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Mercury General Corporation is a multiple-line insurance organization offering personal automobile, homeowners, renters and business insurance. Founded in 1961 and headquartered in Los Angeles, Mercury has assets in excess of $4 billion, employs 4,500 people and has more than 8,000 independent agents in 11 states (Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia).

Mercury's primary focus is auto and homeowners insurance, however, the company also writes personal liability policies (umbrella), business insurance, mechanical breakdown protection (similar to an extended warranty for your vehicle), renters, service line protection, home systems protection, identity management protection and ride-hailing insurance.

A customer they lost talks about customer service in a review "Mercury Insurance has the worst claims service I have ever dealt with. Adjuster missed many items needing replacement and used a third party to inspect my roof. Communication is almost non-existent. Had to get my agent involved multiple times to get any response. Short paid my claim, had to fight to get some of the difference paid. I did not receive all of the money I was promised. The only good thing I can say is that they sent me my prorated premium back promptly after I quit them."


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Casualty Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"I used to work at Mercury Insurance over a decade ago at the Valencia office. Here's my take.....the training is very basic and barebones. They put me up at a Residence Inn during my training in Brea which was very nice and I did get paid during training. The workload is crazy. You get around 15 new claims a day and hope they're easy ones like parking lot back up claims. Most take time to resolve for obvious reasons like injuries or ongoing litigation. Management doesn't really care and you get easily overwhelmed. High turnover due to low pay and high workload. Be warned."

Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Stay far away from this place. Disorganized misogynists running the company. No integrity. Only the back stabbers keep their jobs there. The atmosphere is hostile. The managers behave like high school mean girls."

Claims Adjuster II (Former Employee) says

"Nothing but a bunch of people in there 40’ and 50’s who act like their in highschool and crested drama non stop every day and if you’re not a favorite you don’t move up in the company. A lot of immature people."

Claims Representative (Former Employee) says

"Large amount of incoming calls, plus they start you at a base rate and then slowly every two months they do team meetings and add more work for you without the pay. They don’t like to raise your pay when it’s time and they find any excuse to deny a pay raise. If you like to work a place where you have to suck up or stay quiet and just take it. Then this is the place for you. They do have a nice Xmas bonus, and many food activities and a nice location with break room. But that’s all. The people who you would work with are nice. Management sucks tho. This is by far the shadiest place I’ve ever stepped foot in. And glad I am out of this place.Holiday pay, awesome co-workers, your own cubicle, nice locationShady, don’t like to pay more but love to add to your workload, no room for advancement at all!, management is terrible."

Sr Quality Assurance (Former Employee) says

"make you work more and pay very less, management is stupid and some stupid people in many teams with no knowledge of what they are doing !..god bless them."

Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Micromanaged to no end. Underpaid, overworked, unrealistic expectations and workload. This job is not doable in 40 hours and you’re expected to not only complete the job but beg for more. Supervisors are all terrible from the branch manager down and are more interested in saving their own hides rather than helping their employees. Awful place to work, I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. Seriously don’t do it, you’ll be miserable.NoneEverything"

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"promote the people who don't know what they are doing or are major suck ups if you do a good job they just give you more work from people who can't do the job so no motivation to work above what is needed. management doesn't know what they are doing"

Total Theft Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"rated as one of the "worst insurance companies. not modern, has old telephones, computers..... like 1st generation. I didn't know that equipment was still around..... and they use " Carbon Paper" LOL. Time for the old man to retire and hand off to young generation.better than no paycheckeverything else"

Claims Specialist II (Former Employee) says

"Management was not approachable Very stressful Work was overloaded Employees had no voice or say so The expectations were unrealistic Most people feel uncomfortable Pay was not good Benefits were awful I always felt sad for the customers, because work load would not allow for that time to help them in the manner I would have liked to.There are noneEverything"

Legal Secretary (Former Employee) says

"Mercury sucks! I completed a 90 day temp to perm probationary period. They told me they wanted me full time then strung me out for another month at the lower temp. pay rate. They pile the work on you, too cheap to pay overtime then complain when you can't get all the work completed. They would give me new files to enter into the computer but never trained me and never gave me access to the computer program that allows me to enter the information. The subordinates are a bunch of divas. You give them clerical work to do and they refuse to do it, watching Lakers games on their phone instead. I got sick and tired of it and just walked out. Worse place I ever worked and I've been doing this for over 30 years."

Underwriter (Former Employee) says

"This company does not hired non whites. The Underwriter Director and HR manager does not hired qualified African Americans to their companyrefused to hired qualified African Americans"

Claims Adjuster (Current Employee) says

"Claims adjusters are over worked and under paid Mercury pays the lowest of all insurance company’s!! Bodily injury should be handled by a completely different department. Management and supervisors complain when you are behind on your work but never help. They have unrealistic expectations that no one can accomplish, and if you miss a day of work you are then behind! I do not recommend working for Mercury"

Bilingual Bodily Property Damage Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst internal cultures I have ever been around. Every day you are threatened with your job. My particular manager as of no help, but acted as if they were the greatest thing since slice bread. Heavy favoritism make the environment unstableNone"

Claims Adjuster (Current Employee) says

"very shady and dis honest management. Judged on the quality of work with excessive and unreasonable work load. Learned they are not a trustworthy workers friendlydishonest, shady, underhanded, push employees out including managers out for unknown reasons"

Claims Adjuster (Current Employee) says

"Management are the golden children. Never get fired and they make your life sour and make you wish they would fire you. Get the experience and use it to find better opportunities. Impossible company culture beware."

