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Merita is a brand of bread that was produced by Hostess Brands and now produced by Flowers Foods, available throughout the Southeastern United States until November 16, 2012, when Hostess's management decided to liquidate Hostess. The company gave as their reason for this action that they had been crippled by a strike by BCTGM, the bakers' union. Union spokespersons attributed the company's situation to poor management over a long period of years. On January 11, 2013, Flowers Foods purchased the brand from Hostess.

A former Pan Stacker from Knoxville, TN claims Merita was Not a very fun place to work in a review posted by INDEED: "I was lied to by management and not trained well enough to do jobs I could have done if I wanted to work overtime. Other people were put in positions I wanted but was not chosen even when I had seniority. Never knowing when the shift was over."


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Route Salesman (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad company to work for if you want to learn how to become a good sales person. Early hours everyday. Not your type of 8 hour a day jobs. You learn how to get along with other salesman that doing a job like your. But for different type of business. Management was not so helpful or were no show most of the time. Some of them were helpful. Co-worker another story. You have your type of pick and choose. Hardest part of jobs was the hours and NO time for family life. What I enjoy the most about working here was I meet some very nice customer, People who could help in finding another job. Cons: long days, no time off even on days you suppose to be off, (due to pull-up of product)"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"The job I liked. But poor management. She was hardly ever there to do her work. She left me there to do everything and I had to learn her job because the big boss would call in and want the reports and she wasn't there to give them and I had know idea. So I taught myself. So we wouldn't get into trouble and I wouldn't lose my job. because she wasn't there."

Shipping Clerk (Former Employee) says

"On a typical day at work, my co-workers and I would load trucks with baked goods to be distributed throughout NC. I learned about the different types of breads and their ingredients. Management was very strict. The hardest part of the job was when there was a shortage of worker and I had to do the job of 2-3 people, but I succeeded and the job got done. The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to get overtime when I wanted it. Cons: attendance system, short breaks"

District Sales Mgr. (Former Employee) says

"typical day) 10 to 12 hours overseeing routs and depot operations along with calling on accounts that we serviced and or prospects. Cons: long hours"

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