold it to a private equity firm. Since then, it has suffered from poor, tonr-deaf leadership, no sense of direction and a complete lack of regard for its talented and hard-working employees. Executive leaders have either left the company or ignored suggestions on how to build business and grow the company. Employees do not receive regular salary reviews; they typically have to wait anywhere from 2-5 years before receiving a small raise. There are no bonuses. Cons: Poor executive leadership, infrequent raises, mismanaged projects, job insecurity."

Creative Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Midnight Oil has potential and employs (or employed) some talented people, but it is crippled by poor executive leadership and a parent company which is geographically distant and which has little or no clue as how to utilize it. The company's creative agency lacks any sense of direction and consequently trails behind its competitors in a number of spaces. Cons: Poor company leadership, Mediocre benefits, Raises are few and far between, No bonuses, No job security."

Prepress Operator (Current Employee) says

"Years of being there I've noticed 2 things. The people that are constantly worrying and stressed are the ones that are doing their jobs. They're at the very least, trying to keep the place going. The ones that are not are very relaxed and are basically pawning off their work to others."

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"No raise during time. Management is a bit archaic, over-promises, and under-delivers."

In-store Brand Ambassador (Former Employee) says

"Field marketing Cons: no job security"

Barista/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Learned to make coffee drinks here and how to work a cash register. Like and college coffee shoppe job it was relatively relaxed pace at night when business was slow but there were random rushes and morning shifts were always pretty hectic when classes were in session. I didn't like doing food prep here because (tho it was good experience) when they were understaffed they would have me help make drinks and man the register even if that meant I wouldn't have enough time to finish my food prep duties. Cons: Super fast paced when busy"

Accounting Administrator (Current Employee) says

"I worked as part of the Accounting department. The company was acquired in 2016 and they are still going through some changes in management. These changes have cause some tension between the original employees and the new management - some have left due to disagreements with the company's "new direction". Overall I felt the experience was good - a lot of little perks. But the future for stable employment seems uncertain due to the new parent company"