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Merrell is an American manufacturing company of footwear products. It was founded by Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweizer in 1981 as a maker of high-performance hiking boots. Since 1997, the company has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of shoe industry giant Wolverine World Wide. The company recorded total sales of footwear and clothing of nearly $500 million in 2010.

A fed-up customer shares her review in Influenster, "Awful service at Merrell- I ordered a pair of Jungle Mocs on 4/17/20. The charge to my debit card was immediate. They arrived on 4/23/20 and did not fit correctly. I received an RMA and mailed them back to Merrell on 4/24/20 requesting an exchange. The new pair did not arrive until 5/11/20 (2 1/2 weeks later) even though my return was received by Merrell on 4/28/20. That pair did not fit well either so I requested an RMA and returned them on 5/12/20 for a refund. They were received at Merrell on 5/18/20. I received an e-mail on 5/27/20 (9 days later) that my shoes were "successfully returned." To date, 6/2/20, no refund has appeared on my debit card and customer service said it should take another 3-5 days. Customer service keeps blaming it on Covid-19 staffing yet reviews like this go back way before. POOR POOR POOR for Merrell. I will never buy another Merrell product."


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Truck Driver Class A (Former Employee) says

"Very miserable place to work. No overtime pay just straight time. Boss and dispatch are friends! Dispatch is the worst person I've ever worked for! I don't recommend working here! Two Faced!!!Good equipmentTerrible Management!!!"

Loader (Former Employee) says

"It was not a bad job, it is laid back atmosphere. If you don't get your cdl license within 90 days then they let you go. I wish they would give more time on the cdl license for people who move to the area"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"There are long hrs and a lot of travel involved with this company and they are always traveling for jobs. Work 12-16 hrs a day 6 days a week 80% of the time."

Class A CDL Driver (Former Employee) says

"Working with merrell bro was great experience for me I learned how to work a dump trailer an I also learned how to work a walking floor trailer. Management was alright"

Juandalust says

"I am 71 years old and have travelled the world for most of my life, visiting some 30 countries and always in my Merrell hiking boots. The first time I have ever had a problem with a pair of Merrell’s has really been quite a rude awakening when a company that manufactures such great shoes can have such piss poor customer service. I will certainly post wherever possible my experience with Merrell when a manufacturing defect rendered the shoes useless and Merrell did nothing to rectify the problem."

Claire Sinclair says

"Wish I’d read these reviews BEFORE I placed my recent order! Ordered a pair of boots 2 weeks ago, still no sign of them (saw the note In the website blaming Brexit in advance of any delays). Website said they’d be coming via UPS, email confirmation said Fedex, tracking number not recognised by either site. Emailed customer service enquiring about order as the money came out of my account a week ago, still no response. Eventually received an email from UPS yesterday saying they would be delivered today but have now received an email saying delivery delayed until Friday. Bit of a palava and I haven’t even received the damn things yet! They better be worth the wait although from the reviews, sadly I am waiting with baited breath..."


"Woeful customer service. Item was wrong and for several weeks the "return item" links on their website have not worked. They also send a email with "download return docs" and this link points back to your own email??!!?!?!?!! Talk to the CS on chat and they are slow and blame "tech issues" for website issues. Those tech issues have been there for 4 weeks now and all they have suggested is i email their EU headquarters. No more Merrell products for me. Service is awful. AVOID."

George Bruce says

"Bought a pair of snow boots for my 7 year old granddaughter. Boots seemed good but after a few months the stitching started to come out at the side and eventually a hole opened up . I emailed Merrells highlighting problem but they did not respond. Still no response to a second email. A couple of months use at that cost is not very good and as clearly they are not interested in problems so be careful buying from them as customer service is clearly not high on the agenda!"

Joe K. says

"Wore these shoes 26 times and the glue seperated on the inside of the shoe. Merrell said sorry they will not do anything to help me. I only spent $125.00 for a pair of what I thought was a good shoe. NO WAY! Please do not waste your hard earned money like I did."

Thomas Eastland says

"Bought a pair of Merrel hiking shoes they developed a hole in them after only 8 weeks. Merrell customer service would not replace them. If you have no receipt they tell you to get lost. Who keeps the receipt for there shoes after 8 weeks? Especially when you pay for what is "supposed" to be a quality shoe"

Tom says

"I have a heavy duty pair of Merrell hiking boots that I have only worn a few times. I put them on the other day and the sole completely disintegrated under my foot. Contacted Merrell and they said they could not help as this is not a defect, really what is a defect then? I see from the reviews here that most people think there products are poorly made."

Dave Taylor says

"Poor quality boots, not waterproof My first pair of Merrell and probably my last. Bought these to replace some old Hi Tek (which at £35 were awesome) comfortable fit and no rubbing at all but that is where the compliments end. Worn them 4 times now and they are not waterproof at all despite being gore tex . Both boots leak in at the toe, the right foot is the worst leaving my feet cold and wet. The sole has an awful grip too. Slipped and fell on mud then snow hurting myself and have lost confidence in these. The Mrs got some berghaus boots same price £91 and her feet stayed dry when mine were wet and she hasn't slipped once. A waste of money. Customer service also do not reply to emails."

