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Melrose Place is an American prime time television soap opera that aired on Fox from July 8, 1992 to May 24, 1999, for seven seasons. The show follows the lives of a group of young adults living in an apartment complex called Melrose Place, in West Hollywood, California. The show was created by Darren Star for Fox and executive produced by Aaron Spelling for his company, Spelling Television.

A member from the public mentioned ,"I think we all agree that season 6 was the worst season of Melrose. But WHY didn't we like season 6? I can give you 11 reasons as to why I think we all agree on this: 1.BAD GUEST STARS: Melrose has been known to casting parts very well. They couldn't have chosen a better actor than John Haymes Newton to play Ryan McBride, or Chad Lowe for Carter Gallivan. And these characters were enjoyable. Now let's look at what season six offered us: Dawn Radenbaugh as Amber; Dan Gauthier as Jeff Baylor; Jeffrey Nordling as Eric Baines. We just flat out hated Eric Baines. I think we needed someone who had more the Jack Parezi look to play Eric Baines. I didn't think Dan Gauthier or Dawn Radenbaugh were Melrose material at all. No offense to the actors themselves, I know they couldn't help that, but I thought they were too much the sitcom type to be taken seriously on Melrose. One good casting choice in season 6 though: Valerie Harper as Mia Mancini. You couldn't have chosen a better actress to play Mama Mancini.

2.THE PLOTS Most of the plots for season 6 were either ill-timed, poorly written, or they just died. The Mancini glove: wasted too much Melrose time, no one really gave a damn about it, and what happened to the glove after Craig died? Thank God it wasn't mentioned after he was shot. It died along with him. Amber: I think they had good intentions with this plot, but my theory is they changed their mind after the footage had already been filmed and then just decided to kill it. It was poorly cast and poorly timed. Craig was just annoying in season 6. He had a good plotline in season 5, but it looked as if they didn't know what to do with him throughout season 6, so he was just kinda dangling the entire time, as was Lexi before she remarried Coop. Bottom line: the plots either ended too abruptly or were dragged out endlessly.

3.NEWCOMERS/REPLACEMENTS How much have we enjoyed watching Billy and Alison on the screen? What about Sydney and Kimberly? What did they give us in season 6? Samantha and Jennifer. Bad move. All this time we're accustomed to the up and down romance of Billy and Alison. It didn;t work when they tried to replace it. Craig said it best when he said to Jennifer, "You could never be Sydney. NO ONE could ever be Sydney!!!" I couldn't agree more. And Coop and Lexi: the writers looked like they had the worst time with them in season 6. Coop had a strong plot up until the point where Mrs. Shaw tried to kill Michael, after that he just sorta withered away and left town, thank God. He would've been fine in that 9 episode frame where he did the Marion Shaw revenge thing, but after that he really sucked. His appearance was about 20 episodes too long. And Lexi: I adored Lexi in season 7, mainly the post-remarrying Coop stage was her best. Did she even have a plot in season 6? Oh, I remember, running that guy down with the car. That was fine, but it was her only halfway decent plot. My theory behind that is the producers just said, "Here's Jamie Luner. Put her in the show." And the writers looked like they were struggling to do that. The pill addiction thing was bad!!!

4.MICHAEL: WHERE'S THE RAT WE LOVE???? I've been watching season 2 when Michael's rat bastard stage peaked. In season 6, he was a little too comicy with his comments and stuff to the point where he was annoying. He just wasn't very dramatic acting in season 6. Come to think of it, most every Melrose character sounded a lot more dramatic and serious in seasons 2-3. What happened in season 6? One reason I guess is the voice patterns of some of the characters, like Jennifer Mancini and Samantha. They just never really sounded serious to me. Back to Michael, remember blackmailing his boss, having affairs with Sydney, being basically a slimebucket. Just wasn't there in season 6.

5.AMANDA WOODWARD ADVERTISING If you thought losing Shooters was bad, you ain't seen nothin' yet!! Upstairs is fine, but AWA? It would have been a better place if they would have made use of the place the way they did D&D. Remember when Amanda caused Bruce to hang himself? All the catfights between Amanda and Alison at D&D? Brooke blackmailing Amanda? Craig attempting to overtake the company? Where was all this in season 6 at AWA? Answer: just wasn't there!!

6.COOP DE GRACE Remember Coop De Grace? Everybody Comes to Kyle's? Too Romantic for Words? A Match Made In Hell? Those were what we call filler episodes, which were dominant in season 6. We define filler episodes as episodes that serve little or no purpose in the Melrose Place lineup other than to kill an hour. Season 2 and 3 had every episode serving a purpose. They were indespensible from the Melrose lineup. If you missed any of these episodes, then trust me, you didn't miss anything. I know Coop De Grace was Craig's death episode, but I don't object to that so much as the poor way in which it was handled. Craig, who's Mr. Ethical in the previous episode is suddenly a crazed psycho by the next one. And suddenly Field-Cooper Enterprises is marketing a heart valve? Did I miss something? Was that plot introduced? The entire episode was bad!!! That's what I said earlier about poor plot development, but, onto my next point:

7.EVIL VS. EVIL Is it just me, or were all the characters a little more evil than usual in season 6? Evil characters are fine, if it's handled right. In season 2, Amanda, Michael, and Sydney were our evil-doers, and everybody else was battling them to either win or lose. In season 6, it seemed that basically everybody was evil and only out to please themselves. You need some good in there. But you can't have all the characters good (that's season 1), or all the characters evil (season 6). Doesn;t work either way. You need the good against the bad. That's what I think made season 2 & 3 such a success. And did anybody notice that Amanda's role changed somewhere in the series? In the earlier seasons, Alison was the good girl, and Amanda was the bad girl. As the years progressed, Amanda became the good girl, and Taylor and Lexi became the bad girls.

8.OLDIES BUT GOODIES Paging Jake, Matt, Alison, Sydney, Jo, and Kimberly. How many times have we bitched about getting our oldies back? We lost too many characters in too short a length of time. And Shooters and D&D in too short a length of time. As they say, you dont know what you've got until it's gone. Matt was kind of a shadowed character, but we didn't know how much we loved him until he left, and his plot just sorta died too quickly if you ask me. I know Syd and Kim were major losses for the show, but I think Alison was too. She was basically the star of season 1 before Amanda showed up, and even then she was always given good storylines. Melrose Place just wasnt the same without her. And I'm not even gonna get into Syd and Kim, I think we all agree on that. The newcomers were relied upon too much in season 6.

9.CLIFFHANGERS Where the heck were our cliffhangers in season 6? The episodes mainly just dropped like flies. The only cliffhangers I can really remember in season 6 were Kyle stopping Eric's fall from the balcony, Peter spotting blood on Lexi's car, and Amanda flying to the Dominican with Rory. The cliffhangers were missing, and where were they during the 6th season finale when we needed them the most???????

10.NO MEMORABLE EVENTS What do you think of when you hear Memorable Melrose Moments? Jane and Syd's catfight over the wedding dress? Sydney blackmailing? Kimberly pulling off the wig to reveal her scar? Kim returning from the dead? Billy and Alison's non-wedding? Jo fighting Kimberly for her baby? The memorable Melrose moments were absent in season 6. Don't get me wrong, I can find lots of good things about season 6 as well, but not as good as the previous seasons.

11.NO PROMOTION Remember "Get hooked on Fox Wednesday night?" "Mondays are a bitch?" Where were these memorable promotions in season 6? I don't ever recall seeing too many commercials for Melrose in season 6. The promotion of Melrose during this season was BAD!!!"


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