Claims Representative II (Former Employee) says

"Too much work in one day for a human to complete. You don't have time to make all of your call backs in one day or to reply to all of your customers. The work load is ridiculous!Cafeteria, decent pay, great co-workersEverything else"

Property Field Specialist (Former Employee) says

"There is no work life balance. They will work you till there is nothing left and through you under the bus any chance they get. They have a constant turn over and things just never seem to get better."

sr analyst (Current Employee) says

"people making decisions based on old methods, not embracing the current climate of decision making. managers don't know what they want out of employees, these employees then hire even more useless employees downstream. avoid."

Claims Specialist 1 (Current Employee) says

"Training was horrible. Equipment and people are antiquated. Sad environment. Older workers are intimidated because they don't have degrees. The culture is 20 years behind.Foodworkload is impossible."

Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day as an auto adjuster is showing up early to get to your desk to clock in on time. massive load of new claims throughout the day while also dealing with all the pending claims you have. Organization is outrageous as they transition from paper files to e-files and programs to run both. You will never have a free moment where you are not apologizing to someone or working erratically to try to catch up with your caseload. When you call the insured parties for the most part they will be angry liars when and if you can find the responsible party as they may not answer any correspondence or have a insurance company that does not actually exist. Your insured may become rather irate at the slow pace of the claim for this discouraging fact. Management and supervisors are not about helping you in the job and will berate you if you cannot make all your claims current by the end of the month. Easier said than done, especially if they also berate you for any overtime. Morale is terrible and the stress is putting people in an early grave, I guarantee it. The pay is sub-par for this but is the best thing about the job. The only one you help in this position is the company and they are never satisfied. So to recap: The people you call will make you feel less than human, and management will too. You will pray to a higher power for the weekend to give a fleeting 48 hours of respite. Co-workers are like war buddies when you can speak with them on breaks. I have worked for other superior insurance companies, and Mercury is no way to run a business. I do not regret in theState mandated Breaks, Co-workersManagement, Workload, Insureds, Terrible Morale, Company Culture"

Ayberk Koru says

"They don't accept your application even if you have a registered US LLC and all the necessary papers. Lets you wait 5 days and shuts the door without telling why they declined you and your business."

Aylam Rosenthal says

"They wasted over an hour of my time with multiple "verification requests", only to deny my application weeks later, with no explanation. Your money is important - why rely on an underbaked new bank like Mercury when you could entrust your hard earned money with an established bank like Chase or BOA. Don't waste your time here."

Jayaram says

"I have 8k in my account but they blocked me from logging in. I have no information or explanation why that was done."

MJada says

"They denied my request to open a business bank account with no explanation even though I provided all the documents they requested.

Very unprofessional!"

Jacques says

"If you need a paypal bank behavior .. choose them. No human ... robot only. They all can learn from transferwise!"

SmallTechBizOwner says

"This bank is so far from being ready for businesses, it's ridiculous. Almost once a week I run into a road block that would not be an issue at any other bank. Things like overdraft protection, paper checks, an online help desk with answers to common questions. Non of these very basic things are possible with Mercury. They even HOLD you money when you transfer from your Mercury checking to your Mercury savings.

I had high hopes and was fed up with the fees and service from the big banks but this bank is actually worse. What you save from fees in wasted in hours of phone calls to support to find out they are not even a bank yet but using Evolve Bank and Trust under their own name.

As a business owner this bank is just not ready for business. If i could give it less than 1 star, I would. What a nightmare."

JP kunes says

"I have spoken 2 times in the past 6 months to Mercury MASTERCARD reps and I never was more frustrated just getting to a rep who could help me.
I went thru IDing myself to 3 different people and another 2 reps because they couldn’t understand me or I them,(too much background noise on their end).
After 45 minutes I gave up and just submitted an email request for help.
I try to never use this card to pay for anything now. I use my banks Pay Bill service pay with an e-check."

Ricardo Pereira says

"I tried to open an account for my LLC and after one week and few emails asking for more information they ended requesting for a free link to the content of my 2500 USD proprietary course or else my application will be declined. Very UNETHICAL, SO I DECIDED TO WITHDRAW MY APPLICATION."

Janie says

"Applied for the business account, they asked for more documents after a week.
Now, it's been over 2 weeks still haven't heard back from them.
It's indicated in their website everything will be ready in 3-5 business days. Such a liar."

