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Meth360 is a unique nationally accredited educational program that is designed to deliver information about meth from a Law Enforcement, Prevention, and Treatment perspective directly to community members. Community presentations are co-delivered by these three groups of professionals to parent groups, schools, workplace, healthcare, civic and other organizations. The audience learns about all aspects of meth from experts with diverse perspectives on the issue—a true “360-degree” view. The program’s title comes from the fact that meth, more than any other drug, has an impact beyond the user. It affects families, children, the environment, and entire communities. And it comes at you from all directions.

An upset former employee said this on Indeed "Overall this is a company that doesn’t believe in keeping their employees employed layoffs are a certainty, Human resource is a joke and should be overhauled . As a former employee At Meth 360 there is absolutely no job security here, no opportunity of advancement, and absolutely management cares nothing about their employees or their families".


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