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MercuryWorks is a custom application and web development firm specializing in web, mobile and data focused solutions. This includes the Strategy, Architecture, Design, Development, DevOps and Ongoing Support needed to succeed online today and in the future.

For over 20 years MercuryWorks has been helping Business Leaders identify pragmatic solutions to improve profitability and IT Leaders solve their most complex and difficult problems. This can be as straightforward as custom web application development, intranet development and mobile solutions or full-blown data integration, workflow management and business intelligence. Oftentimes we’re brought in to provide specialized expertise and other times clients rely upon us to help them with resource constraints and bottlenecks getting in the way of their development success.

A former employee bemoans " You aren't able and willing to learn new things and build your T-shaped skills you may have a hard time succeeding at Mercury. The management has no idea as to how to run a successful scrum or sprint for that matter. They throw out the idea of basic common core business practices. I truly believe they just don’t know what that looks like. The management micro manages your time to the point that they want to know when you took a break to use the bathroom and how much toilet paper you used. The pay is not worth the time, they want to pay experienced personnel as if they were high school drop outs. If you are experienced in your position at all, miss this place cause you will be taking a major step back. This companies ideals are about 20 years behind the rest of the tech world."


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