Mark Fitzgerald says

"Purchased pair boots for my wife at xmas wrong size, so I ordered another which they sent out by UPS within days. The returns is useless the site is not working and they give some excuse of leaving the EU strange they can take your money and deliver But not except returns. Copy of there email below, I would not buy online Dear Mark, Thank you for your email and call yesterday. As previously mentioned, this service is currently unavailable. Due to the covid situation, the border had to close between the UK and mainland Europe and UPS had to temporarily suspend their Standard service (which is what is being used for your return parcels) The situation is slowly getting back to normal, but UPS is dealing with a huge backlog and in the meantime, no returns will be processed as they also need to prepare for Brexit. This should however be back up and running after the 4th of January and our E-commerce team has put a message up, which will be updated as the situation evolves with UPS. I would advise visiting our website from next week, as you should be able to create your return then. Thank you for your patience. Kind Regards, Customer Service Advisor - EMEA Consumer Relations"

Brian Tock says

"very poor quality and not worth even half the price . Failure with the lace hooks and eyes , cheap manufacture and material quality . Buying Merrell will not happen again in our household ."

Dean Waddington says

"Very poor quality, both boots split along the sides after around only 3 months of light wear. Have had much better boots for half the price. Avoid unless you want wet feet."

Melissa says

"If I could give zero stars, I would. Returns and refunds are the worst, returned shoes on 12/4 through FedEx (their label), then called to find out where they were as there was no expected delivery... was assured they had processed my refund, still waiting. Took 2 seconds for them to TAKE my money. Make sure you read the shoe description all the way including fine print or you might get men’s shoes! Terrible experience!"

Pam Caster says

"I hardly ever write negative reviews but I am so frustrated with the exceptional poor service of Merrell. I ordered my granddaughter a pair of sneakers on 11/18/20. Merrell emailed that they were shipped on 11/19/20. The FedEx tracking indicated they were out for delivery on 11/28/20. When they still didn't show up 5 days later, I called FedEx who researched it and said the package was lost and to report it to Merrell to get a refund. I called and a very rude CS rep said she would do her own reseach and call me later that day. That was over a week ago and no phone call. I called again, and no response. I then filed a dispute with Paypal and it's now been 6 days and Merrell has not responded to Paypal's case. Terrible company with terrible customer service. These shoes were not cheap and I have yet to get the shoes or a refund."

Michael Meyrick says

"I spent over $300 on 3 Pairs of shoes. Only one was the right size. They charged me $5 to return the two that did not fit even though they sent me the wrong size."

Jeffrey Young says

"Gave a pair of Merrell hiking boots to my brother. The front leather portion separated from the sole and peeled back after about 6 months. I thought it was due to his employment at cleaning carpets. I had an identical pair 1/2 size larger and they seemed to be ok, but I was hardly wearing them. Once I started to wear them regularly they did exactly the same thing. Merrell says that because they are over a year old there's no warranty. They offered me a 15% discount on my next purchase, but why would I want to buy from a company that sells stuff that doesn't stand up to a bit of wear?"

Bella says

"I got my very first pair of Merrell running shoes a few years back and used it for occasional run-walk exercise. I paused for what seemed like a year and went back to wearing it, and was totally surprised when while I was doing a run/walk interval, the front part just worn open, and I was like 'Really? This is Merrell?' I've been a fan before because I thought the brand was sturdy, but I'm not believing their advertisements anymore. When I brought it to the nearest shoe repair shop, even the shoe repair guy himself was quite surprised that such a brand can easily be worn out, considering that its sole is Vibram. No more Merrell for me."

Marilyn Wiebe says

"I bought a pair of Merrell shoes last autumn which I have been really happy with. They suit my feet very well, after I replace the Merrell insoles with better ones. I wear out shoes quickly because I walk a dog and I wanted to order a spare pair and tried to do this online, since the local shop was out of stock. I ended up in a fake Merrell website, using the Merrell logo and many features of the Merrell official website. I only realised that it was a fake when the wrong shoes were sent. Don’t know whether Merrell can take any action against sites misusing their name, but at least customers should be warned to make very certain they are using a legitimate site."

Ricky Nichols says

"First,I order shoes Sunday 3 am. Monday 7:35 I get an email from Merrells shoes the shoes are now $65 not $110. Since I never got a confirmation about order, I assumed they give me the $65 dollar price. They didn’t. 8 days later and shoes still have not left the warehouse! Customer service sucks. Suppose to be here tomorrow but theyer in Michigan still till Monday. I’m buying from Outlet or Amazon form now on. Merrells you suck."

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