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Mercy Health is a not-for-profit Catholic health care organization located in the Midwestern United States with headquarters within Greater St. Louis in the western St. Louis County, Missouri suburb of Chesterfield. Mercy is the fifth largest Catholic health care system in the United States and named one of the top five large U.S. health systems in 2018 by Truven.Mercy was founded in 1871 by Siste


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Support Worker (Current Employee) says

"This company is well known for its high rates charges to clients and lowest paid salary to workers. There is consistent lack of communication between many staff members. The offices are very high tech which are obviously funded by its clients and or clients families. Cons: Low hourly rate"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"The worst work experience of my life. Employees earn NO respect for long hours, no lunches sometimes, and greatly discriminated. HR department is deplorable and cares only about money. Management has never had proper training and it shows. I would not wish this job on my worst enemy. Protocols are not properly followed, i.e. rooms are not properly decontaminated when there have been infectious patients, etc.) Staff to patient ratio is absolutely disgusting, so many mistakes are made. Cons: Management and HR"

Domestic Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Stressful workload , no team work... 4 different managers in under 2 years. Managment not good not understanding. The only thing that matters at mercy care is the bottom dollar. Not the residents and not the employees. Cons: No support. Minimum wage. Heavy workload. Managment."

Play group leader (facilitator) says

"great Cons: mercy care is unreliable, not fear and they dont value their employers, They easily terminates the staff with short notice, they dont replace the staff with fear positions"

Care Aide (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Mercycare for 4 years and absolutely loved my job. My clients were wonderful people and I enjoyed every aspect of caring for them as a community worker. Cons: Terrible leadership"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at MercyCare full-time Cons: Employees are not valued. Upper management is ruthless in maximizing profits. Mercycare values are talked about, not practised."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at MercyCare full-time Cons: Management not seen to observe MercyCare values."


"I have been working at MercyCare Cons: The current coordinator encourages employees to "report" all they hear back to her. Lunch time is tense. New rules seem be made on the run. The employees and children are often moved around to ensure that the centre complies with ratio requirements instead of staying in the same room."