Kayden says

"Bad experience, you need to be over 18+ to use this service. Time wasted"

Ramiro Ochoa Santana says

"Do not recomend them"

Prahalad - Brane cognitives says

One of worst services in terms of on boarding i have seen for online banks. Our application was denied after series of emails which lasted for one whole month. they wasted one whole of startup. Also there on boarding email or support email don't reply to your queries. If you are looking for experience avoid this. you can contact me i can explain you my bad experience in detail on them.

I also think there is inconsistency in the way on boarding is done. i see a review from someone 6 days ago who asked for expediting the process and there application was done in 13 minutes. i have requested numerous times for expediting the process and there was no reply to any of my emails."

George says

"Hmmmmmm, Mercury Bank?! Guys, just for a Business Checking Account opening I have been trying for the whole week to get answer to my inquiry but have received no reply! They do not indicate their telephone numbers for customer service, neither do they have live chat, so only way I could ask a question was their e-mail, so I asked, but as I wrote above - NO REPLY! Then resent twice the same mail - the same result. Afterwards I somehow found another e-mail account and forwarded to it. The SAME result and it is when you try to become their customer!!!! Excellent service ha? Do you guys "smell" how tentative they are to customers? :)))
Can you imagine how they will tend to you if you put your money on account held by them?
I have read many other negative comments on Mercury, so, I think: INTO THE JUNK them!
Don't trust them!"

Allen says

"Save yourself from such a fraud organization.
May be you can start your business but at any point of time they can suspend your account without giving any clarification and all your money will be stuck with them for next 60 days.

There is no professionalism and it's quite clear with email communication that they do not have good employees for customers support as well.

It's bunch of frauds who is doing business."

Uhave says

"As a non us resident and an Amazon seller, I had big expectations from Mercury. They consider themselves - "the bank built for e-commerce sellers... especially for non us residents"
You don't have to come physically to the US to open the account, sounds promising! right?
Well, think again.
First of all, they are not a bank, the financial service is provided by a company named Synapse. Mercury is a sort of white-label, same as if you buy something off of Aliexpress, and you have no one to contact when there's an issue with your product since the brand does not really exist? Well, that's Mercury.
When you call Mercury for support, (that is if they even answer the phone), they have no idea what is going on (since Synapse is the one in charge) so you talk and you talk about your issues and although the representative is sympathetic, you end with no answer.
So here's the story.
My account was working fully for about 1 month, everything was working great, I was even invited for a video call with a guy from sales who tried to convince me how great they are (I should have trusted my gut feeling then).
But then I tried to deposit a check from my previous bank account and everything went downhill from there. My account got immediately suspended with no access to my funds until their compliance completes their review following the deposit, which took 5 days.
5 days that my business was halted because of them! They called my previous bank asking questions on why my previous account was closed (they are not allowed to do that) and since my previous bank did not give them answers on why the account got closed, they decided to close my account with them as well since their compliance was afraid I was a risk to them. Not only that, but they also closed my supplier's Mercury account since I transferred funds to him during that month.
Talk about overreacting!
From what I saw on LinkedIn, their compliance team is a bunch of 20-year-olds who just finished their undergraduate studies.
I have never been treated this way by a financial institution, although you can't really call Mercury a financial institution. I am really not sure how to call this company. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with any company that provides service and since Mercury is supposed to be your close partner, think again if you want to partner up with them."

Joe says

"I received a new mastercard from these guys a couple months ago. I am not able to access my online account to view transactions and make payments. I have called 4 times, spent over 2 hours on the phone and each time was promised a tech person would contact me or repair my account. 2 months at least 4 long calls, at least 2 hours wasted, and still no word and no results. Run from this company."

Safemax Schakat says

"Very difficult to deal with and will not explain how or why they take actions against your account. Despite running a legitimate business for more than 10 years they refused my account and refused to disclose why. The emails they sent me were not professionally written, it is shocking for a bank to reply to you in such a way. There are not international's friendly like they claim."

Christine Volden says

"Very difficult sign up process. I had to provide several documents multiple times. I never got my debit card in the mail and when I tried to Use the app there seems to be a flaw where I can’t enter the numbers they need! Very limited support which is pretty important for a bank. I am closing my account. I am very suspicious of a bank that markets itself as cutting edge and is so lacking in features and support. Seems like some sort of breakdown internally."

Viktor K says

"US Inc, US owners
- 07/15 applied
- 07/21 request for the Article of Inc that has already been submitted. You can't not submit it. OK, submitted again.
- 07/25 complete questionnaire e.g. "Why do you need the bank account?" Really? Request to upload my selfie. Really? With all the info you have? OK, submitted.
- 07/27 Review deadline and today is the end of the day 07/28...
No replies to my emails and no phone number to call either."

Matt Miquelon says

"UPDATE: heard back, should have account tomorrow.

Started out fine, lots of tech and future forward features but they’ve gone silent on me and emails not answered. My state was faster with my incorporation than this process. I’m a natural born US citizen with a simple LLC and I provided all required docs. So odd and uneven."

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